Daver Austin

.                                              A wanna be Limerick

Limerick ride needing no joystick.
Daver your comments get me homesick.
Wishing I was with my homeboys in Boston!
Lace Maryjane, a condition you gave me, Mr.Austin!
Hope my riddles never get you brainsick.

.                                             A wanna be Haiku

.                                               Contract on P.D.
.                                        Go get a hold of Don__?___
.                                             GOOD spirit DAVER

I also confiscated an old antique or two.
Unique skills found in their retired war shoes.
(awe you where in my poetry police #1)
From: P.D.
Dedicated to:Daver Austin

Copyright © | Year Posted 2010

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Date: 9/17/2014 3:05:00 PM
Just another great write.
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Date: 11/16/2013 12:11:00 PM
PD This is a cute and clever write. Don't know who this poet is, but you have penned a nice funny ode to him. Hugs
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Date: 7/7/2010 11:04:00 PM
going back to this again--thanks to Andrea, I am getting to know Daver's talent and wit! Very cool tribute to him pd--any new writes lately? Maybe our Muses went shopping or something??????? lol well enjoy your day!! --nikko :)
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Date: 6/15/2010 8:33:00 PM
kool stuff B.boy
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Date: 6/14/2010 8:54:00 AM
This is really funny. The last line is my favorite. I have known many in that category. Great job! Joseph
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Date: 6/14/2010 7:35:00 AM
cute poem--Great tribute to Daver.
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Date: 6/13/2010 11:43:00 PM
P.D. It is cool seeing you write about Daver. He is a really cool dude here even though he is even older than folks like me. hahaha. (Daver, if you read this, you know me, just kidding around). And I hope you didn't mind my teasing about you in my blog, Sydney. I really appreciate you here and your commenting to my blogs and poetry. keep up on your limericks!! LUv, Andrea
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Date: 6/13/2010 6:45:00 PM
Very cute.
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Date: 6/13/2010 12:23:00 PM
very very funny wonderful limerick and haiku and thanks so much for your kind comments hope your having a great weekend faleshia
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Date: 6/13/2010 11:41:00 AM
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Date: 6/13/2010 11:35:00 AM
Great Limerick P.D. BBF and Boston.. well go Celtics ... I am a sports nut so I will cheer for your home team yet New York is my team capital of the world.... Yankees, Mets, Jets, Giants, u name it ..if it says NYC...it part of your BBF "Sweetheart"
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Date: 6/13/2010 10:11:00 AM
I like the way you lay it out there, consequences be damned! It's very foolhardy and very brave. I admire your audacity. You are more daring than I am. Regards and thanks! Gerard.
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Date: 6/13/2010 10:03:00 AM
In your brilliant style you have penned here a notorious and funny write very skillfully. Many thanks for your precious comments on Patradoot. Love and best wishes....Ravindra.....Poet
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Date: 6/13/2010 6:20:00 AM
ahh! a tribute to to our good friend and outstanding poet, -Daver! Love that guy! robert
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Date: 6/13/2010 4:46:00 AM
Interesting thoughts that you have penned..All in fun and humor?..Sara
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Date: 6/12/2010 10:21:00 PM
cograts on your two pages of poetry P.D.! i noticed!! it took me over a year.haha. a limerick with no joystick!awesome! and of course, thats what im doing, im reading all of your new posts.when do i ever fail to do so Sid?theres so much entertainment.lol ~Always&Forever Lynette
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Date: 6/12/2010 6:38:00 PM
hi there p.d.! really cool titles for your limerick & haiku here ;) enjoyed reading both! & trying to enjoy the PM as much as I can in 2 days--won't be able to spend much time here, that's why--haha I'm having Soup for breakfast ;) so how's that Chris slam going??
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Date: 6/12/2010 5:18:00 PM
...Smile, I shall return to spend a moment in time with "Your Splendors" later this day dear lady----for, I noticed some very creative and even profoundly depthful verses of Yours here lately...."My Love & Warmth To You, Always," John! ~ Smile, see You at the midnight moors bewitchings hour ~ Smile ~ "Bye Dear!":) ~
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Date: 6/12/2010 5:14:00 PM
Smile! I love Daver you know; for, his has such gentle and lovely heart in him, dear lady!! Smile, "Hello Precious & Lovely Sidney LeeAnn!!" ~ Smile, you know I have been reading Your Gifted words here lately; just haven't seemed to perhaps be willing or maybe desiring, to jump full bore into Soup as of yet dear; nine months away and, just kind of kicking it around an old spot right now; although ~ Smile ~ it seems a tad bit CRAZY sometimes....Smile? ~ Cont ~
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Date: 6/12/2010 12:03:00 PM
You've hit it, Destroyer! Next week I go to work for Walter Lantz. Previously with Leon Schlesinger. Ebada, ebada, ebada, that's all folks. Thanking you much for including me in your notorious lineup. Love, daver
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Date: 6/12/2010 9:13:00 AM
another Sidney LeeAnn mystery ... hmm; i like it but now i want more. as usual, your amigo, chuck
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Date: 6/12/2010 9:06:00 AM
Liked your "Wanna be Limerick and your wanna be Haiku" P.D.! What's your job in the restaurant and what kind of restaurant is it? Sorry to be so inquisitive!!! If I would have the money to do so I would open up a restaurant with international cookery (or better. with new international cookery). Keep writing and thank you for your comments...Have a nice and peaceful weekend my friend!...Gert
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