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Conservative Healthy Spirals

Genetic, so therefore regenetic, conservatism of DNA and this fractal function's Elder RNA-rooted ecosystemic political psychologies, ecologies of empowerment, and not so much; History, and notnot historic enculturation of Business As Usual LeftBrain ReIterative Dominance of deduction-reduction-redaction, yet still dipolar-dialectical ecosystemic health (0)-sum-core-centric ecopolitical conservatism. This ecopolitical conservatism of DNA/RNA health-solidarity is sometimes humorously intended judgments, choices, cooperative exegesis about how to sustain balanced-harmonic distinctions between what has been exegetically proven to produce helpful outcomes, therefore ecologically as ecopolitically self-regenerative fusing polypathic integrative possibilities for value-laden allegorical analogies speaking RightBrain nature-spirit ecoconscious conservatism. RightBrain YinYin as LoseLose too-nurturing for evolutionary, much less revolutionary self-regenerating survival, what was pathologically, yet also more eisegetically, suppressed, Yin-Empty-implied more than Yang-Explicated-Interdependent Synergetic Paradigms of Time's EcoPolitical Balancing Values, Norms, NatureLeft-SpiritRight Ecological Revolutions, Multiculturing Climaxing Health v Pathology for EcoEarthCentric RNA Climates. RightBrain omnipotent fertility appositionally co-arises implied dualdark anger/fear futures with increasingly deadly climatic outputs of other-condemning and self-condemned LeftBrain Ego Identity as anthrocentered repressor and suppressor of RightBrain's regeneratively multicultural polypathic freedoms from/for languaged enculturing expression, feelings and intuitions, chemistries and clouds and cultures of Elder species' inherited DNA/RNA functional regenerative conservatism; multiculturally nurturant YinYin, notnot WinWin fractal-dialectical-developmental-fusing freedom toward polypathic bicameral ecoconsciousness of optimally divinely-humaned health means help, and pathology speaks of self-condemning hoarding of LeftBrain anthrocentric egocentric self-conserving ecopolitical cognitive-affective Negative Psychology Dissonance about economic wealth of DNA spelled differently than ecologic health of RNA. We are of a long Bodhisattva-CoMessiah regenetic dipolar line, called to and for redeemer vocations of sound ecologically empowering judgment, not to condemn ourselves or become condemned by future failing generations, but to regeneratively help and thereby become, more polypathically regenerative of health v pathology bicameral deep learning intelligence that ecology of self-preservative Left prefers ecopolitics of Earth RNATribe Conservation-Nurturing Right wu-wei balancing younger-anthrocentered DNA Left ecopolitical positive psychology as dipolar regenerative (0)-sum ego/eco-systemic bilateral-temporal ecopolitical climate co-operation. Prime Eulerian function E-squared is prime relational temporal square-root function C-squared, is Fullerian UniversalConvex-Empty (0)-soul LEFT OVER and AROUND Integrative-Interdependent-Unitarian DiPolar Concave-BiCameral (0)-sum RIGHT, WinWinning toward Left/Right Bicameral Ecoconsciousness of Nature/Spirit as Yang/Yin as +1PolyNomial/(notnot) PolyPathic (0) Primal Fractal-DoubleBinding TemporalSpaciated 4D-octave-frequency dimensional-seasonal-sensual-sensory-neural-psychological-ecological-economic-politically Interdependent DNA/RNA Solidarity Network for Healthy v Pathologically Trending Climate Relationships. Perhaps the only way to escape decomposing death as notnot fear and angry total lose to lose fully healthy living physical interdependence may become our mutual embrace of dying together v dying apart, and why are we so sure this makes no difference to our multiculturally shared ecological Golden Rule. Perhaps fear and anger about competing egoistic total death of internal climate, landscape, identity, ongoing organic chemistry between subclimates of mutual nurturance more than disturbance, is our remaining collective ecological-political empowerment issue, nondually continuing to co-arise from DNA's threatened future loss of healthy Earth-Home Climate, with ecopolitical subclimates doing our best to balance healthy-life v pathologically trending notnot future-fractal-dialectal decomposition, irrationally not polynomial only when forgetting that not always double-binds time's flow, notnot polynomial most optimally regeneratively healthywealth equivocates health/pathological ecological humors, where good-kind climates always lead toward Paradise. In other Gaming words for Creation Reiterating Stories, dipolar appositionals of WinWin regenerativity are LoseLose decompositionality, dissonance, disarray, decay, within either of these two extreme hypotheticals of sustainable healthy balance v pathology, from Earth's centric DNA/RNA ecopolitical Solidarity perspective we are all in life together for our mutually health-promoting judgment. Life invites helpful ecopolitical cooperation, while death's LoseLose face betrays self-and-other condemning terror of nihilism, fly apart self-condemnation when we also judge ourselves more rationally to help, together capable of flying regeneratively choosing healthy Left/Right ecopolitical lifetimes over continuing LeftBrain Dominance. Your Holy Spirit cannot fully enjoy Positive EgoPsychology opportunities without a ProCreator with fully cooperating Positive Political Empowermental Trust and a RightBrain Messiah co-redemptively (0) eco-normative to gift life forward, ecologically Positive Redemption Economizing life's collective conservation bringing multiculturing balance through ecotherapeutic co-investments. It is because we see 8 color octave frequencies within ultra-violet/dualdark cosmological 4D light and hear these same octaves as resonant sound waves, that RNA, and then DNA, have become deeply fractal etched learners through double-elliptical octave temporal rooted functions, evolving spirals.

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