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Dragons Angels- April Fools

Here’s a penny for your thoughts… Dragon style!
One day Dragon wanted me to explain what Angels really are…. 
So, I told him Angels are God's special people who can fly… 
He got all excited... Cause HE can FLY! Now he thought that he's an angel! 
So I told him that they are not alive like him and me, but that they live forever.
So now he thinks God has Zombies Angels that can fly! No…Not exactly, I said.
I told him they are God's own special and good people who help us from above.
Now he thinks he has a Guardian Zombie Angel to protect HIM from other Zombies! 
Think I blew it this time! Not sure how to explain my way out of this one! Sigh!"

I tried to explain that Angels live among us but come from among the heavens. 
Since the Constellation Drago is among the stars… Dragon now thinks that…
Angels are Dead Zombie Dragons… So I told him… They’re not Zombies!
And they live and circle God… who is a big benevolent light and father figure. 
Now Dragon thought that God is the Elusive fire breathing Emperor Dragon… 
Who keeps dead zombie moth like Dragons. Sigh! I was in over my head…
So I explained not all angels are Dragons, or Zombies, and they are drawn to…
And made from God’s light and goodness… Yep. Dragons’ logic now went to…
Angels are Giant, Dead, Zombie, MOTH LIKE, Dragons that circle God’s light.

At that I, momentarily gave up, and we all went to lunch…
Later thinking how smart I was… I sidestepped the Zombie issue to explain…
There is more than one level of Angel: Some more powerful, some Warrior Angels.
And some are guardian Angels, while still others sing in God’s beautiful choir. 
I also said that God and his angels: all listen to our prayers, and aren’t all Dragons!
Dragon ran outside and started talking to the singing birds with a list in his hands.
He wanted the birdies to sing to the Guardian, Warrior, Zombie Angels for him.
He said he wanted them to start keeping the trees out of his way when he flies!
And he said he wanted newer ones so that they would still have their eyes…

I began to think that it’s all in the prospective you come from… Then Dragon ask…
Why did Jesus die with so many Dragon, Zombie, Warrior, Angels protecting him?
All I could finally say is… Just believe that: Jesus died and rose to heaven for US. 
At that Dragon started crying… Saying why didn’t he do it for ME TOO??!!!
I told Dragon that he is part of the US so he stopped crying and suddenly smiled.
He said he understood now! Jesus is a Zombie and when he, some day dies…
He can become a Zombie too, just like Jesus! At that I started pulling out my hair!
Guessing it’s all in the prospective you come from, I definitely decided to pitch…
That Michael Jackson ‘Thriller Album’! As I started to tromp back into the house.

Suddenly Grandpa Troll and Dragon hollered… April Fools!!!  
They had gotten me again! So, to you, I say…Happy April Fools Day!
Written 3-22-2017 

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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Date: 3/27/2017 5:56:00 PM
lol...good one Carol
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Date: 3/25/2017 9:14:00 PM
Ha! : ) Righteous, Carol!
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