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Closing doors

In denial is a serious sickness
Watching every move I make
Simply because a word has been uttered to me
A minute time passed
With the hope that nothing has changed
How delusional of me
To have believed in an unknown situation
To have been sacred
Simply because another rejection was too expensive
What are the odds of realizing that all this time
I had known, but reality was never in the eyes?

Morning questions never answered
And having been a stupid but necessary move
To finally determine the standards of the situation
Should there have been another day
Of the same events, they will be ignored
As this time, it has been kept in the open
Every heartbeat felt
While waiting with anticipation
To either declare love or war
Some of it left to the ears of others
To leave a visible proof
That indeed it all happened
And that it is not an act of short period
Are times really that hard, that it is
Difficult to find what is true and pure?
That we settle for the bits that are thrown to us
Simply because society has standard charts that needs following.

What if dreams, victory and possessions
Required no hand of a man nor a name of his
Would the fair maiden really move up the ladder 
To build the impossibility known only to be possible amongst men? 
Are situations so bad that any men qualifies to be a shining Knight in Armour? 
Some battles were created solely for women and them alone. 

It is difficult, the first steps but eventually it becomes a routine, thus hair, face and body requires proper care and knowledge. 
Promises are indeed, sometimes just plain words
That keep us in unseen prisons 
For us to wait for judgement
While in actual truth,
We have the keys to open free and walk away
What every war has in an ending of things
And beginning of new things 
After every storm is a rainbow full of life and sweet hopes. 

While you close the final chapter 
Know that the war of confusion and doubt 
Has come to an end
And that no more are you a fool nor 
Would you ever embarrass the dignity and pride
You hold so dear
Some goodbyes are keys to a happy life 
Peace of mind and freedom 
Let this be your anthem and shield 
Next time it comes knocking on the door.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2020

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