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Gadflies and HoneyBees

Where to begin in the middle of cold and dark winter's solstice, healthy green life's time of impeachment, excommunication, dormancy? Where does this all rightfully and sacredly left end? These are expansive gadfly questions, problems, issues of complexly dipolar reason, leftbrain dominant either-or thinking we are either thinking or feeling rather than conscious of both, and neither sufficient without the necessary other. Light and passion win competitive evolutions only to lose cooperative revolutionary awareness, dipolar and co-arising, bipolar and co-exhaling. We dissociate cognitive reason from rightbrain's more original intuitive-sourced feelings. Unitarian-Universalists, like balanced Taoists, advocate our 7th Principle about interdependent intersectional co-passioning webs of non-violent life communing love, passion, cooperative empowerment, bicameral egopatriarchal/ecofeminist yang-yintegrity spatial-temporal NonZero-Sum Win/Win contextual counter-capitalism multicultural, bilateral WinLeft's progressive egolove to WinRight's healthiest conservational ecolife. So, let's not continue beginning with a full-spectral blue and red and ultra-violet synergy, but confine our response to questions not yet leftbrain asked And notice, instead, dark and light green, in-between sunny courage yellow and curious and long-hidden orange, Merging and emerging what comes after RightWing Red depressions of Earth's healthiest well-being values. If Earth's children are, sometimes not-straight not-white not-male, not particularly egocentric, not especially competitive, more artistic and wounded, perhaps, And not necessarily human, maybe a chick, or a colt, a cub, pup, kitten, calf, a matriarchal egg, etc. And, you are a Wise EcoFeminist Elder, an organic gardener looking out for your healthy flock, your child with disabilities, your own chronic climate anxiety of win/lose stress, expecting Aspergerish cooperative co-arising warm compassion in-between memories of win/lose competitions and images of future win/win cooperative democratic empowerment through co-invested polypathic communication, polynomial relationship, polyphonic climates of compassion. You probably would think/feel yourself responsible for protecting your co-empathic young from white predative super-privileged heteromale-dominant hate, from self-unfulfilling prophets of egalitarian apartheid without hope of interdependent healthy regenerativity. You would probably want to be reassured that: 1. Your young non-elitist adult understands what s/he will be hearing is driven by leftbrain competitive either/or emotionally dissociated deductive/reductive dominating egocentric monocultural identity, semi-consciousness, at best, no more elitist right than non-elitist wrong. 2. The right to free and responsible speech (U-U Principle Four) has a reverse corollary, usually unconsciously assumed S/he has the freedom not to listen to unfree hate, dissociated potentially toxic one-sided presentations and leftbrain lopsided verbal competitions against distorted straw ecofeminist green compassion, cooperative social investors, voters, residents, indigenous organic citizens of sacred MotherEarth before denizens of any nation- or race-identified state, or supremacist tribe or elitist capital. 3. I would not think/feel I am "coddling" my adolescent dependents, whether human in formation or a yearling pony, by inviting them to anticipate discussion bilateral negotiation fluid cooperative positioning with win/win non-violent intent, That we are good and natural and healthy and democratic to assume restorative green resilience of all ecosystems and all subclimates is healthy, whether internal or external, whether yin or yang, implicit or explicit, whether unitarian inhaling or universal exhaling, whether ecofeminist or egopatriarchal, whether sacred Left interdependent ecosystemic or secular Right autonomously egocentric, Dialogue is always a healthier choice for a wise green energy democracy than trust-violent overly competitive debates, with zero-sum win/lose relational/nutritional assumptions about energy's inevitable cold outcomes, As if win/lose capitalism makes democratic nurturing sense despite win/win co-empowering green original sacred-mind and secular-body bilateral revolutionary intent, Where rational regenerative history greets intuitive resonant mystery with deep green learning respect. 4. And we are not really 'coddling' to rationally expect non-violent discussion begins with compassionate win/win listening for points of cooperative agreement, Usually more significant than win/lose points of runaway disagreement, regardless of cultural color appreciation or species gratitude, or the healthier humor of leftbrain egopatriarchal dominance passionate about cooperative rightbrain ecofeminist prominence. Reason-rooted StraightWhiteMale gadflies sometimes have trouble hearing and appreciating the power of 7th interdependent identity principles in balance with 1st co-relational co-passionate dignity principles Of egalitarian freedoms to speak and interdependent responsibilities to listen for win/lose issues while discerning win/win cooperative resolutions. Gadflies may merely tolerate dissonant monoculturing elistist risks, rather than resonantly co-responding with confluent co-passionate polyculturing interdependent opportunities to feel with resonant ears, Which invite more of a honey bee kind of humming green consciousness, both wealthy mind-thought and healthy body-felt.

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