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amuck - adverb.flailing in all directions, about, around - His ideas ran amuck.

brang – verb, past tense.bring – You ring, you rang, I bring, I brang.

chipps - noun, asset for selling, a favor owing, and old friend. He relinquished all his chipps to his  successor.

defute – verb. to dispute in any defamatory way,  deface in any futile way or defile in any further way. He did not defute the question. – to defeat at any future game. We’ll defute them next time.

demar – noun.any act of transgression described as demeaning or demoralizing, inflicted on or flung upon by McMar or any of his ancestors, their kin or descendants (legitimate or not). Your demar is all that’s left.

DeMar McMar Eo Munny - first illegitimate son of Olive Eo and Hezekiah Munny. First cousin to McMar, once removed, from his mother's side ... by Apache braves ... less known as DeMar Geronimo.

eo – possessive pronoun. denoting the person or persons being directly addressed by the speaker.  Make eo mind up.

Eo – maiden surname of the only cousin to McMar (by marriage) on his mother’s side, wed to Hezekiah Munny.  No sibling ever lived long. Olive Eo Munny

eoh – a response of exclamation (usually in reply to sudden beckoning)  by McMar or any of his direct descendants. Eoh!

eo-eo – noun.a spinning toy that dangles from a string. You lost your marbles and your eo-eo. 

erago - noun, unit of measure. Measures the time elapsed between the previous era and the current era. The slave owners bought their slaves an erago.

haps – adverb.used to express uncertainty or possibility. I thought that haps you’d like my new car.

harken - listen but more intently, more intensely. Harken at the calling breeze, a rustling shady tree.

juke - noun.sounds that emit from a jukebox.Let me hear the juke. - or a joint that serves it up.Mamma looking fine, diner at the Juke.

plex - try to figure something out, to wonder about something - The answer did both plex his mind and defute his integrity.

slaven – verb, past become a slave – They were slaven by the times. noun.a person (or a people) upon whom any act of slavery or enslaving has been inflicted - The slaven did toil. – or the state of being a slave - The lash unto the slaven was to pierce their slaven backs. 

Stephen Duncan – In Issequena County, Mississippi in 1860, Stephen Duncan owned more negro slaves than any other man.

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Date: 8/23/2015 3:27:00 PM
This is in a word.. HILARIOUS!!
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Martin Avatar
Mike Martin
Date: 8/23/2015 8:26:00 PM
Thanks. Most of them are used in my poems. I will use the others, don't worry. ;)