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God Bless Each Day's Magnetic Field On Earth - With New Footnotes

God Bless Each Day's Magnetic Field On Earth!
God Bless Each Day's Magnetic Field On Earth! God bless each day's magnetic field on Earth (1) that shields the human race from cosmic rays bombarding Earth and us (from 'Sun' AND 'Outer Space!') (2) Auspicious forces nurture all of life on Earth (were you aware?) Its gentle touch kept sailing ships (3) 'on course' (of ancestors who'd dare) to ply VAST ocean's calmer waves and storms (days clouds obscured all stars)! Magnetic absence (4) spelled no atmosphere (or seas) survive on Mars! Field's early shutdown (5) likely doomed Mar's life, if life, with time, evolved as Mars developed seas. But life there might have sparked Earth's life (involved are meteors that Science proved are Martian in their origin). (6) No planet's safe from asteroids. T-Rexes' deaths result of sin? (7) This verdict's gold! All life's from stardust. (8) That's most certainly God's truth! Did 'life's seeds' come from space? (9) Earth's life's alone? (10) (Sigh! Vanity of youth!?) (11) Folks (loins still naked) think Earth's life's unique: stars, in their trillions, jest. (12) Perhaps, they fear the shadows on cave walls of Plato (ghosts - still not at rest)? No 'intellect' worth spit (13) claims GOD's not 'real,' it's 'faith' by which ALL's known though anger often makes us love our hate and fear can make us groan! We barely 'grok' we're smaller than we wish - face forces that conspire to keep us here, to end our lives (when consequences feel most dire!) Earth's strong 'magnetic field' stays stable until it 'decides?' to change. Poles, at such times, can act quite crazy, in the end, North-South arrange to swap positions that they held - North flux goes South, South flux goes North. It might take less than one man's lifetime (or two thousand years spring forth until agreement's reached). Though molten magma under crust's quite hot, iron-nickel core stays solid. ('Phase changed' by heat/pressure, alloys clot!) The crux is this! Space travel's still quite dangerous, the shields quite dear that save us from star dragon's breath that airs beyond magnetosphere. The journey's rough and slow for us. It's months to Mars on moon launched ship. More shields on Mars (old lava tubes if found) might work, but sirs, truth's grip! It's likely Earth must be man's home ten thousand years or more. In dreams, a planet's terraformed! (God's will: We'll visit stars?) Man loves extremes! Brian Johnston 12th of January in 2023 Poet's Notes: (1) Earth's magnetic field is so weak that many people are unaware of its contribution to their lives. Many, perhaps, are unaware that Earth's magnetic field even exists? How many ever hold a compass in their hands (or know how to use one)? (2) High energy particles called 'cosmic rays' constantly bombard the Earth from our own Sun and outer space as well. These particles could and would end all life on Earth in a short time if it was not that Earth's magnetic field acts like an invisible shield to deflect them. It preserves our atmosphere and helps keep Earth's surface from being sterilized (the end of most life)! (3) The compass is a recent discovery that allowed men to sail the oceans and keep their bearings even during storms or when clouds obscure the Sun and stars. Today the gyroscope, a new invention, works even better and serves the same purpose. (4) It seems inevitable that Mars today has little to no atmosphere and liquid water on its surface because its magnetic field disappeared as the smaller Mars cooled more rapidly and its core solidified. (5) The absence of a magnetic field and an atmosphere on Mars means that liquid water on Mars's surface all evaporates, and its vapor gets blown into space by the Sun's solar winds. If life ever existed on Mars, it perhaps exists still in frozen water or more protected subterranean water deep in the soil of Mars. (6) We have found meteorites that Science has proven came from Mars (likely when they got blasted into space as Mars collided with a giant asteroid.) These rocks seem to show fossil signs of early kinds of life that we find on Earth. So, perhaps, it is possible that our ancestors might have hitchhiked here from Mars. Are we all Martians? If life is ordinary in the universe, then life on Mars might well have evolved before any life on Earth. (7) The T-Rex lived on Earth millions of years before human beings appeared. This difference is evident in fossil records. Humanoid beings have existed for barely 200,000 years. Did God love the dinosaurs more than us? Ha! (8) Whether life evolved or not (if God breathed life into molded clay), we are all stardust! (9) It now seems possible the first 'true life' on Earth might well have been seeded here after spending many years traveling through space from other planets (or distant star systems). (10) We now have a much better understanding of the size of the universe than any of our ancestors did. We know that the Earth is not the center of everything. We know that our tiny planet is a speck of insignificant dust compared to the universe! We can now prove that other earth-sized planets revolve around other stars that are close to us. There are trillions of stars, and they likely all have planets going around them. (11) Only an idiot would claim to know that we are the only life in the universe. It seems more and more likely that the moons of Saturn (and perhaps) Neptune could harbor life. (12) Early religious officials speculated that stars were pinholes in an opaque sphere that serves to separate us from the "light of heaven!" (13) If no logic can prove that God is real, certainly no reason can prove that God is not real! Faith is all that we have and the best we can do.

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