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I would imagine Adam Smith's invisible cooperative economic self-and-Other-investment hand, at least during Christian Sunday morning services, looked and sounded and felt very much like the One Invisibly-Organic-Holistic-Enlightened MindBody of Christ. I would further imagine both he and George Washington, at least in church on Sunday morning, would have imagined this same Invisible CoMessianic MindBody's Original Intent, both humane-divine nature-spirit inspiring their EaglePatriotic Souls inhabiting post-revolutionary Constitutional Law. George Lakoff unfolds Adam Smith's invisible hand, both Self (Ego) and Other (Eco)-invested toward regenerative Original ecopolitical natural-spiritual Intent for cooperative Mutual Assured CoRedemptive HealthyWealth, and not-so-much what has become today's too-competitive Mutual Assured Destruction EcoPolitical Monoculturing Overshoot as also AntiSacred AntiEcological SacrificeHealthy Cooperativity Now to hide from cognitive-affective paranoid, increasingly rabid terrifying, Sacrifice Wealth of All-Earth's FutureSacred Opportunity. OK, maybe I'm reading too much into Lakoff, due to prior Bateson and Bucky Fuller and Julian Jaynes, etc. and Systems and EcoSystemic and Group and Game WinLeft-WinRight AppositionalYang (defined as notnot oppositional-yinyin) Theory, so let me try again with quotes and commentary brackets, intended to be read as RightBrain BothAnd Dialogical, and therefore also NotNot LeftBrain Deductive EitherOr Debate: "Adam Smith's 'invisible [organic-systemic mindbody] hand' metaphor made seeking [Original Constitutional EcoPolitical Intent as also ecologically Enlightened regenerative-cooperative-organic] profit into a moral act, since it supposedly maximized the [WinWin cooperative] profit of all. [Cooperative function] Utility replaces economic profit with [regenerating-reiterating-revolving-spiraling-wave/linear] well-being. The rational [bicameral] actor model [both humaneLeft-deductive and sacredElderRight-inductive] then is seen as maximizing overall [healthy-wealth] well-being for you [and Other-Eco]-- that is, [fertility] utility: in other words, self[Ego-and-Eco]-interest, whatever [health v pathology paradigm] that self[Other]-interest might be. The failure of the old view of [LeftBrain Deductive Dominant] reason calls into question the old view of [mere EgoLeft as] self-interest with it. It's not that [LeftBrain]self-interest disappears altogether. It still exists. But it does not simply [and monoculturally rather than multiculturally normative] define natural [polypathic WinWin ecopolitical] behavior. It is far from the whole story." "The idea of self [and Earth and extending family to EarthTribe]-interest is foremost in [both conserve and progress healthwealth] politics if it is assumed that voters vote [bicameral-balanced] 'rationally'-- on the basis of their [mutual-multiculturing-organic] interests. We know that is far from true. In foreign policy, self[nationalisticEaglePatriot]-interest becomes the 'national [EgoLeftBrain Only] interest'-- [WinLose] military strength, overall economic health (measured by GDP) [and undervalued as also Net Interdependent Consume/Produce Balance-- WinWin ecological regenerate potential for reiteration, long-term], and political [competitive WinLeft Elite-LoseRight Not(NotElite)] influence [Self-Other Empowerment, OriginalIntent of Constitutional CoEnlightenment]." So what? you may well ask. Enough of this LeftBrain Dominant Deductive theory, give us some MatriarchalEagle Flow regenerative application. For instance, then, I can readily see why it could be unconstitutional to discriminate against Islamic folks intending to relocate into U.S. residency, just because they come from one of seven nation-states whose terrorist residents have caused zero (0) U.S. violent deaths. before, during, and since 9/11. On the other hand, I can also see where the Constitution might support an Executive Order to survey all people of Earth, both domestic and those residing in other cultures, for more information about why they might, and might not, want to relocate to, and remain in, the United States given our current climate-health risks, and further WinLose competitive investments. Perhaps it is democratically reasonable and fair to ask ourselves and others what we are prepared to pay, to give up, to sacrifice, in order to not receive more cooperative health and education and environmental benefits that could continue to become degeneratively inaccessible to U.S. residents; considering both our regenerative up and our comparatively degenerative down trends compared to similar resident investment opportunities in other more ecologically cooperative cultures. How much am I willing to invest to keep my family safe from the 240 million murders committed since 9/11? How would I compare this amount to the amount I would like to invest in response to the 000,000,000 murders committed in the US by Islamic (or any other persuasion) refugees from the proposed list of Seven MultiCultural ReGenerations? While blatant monoculturing misogyny may be the New DarkAges of the National Republican LeftBrain EgoSupremacist Party, this will only restrain healthy multicultural climate-health progress in process of becoming Original Constitutional Cooperative Intent recalibrated as disloyal to our True US EgoPatriotic/Elder-EcoMatriotic InductiveNurtureFlow within both BiCameral Eagle-WinWin Parties. New Nationalistic Republican LeftBrain EgoSupremacy is an economic and political and ecological disaster. In EcoSystemic BiLateral WinWin Theory of HealthWealth Optimization, monoculturing intent is degeneratively run-away bicameral imbalance toward LoseLose outcome projections, growing domestic and international collective rabid-paranoid overpopulated-depressed polluted absence of MatriarchalEagle YinFlow, ReGenerative Original Intent. Compare to the ecological reasons women stop ovulating under extreme stress.

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