Government and Medicine

Our Governments 
when they started
invested in railways
invested in telephones

Invested in Dams
Invested in hospitals
creating jobs
creating employment

creating growth
creating development
yet modern governments said
we can't run companies 

Sold your parents investments
children complain about paying
for you pension
why should we pay for your retirement

Yet our tax money built your future 
our tax money built your hospitals
our tax money built the roads
we did our share

All through our lives
Governments take tax
invested properly
and the profit should pay

For our retirement
Invested in microsoft
and the interest would 
have paid for your pension

User pays 
does not work for medicine
elderly people go without 
medication they can't afford

well drug companies focus
on more and more profit
the cost of medical equipment 
keeps getting higher and higher

Twelve dollars for just a fork
with a built up plastic handle
the world should be designed
to improve lives not profit 

When people get sick
that's the time they can't work
money becomes an issue
Investing in successful companies

Would provide profits for governments
but pharmaceutical companies 
also need to be realistic
people need medication 

at realistic prices 
There is no point in curing cancer
if the cost of medication
stops people from getting the cure

Everybody expects the government to pay
exorbitant costs to save their loved ones
to top up the cost of medication
to subsidise the cost

yet why are we not asking
why do the costs have to be so high
shouldn't medication meet
the needs of their consumers


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Date: 3/14/2017 9:57:00 PM
In a college graduate Public Policy class we had the CEO of a hospital speak in our class and he said that he hated seeing empty beds because it meant there was no business. I was sickened by his comment and lambasted him for it and if I interpreted it right, your poem captured the same anger I felt when I heard him say that. Great poem on capitalism and health!
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