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Creative Climates for ThinkingFeeling

We are each a new way of bilateral becoming and thinking about what a mind with body is, where these are headed, individually, and as a part. Thinking about what embodied consciousness is and where, in what stable climates of opportunity, and which unstable subclimates of risk, enculturing new ways of bilateral becoming what our Earth's mindbody ecosystem is, and where, in what universal temporal revolving seasonal climate of Earth, enculturing timeless days of light and dark, long before years of warm and cold and planets sprouting ecosystemic networks of open-interdependent ergodic universal climate, binomial space with bilateral-functioning time emerging each life light's ethological DNA/RNA emergent enriching string, umbilical cord, navel, embryonic womb root system of form with nutritional function, is yet incarnating and from where, from each of us co-arising balance without dualdark co-gravitating within dipolar prime relational (0)-soul as sum, as prime relational core climate CoMessianic-Tao. Humanity's place within this ecosystemically enculturing internal landscape has become traditionally told as one inter-networked mandala, a sacred organic-fertile healthy-positive, deviantly revolutionary regenerational landscape. Stuff of and for and with and in Permacultural Design through our DNA Holistic-Integral ReDevelopment. We are still working out how we have viralized victimization and criminalization and other negatively deviant deformations of socio-eco-political pathology, like ignorance with prejudice, hatred of Other with racism, totalitarian egocentric megalomanic paranoia with terrorism, anti-ecological intent with overly-competitive economic norms for and of Earth Nature/Spirit Justice, ethological error with bad teleology concerning remaining issues of (0)-sum ecopolitical health, public health issues confusing humane sexuality and culture with self-slavery into indentured servitude of wealth that does not rhyme with health. We are still working on over-commodified norms about EarthTribe's Commons, the desecration of humane-divine dignity, the desecration of our Earth Home, for some a Gaia God/dess, for others Prime Relational consort of FireGod's dipolar co-arising radiant bliss, producer of all Earth's biosystemic nature-spirit organic species, currently existing, yes, but also emerged through root ecosystems of health-performing Elder ecopolitical health-wealth matriarchs and patricians, native medicinals of earth and water, fire radiating revolving cycling flames through therapeutic tunneling air. Developmental intelligence refracted through RNA's nature/spirit health-values to process and remember, reweaving time's seasonal open-systemic interdependently self-reflected light. In bilateral thought as in bicameral ecoconsciousness, LeftBrain's either/or bipolar oppositionals learn to ego/ecobalance with RightBrain's reverse-temporal both/and dipolar appositional wu wei climate of sacred co-presence, Tipping Point positive abundance defaults of cognitive/affective confluence, which is all that pathology does not co-arise, which is cognitive-affective dissonance, stress, ecopolitical suffering. In Systems Process Theory, as in Permaculture Design, any unit (landscape, subclimate) containing and retaining feedback integrity of a streaming river, radiant/co-gravitating light, religioning sacred multicultures, is systemically competent to process and retain bilateral temporally-emergent positive cause through double-negatively effective co-feeding information. To our Right BrainBody ecosystemic incoming processors, our Interior MindBody Landscape functions like an intricate liturgically sacred mandala holding interdependent Both/And polarities within a cooperative ecopolitical network simultaneously framed, co-incident, with LeftBrain's emerging ecological networks of diverse 0 dimensions: metric linear cause/effect past/future one dimensional, graphic one through three space dimensional-static, 0-Centric alpha/omega Tipping Point diastolic-dimensional universe of polynomials, 4D geometric interactive information/exformation, feedback regarding exterior community economic transactions of healthy/pathological value, with everything in-between either extremely idealistic label, with and without political power now, in the past, stronger or weaker and why? to project future CQI health-wealth trends. Egos are interdependent ecosystemic units, as are species, but of a higher exegetically ecological type, evidence of past evolving successes, as are DNA with RNA transubstantiating Elder species, still encrypted to this day within each sacred mindbody ecosystem. Climatic polarization of opinions between those who perceive sacred ecosystems where others see, more reductively, linear equations and sequences of kosmic-karmic cause and effect, secular, reified academic ecosystemic co-arising evolutionary ethology, currently emerging a more replete, culturally resonant (0) soul Process GroupSystemic Prime Fractal/Octave-Lattice Network emerging positive-deviant frame-closure revolutions defining Basic Nutritional Co-Present EcoPolitical TrendFunctions as Binomial-Binary 4D WinWin Gaming Balance Theory for Regenerative Optimization of economicHealth/political EarthRights Wealth, every philanthropic heart's ultimate rich-deep wet soulful dream. Bicamerally organizing humane intelligence, still remains confluent with multiculturally accessible ontologies in which contrasting poles of interior mental life are teleologically assumed to be more highly positive-interactive when therapeutic, and each internal dipolarity actively "both-anding" promotes the other under confluent, peaceful, healthy states of mind with body. Each of us walking/talking biosystems contains an internally sacred landscaped sub-climate, by no means monocultural unless nearly dead of exhaustion, and more dipolar co-arising toward Tipping Points toward diastatic health optimization.

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