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Fr Time's Endless NewYear Proposal

Dear National Science Foundation--Economics Department: So, here's what I want to learn, or research, if you will. Why do we have a Financial Sector, Business and Industry Sector, Religious Sector, Education Sector, Health Care Sector, Food and Nutrition Sector, Services Industry Sector, and a Political Sector, an Economic Sector, Science and Technology Sector, Design Sector, and then we have this "Non-Profit Sector"? What's up with that? What is this sector for? All we know from its label; these folks do not plan to develop profit, much less optimize regenerative health. After all, what else could "profit" mean? I mean, you would think, with everything else going on, all this climatic change and failure of self-governance systems, we would call this Non-Profit Sector our EcoTherapeutic CoOperative Sector, or just the CoOp Network, for short, as dipolar contrasted against Business As Usual Competitive Sector. But, I can see why we didn't land on that label just yet, or at least I have a hypothesis that this NonProfit language is an artifact of PreMillennial LeftBrain deductive-mindbody Dominance; a passive-aggressive cultural choice emerging from an Industrial Culture mistakenly invested in a model of positive evolution that emphasizes time's regenerative thrival value for Win-Lose struggling against cooperative strategies, thereby under-valuing the historical evidence supporting positive evolution as therapeutically struggling with others by inviting reiterative Win-Win default choices, as is iconic of RNA, and DNA's thermodynamic and co-gravitational co-arising design. This seasonal-fractal regenerative evolutionary process toward polyculturally optimizing ecosystems, slow-growing endosymbiotic mutuality of freedoms from with freedoms to, seems to be more along the lines of what Darwin took away from how to see and time this world wide web of organic information. Namaste, for considering our PermaCulturally Intended proposal as follows. Warmly (but hopefully not too awfully warmly), Fr. Time "We are not FOR profit" this label says. Five words that could not possibly be true or at least not fully informative. Are we not all for profit of something, if only ourselves, our own health? Let's agree, perhaps, or so I propose anyway, anywhere and anytime, of course, that this proposal for those who would serve and care for others might become our mutually co-arising regeneration of health, as individuals as families as a humane species evolving bicameral mindbody learning to balance and harmonize our Interior and Exterior Landscapes with management skills more PermaCulturally more timelessly-co-operatively enlightened by this intrinsic value of healthy living for wealthy dying. Resting nesting into Time's folding/balancing cooperative embrace, Earth's world wide (0)-soul bicameral-ionic EcoConscious Network of temporally co-gravitational function. Whatever our footprint in time, as individuals, as a global culture of evolving humane natural ecosystems, materializes as therapeutic "profit" can be measured by its CQI of health and mutually therapeutic care and service outcomes, and bi-correlational (dipolar) trend evolution/devolution of Business As Usual, as if you could rightfully assume we have a shortage of time to complete our self/other-optimizing vocation, when, in truth, our regenerative purpose enjoys and celebrates each Advent Solstice this co-gravitational divine/human leisure of (0)-soul timeless Prime Relationship, BelovedYang+/Double-Folding FractalYinYin Folds and Unfolds of InFormating/ExFormulating Time as BiCameral (0)-soul TaoSpace. In other words, by changing "NonProfit" to "EcoTherapeutic ReGenerative Optimization", with (0)-soul bicameral cooperative network assumptions, time's ecoconsciousness implies, implicately orders co-arisingly empolypaths ReGenerative Trending Transition away from climatic PreMillennial on this threshold of Beloved Climax Community InFormating Networks Internal Landscape as External Landscape as In/External BiCameral Landscape, (0)-soul P-Yang=N(NP) YinYin as WinWin Theorem. Basic Attendantly, WinWin Right hemisphere Present more or less should co-equal LoseLose Left deductive Business As Usual polysuicidal pathology. So hoping we might choose to invest in this proposal for optimizing globally regenerative health in our political and economic and ecological and all ReGenerative Cooperative EcoSystems and Sectors, and disinvest in labels like "NonProfit". Really? NonProfit! Not for Profit! My grandmother Moon couldn't have come up with that one. Too much SunGod worship probably, all us pre-climatic Yangers shouting down wise YinYin's permaculturally cooperative networks and guilds and tribes and species and interdependently organic families. Wow. Back in the good ol' daze of timeless manna eco-lightenment...

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