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Dogs and Discourse

My metaphor came to me this morning , used his tail to smash my face thrice to tell me that it's 8:30 nd I can't avoid my class , to tell me it's 8:30 nd i have to clean his poop nd the mess I've made out of my life . Next he licks my face with love and later licks his butt to make his hooman realise how love can be treacherous . 
Everytime watch an instagram video of a golden retriever getting spa , my dog stares me right through the corridor to tell me how he hates having a bath ,
 to tell me how it's not ohkay to come across some random charm on instagram nd venture upon it . 

Next he sleeps after staring for a while telling me how he doesn't really give a  to my teenage identity crisis and how no one really cares abt my inferiority complex and the only person who can uninstall instagram or install self love is me and definitely not him because next hi snores loudly to approve my thought .

I ask him why he rotates like tornadoes and acts abnormal everytime I come home , to this he decides to not reply but rather give me a lesson next day , as this time he continous to sleeps peacefully at my arrival making me worry if he's keeping fine , 
right then he says , it's beautiful how we all enjoy being alone and listening to our silence and ourselves sometimes , 

 being lifeless or writing lifeless poetry was beautiful but it helped none , and if  lifeless poetry soon replaced good morning , then there are chances of it becoming real .
To this I ask him  , is the same doggo who used to poop at the corners of the house and bark in front of the mirrors?  , to which he replies are you the girl listening bole churhiyan at 2 am and reciting your poems in front of the mirrors ? .
I Smiled and replied yes , he smiled nd waived his tail and licked my face this time not licking his butt .

Today I see him sitting on the sofa exactly at the same place where I do , today he didn't bring the ball back to me when I thew it , today I saw him being rude to other dogs and especially cats , oh no not cats , he dosen't like them around , just like his hooman he hates arrogant species .
 Today I saw him being jimmy , not jimmy the dog , jimmy the loyal breed , jimmy the playful boy , jimmu the charmer , jimmy who's sweet to everyone . 
He came to me sang a song  and lied down in a gross manner with his legs in the air telling me there's so much more to him then what I see in instagram dog videos how his golden hair has lices in it too . 
He tells me how us humans are so much more than HOOMANS , how we are not always friendly to bulls at times dogs either .
 How we can do so much more than loving , how love doesn't depend on the person but rather the capacity to love a burger , a human , a dog or all of them at the same time . 
How the dialogues given to doggos in instagram videos are not really what they want to say , maybe some of them are camera conscious but act for food .
Maybe I am not a poet , maybe you are not a photographer maybe both of us are saving money to become novelists , maybe dogs are acting in dog videos to create discourse of how they are worthy of loving and how they are so much more than just  loyalty and protection  just like us humans becoming our ambition day by day to tell how we are so much more than just alive . 

By : Ridhi Bhutani 

Copyright © | Year Posted 2019

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