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Freedom's Color

Poet's Notes

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Freedom’s Color

America knows the truth. 
Their flag echoes their heart. 
Red, white and royal, chieftain-blue.
It fills some with hope, 
others feel fear. 
Red, for hardened valor, 
bought with the blood of both men and women. 
Purchased with their sons and daughters, 
sacrificing their own self, their own way, 
for a higher coarse of action. 

White, the defending of innocence. 
standing up for others that can not stand at all. 
Protecting what will be lost, for the preservation…
of “Our” future, and that of “Our” planet, 
and all who walk in the light of God’s Son. 

The color of the ocean and the sky. 
Vigilance and perseverance to keep all things right. 
To move not recklessly or erratically, 
but with the purpose of the very air needed to breath. 
“In God We Trust”

A word that needs to be heralded…loudly, strongly.
“All” by itself across “All” lands. 
The rights of “All” citizens to live free and happy. 
Those that would take from others, control and keep counsel with the black, 
the true evil…no longer hiding in the shadows.
Best understand…time is short…and running out.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2019

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Date: 10/19/2019 10:34:00 PM
i love this one my friend...some do fear the flag and some disrespect it, yet many still honor it, where i vacation, every day at 11 am they play the national anthem and everyone stops what they are doing and comes out and honors the flag, it's beautiful to see... great write! hugs :)
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