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God is Great

God is wonderful, God is great

Tens of thousands of years ago, people were scared of the dark
So they worshipped the sacred sun, the moon and even a spark

God is based on fear, God is in self
God is an illusion, he might be an elf

As people started to live together and share their lives
Each working for a common cause men children and wives

God is law, God is good
God is an illusion, from childhood

The church took the power and made Jesus great
All designed to control people's fate

God is power, God is to blame
God is an illusion, there is no shame

People would preach the bible kuran and other ideas
Brain-washing their children with their verbal diarrhoea

God is words, God is read out loud
God is an illusion, not to be bowed

As religions met one another, there was conflict wraith
Wars started, each with God on their side of faith

God is many, God is contradictory
God is an illusion, he wants victory

We are all allowed religious freedom, even is it is nonsense
We can say what we believe but not denigrate another's concept

God is a virus of the brain, God is a game
God is an illusion, just a name

The world has opened up to a new age with communication rife
The foundations of religions are now in strife

God is cyber, God is shared
God is an illusion, laid out bared

The church is losing its power and soon will marry gays
As logic looks more closely at the words the bibles say

God is false, God is true
God is everything, God is nothing
God is nowhere, God is everywhere
God is man, God is woman
God is transsexual, God is bisexual
God is here, God is there

God only exists in your head, but he is really dead
God is what we don't understand, in this great big land
God will never be ever seen, he is just a meme
God will never disappear, as he is based on fear

God is wonderful, God is great
God is an illusion, made-up mate

God is wonderful, God is great
God is an illusion, made-up mate

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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Date: 7/12/2018 1:35:00 AM
i made a you tube video of this. search my poem and name on youtube. :)
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Date: 5/29/2017 7:40:00 AM
Dear George although your rhyme was good but I wouldn t agree with you, I would really suggest you to read my 2 poems everything doesn t happen according to our needs and once we all were child, theirs clearly a God, if you wantes to talk to me about it just sent me a soupmail, if you like I can show you evidence that their s clearly a God exist one and only,read my poems
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Christos Avatar
George Christos
Date: 7/12/2018 1:36:00 AM
god is a a viral meme of the brain. read what richard dawkins says. almost all wars are based on religion. how can there be a god who does this.