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Frank and Rose

This is the story of Frank and Rose
Frank would seem an odd man
Rose was just Rose

They didn't have much money but valued each-other more than wealth
They'd watch a sunset together and wonder on the miracle of life

They didn't have many friends but they didn't have many foes

They redefined love and this is how this story goes

Frank worked hard but never found his niche
Rose always so proud of their little luxuries

They lived for each other because nobody else really cared
Both hurt and abused in childhoods they had

So they faced life as a unit
A unit that no other man or woman could break

They found joy in each-other and could laugh 'till they cried
They held hands in the daytime and hugged all night

They found joy in the little things like a walk in the sun
Perhaps wonder on the beauty of the blackbird song

They did everything together and would physically ache when apart
They cared so deeply for one another and never wanted to part

Then one day Rose had news for Frank
Life was gonna change and it was out of their hands

A tumour that that didn't care how much damage it could do
There simply wasn't anything the doctors could do

One night in the darkness under the light of the moon
Rose said to Frank that she was scared of the dark

Frank said he was there and would never leave her alone in the dark
She cried sometimes most of the night

Frank glared at the moon and swore he'd never give up on this fight

One night, in a dream she started talking to Frank
He listened to her voice shaking, scared - in her dream she was alone in the dark!

Frank tried to wake her to break this nightmarish dream
But she carried on dreaming and then started to scream

Days passed and she grew weaker, nights wouldn't pass in peace
Frank remembered her words and the promise he made to set her at ease

Rose had to die but Frank had to live
This split in their time together was the cruelty of love and such a blow for life to give

When she couldn't move anymore and stayed all day in bed
Frank would be there with her talking and reminiscing about the good times they'd had

He had everything ready each night at the side of the bed
He knew when the time was nigh; he knew on some sixth sense

So one night he took the tablets and went to sleep with his love

You see Frank made a promise to Rose that one night before so that she could sleep
A promise to the love of his life that he had no regrets to give

He promised she'd not face death alone and he'd go with her holding her hand like a sunny day in the park. He swore to the moon and the stars that she'd never be alone again in the dark.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2018

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Date: 2/18/2018 12:23:00 PM
A story that gripped me from the beginning, but I never thought it would end that way. Good writing!
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