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Egnehenots: Earth and Stone

Poet's Notes

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Stonehenge is one of my special places – I could spends hours just walking around looking at this site.  So in celebration of the winter solstice I wrote this poem.


A little background:  “according to many archaeological experts, the winter solstice was the more significant of the two solstices. This year the winter solstice is on December 22nd.  Archaeological evidence discovered around the Stonehenge landscape, points to great feasts and celebrations that would have occurred at this special time of year. In the Bronze age, this was a time when clans would slay cows, finish fermenting their wine, and mark the start of a new year.”


Archaeologists are still finding many more discoveries about this site .  .  .  so many secrets . . .

Egnehenots – of earth and stone

Chief elder – most wise upon the Salisbury Plain
     an old man . . .  loved deeply
     revered father of the land
     wakes before the sunrise
     speaks with a clear wind voice
     it is time . . . retniw ecitslos 

The twelve bow  . . . form together
      three to a side
      lift Otsego – clear water running
      high in the air
      in liturgical movements 
      move across the dark plain
      whitlow grass . . . juniper shrubs . . . wild thyme . . . 
      sweeten the air
      moss laden stones
      soft upon leather-bound feet  

Within the wind
      haunting cries of the stone curlew
      crested newts scramble for cover
      the great bustard cuts the air with powerful wing beats

Ancient burial mounds appear
      a sacred circle of life emergences
      the procession stops . . .  lowers
      Egnehenots steps down, blesses the twelve
      enters the holy inner circle alone

Laying his head against the mighty sarsens
      begins to chant . . . 
      father of the blue stones
      creator of the big sky light 
      upon these rocks I cling for your life
      from sky, to earth let your love flow

On this holy day
      your strength is once again revealed
      wind and rain obey your commands
      days, nights, seasons march to your song 
      how great and mighty is your power

Hear our cries upon the wind
      absorb our tears upon the earth
      our breath upon your mighty rocks
      be now amongst your people
      send forth the sun and rain
      let the earth bring forth its riches
       so that we may dance in your radiance

The sun breaks the horizon
       Sending out shafts of lights 
       streaking across the sky
       clouds turning purple then into shades of reds, oranges 
       a single ray of light strikes forth
       straight as an arrow
       illuminating the altar stone
       connecting slaughter stone 
       and finally . . . the heel stone

Where, an old man clings

A loud cheer explodes from the village
Food and wind flow – a celebration

A new year begins - 
Rain clouds appear in the west

Egnehenots – of earth and stone

Love Generously 

David Meade

Copyright © | Year Posted 2015

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Date: 11/4/2016 12:47:00 PM
I miss you David. Love always armand.
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Date: 10/26/2016 4:47:00 AM
greeat to read you again, david.. this is a fascinating piece ; i too am enthralled by the mystic feel of stonehenge..huggs
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Date: 2/24/2016 3:52:00 PM
amazing poetry, and the story it tells..
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Date: 1/29/2016 8:45:00 AM
You put a lot of thought into this piece. I quite enjoyed the resulting piece. Thanks as well for the historical perspective above the poem.
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Date: 1/20/2016 9:13:00 PM
wow, David, how did I miss THIS one. It's the last one posted and I really like it. now get to another one!!!
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Date: 1/20/2016 10:06:00 AM
Beautifully captured scenes and sentiments, David. I wonder how I could have missed this. Thank you for sharing. I feel like I've witnessed and heard their thoughts...:-)
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Date: 1/19/2016 11:57:00 PM
I really enjoyed this poem David, I am hoping to soon spend some time in the Scottish Isles just for a change of pace and to write!
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Date: 12/31/2015 4:41:00 PM
Very atmospheric, David...Just like the ancient henge itself. You have captured the mood perfectly! My very best regards for the New Year...Cheers! :-) john
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Date: 12/19/2015 9:59:00 AM
Tremendous poem my friend. Earth is covered with sites where man sought to connect to god and/or Nature. Likely thousands buried , never to be found. Fav'ing this great poem as it is truly, epically good. A7
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Date: 12/19/2015 5:14:00 AM
A masterpiece of a poem detailing the ancient's beliefs and celebrations in a brilliantly poetic explosion, dear David! Merry Christmas my friend!
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Date: 12/18/2015 11:44:00 AM
- A truly wonderful poem, David - Thanks :) - a 7 + - I wish you and your family a beautiful, happy Christmas and a peaceful new year 2016 - hugs // Anne-Lise :)
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Date: 12/9/2015 1:08:00 PM
You are so special David of course this is a fav. For your information you have just given me strength when I thought I had none left. The universe works in mysterious ways. Thank you for your words. I am honoured to call you friend David. Lots of Love Always Armand.
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Date: 12/9/2015 2:01:00 AM
Your love for this sacred site shines bright David. A true expression of brilliance! All of this interests me greatly. I love watching "America Unearthed" (an American T.V. program), and finding evidence of early Eurpean visitors and how they brought this knowledge of the importance of the soltice with them. I am making t h is a fave! #7
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Date: 12/8/2015 1:46:00 PM
So expressive and capably presented, David! The solstice beautifully described. The Megalithic Temples of Malta, notably Hagar Qim, Mnajdra, Ggantija, are among the most ancient religious sites on earth, ca 5,600 years old. Thus they're even older than Stonehenge! They will be well worth a visit, my friend! ~ All the best. // paul
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Date: 12/8/2015 12:47:00 PM
you have a detailed and full grasp of this place; it's on my bucket list, dave... sensational write with much to delight on!..huggs
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