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America First speaks a RightWing monocultural intention currently championed by Trumpians and Republican Aristocracy of Evangelism Tea Partiers, by xenophobic paranoids and sociopathic pharisee fascists, by economically blind deaf and angry bigoted terrified shouters; just the opposite of dumb, yet not cooperatively mindful either of our global polycultural DNA roots with universal democratic intent toward international Golden Rules. First "America" does not equal USA. And America is even more than just North America, including Central America, now framed by a RightWing mental-spiritual Wall against Mexico, and, as for South America, as any good Republican Catholic (which may be a political-religious oxymoron) or Protestant Evangelical (which may also be a BadNews/GoodNews oxymoron) will quickly remind us, is the Wildly Wrong Hemisphere, suspiciously socialist, spiritually ambivalent, even for a God who was reputed to love the entire Earth, equitably, and is HimHerSelf more of a cooperativist, in HisHer radically magnanimous love, than an isolationist, LoveGod does not keep all the best toys for those awaiting our long promised, yet perpetually delayed, Rapture for the Privileged ChristianEvangelicals Only. This anciently felt Win-Win Rapture itself has become more of a monocultural Win-Lose harvest of pro-life WhiteHat born-agains who define pro-life quite narrowly to advocating for yet unborn human life at risk of abortion, without mentioning other politically and socially and ecologically and economically climatic abortions in their peculiarly NonRapturous Way. Also at risk of AmericaFirst monoculturalism, which confines promised Rapture of Earth's economy to the competitive supremacy of U.S. Trumpian BusinessAsUsual Elites, the big and fat OnePercent of our global colonizing US wealthy persons, investing heavily in AmericaFirst policies, which, if more honest, would be called Top 1% of EarthColonizers First and Last PatrioticWinners v MatrioticLosers. AmericaFirst is a sugar-sweet way of saying "The rest of y'all don't matter so much." This is not the long promised Christian Rapture of strong and healthy polyculturing un-privileged democracy as might possibly have been hoped for by Constitution signing ForeFathers born of more ecologically sound ForeMothers, perennial gardeners and organic farmers who were not, themselves, particularly enamored of the top aristocratic OnePercent in their non-royalist 99% American government-building immigrant time. AmericaFirst like all monocultural elitist intentions and political investments, forgets that economic and political walls, once built, work both ways, and work against polycultural health of economies and political democracy of energy, and positive nutritional exchanges among ourselves, ecology of global health care giving and good Rapturous ecstatic climate receiving, even for the Elite 1% of U.S. aristocracy, and their potential 7th Generation grandchildren. AmericaFirst is aggressively rooted in an inhumane replacement of sacred restorative healing, democracy's inclusive vocation of One Nation UNDER a Loving God, within a LivingGod, of and for a Positive Healthy PolyCulturing-Outcome God, Setting aside secularized retributive justice models, rooted more in God's divinely-inspired Anger as also Wrath against those who are too tolerant of death for Earth's NonElite future generations than actively pro-life of Earth as iconic of all HerHis sacred forms and flowing healthywealthy functions toward regenerating Sacred EarthFirst. We have no Christian-Republican Rapture on its way if and when AmericaFirst finally arrives, aborted from Earth's diverse sacred natures and cultures and spirits and dead on distinctly non-rapturous anti-conservative of multicultural life arrival. This is not just about celebrating climate pathology; this AmericaFirst fake-rapture threat predicts a future of ongoing secularizing degeneration. AmericaFirst is a punishing pathology against all we hold Sacred; including the Elite U.S. OnePercent. According to the Institute for Policy Studies, already the twenty wealthiest U.S. citizens have slightly more wealth to share among themselves than do the lower 50% of U.S. residents, who, by the political way, live disproportionately in RedStates currently under advancing assault by hurricanes and floods, fires and tornadoes, drought and shrinking aquifers, chemically saturated rivers and increasingly barren soil and uprising polluted oceans. But, hey, what the self-inflicted hell; AmericaFirst, right? Never mind about Old School restorative justice and messianic suffering servant peace, nutritional polyculturing outcomes, pro-sacred polycultural life rather than limited to anti-secularized monocultural death, while supposedly worshiping a God of EarthCreation and Dynamic Rainbows of Light Living-Love. These are outmoded democratic ideals for a healthy multicultural environment, EarthFirst economy and political subclimates. And who retains any good faith in such liberating, sad UberTrump fading, Win-Win pipe dreams of a Universal LoveGod who could not care less about AmericaFirst, and who is AnimaMundi, Holy MatriarchalSpirit of EarthFirst?

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