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Caught in a Haze

The grey oppresses;
surrounded by fog,
 I traverse this shadowland;
Dorothy in reverse,
stuck in this land of monochrome
Xerox grayscale in 2-D.
Hoping it is but a dream,
valiantly, I stroke in Technicolor
Only to see it erased, again
It is no more real than the specters
haunting my thoughts.

Still I stumble around searching;
hues of hope hover out of reach
as these low-lying clouds
cast a pall-- blinding me to joy.

Perhaps, I'm trapped
 in Tim Burton's sketch board;
these monoliths of grotesque
caricature evidence such.
At every turn there is a new one,
popping out of the mists.
Large, unmoving blocks of black granite
ring me like Stonehenge-- surrounded--
Leaving me wandering this maze of dark surrealism.

Glimpses of color reveal themselves
in the distance through the shroud,
ephemera teasing my senses.
Blow! benign zephyrs;
sweep away the haze
invading my peace.
Rescue me the confines
of my self-induced prison.
Let me walk in daylight, once again. 

Copyright © | Year Posted 2015

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Date: 11/28/2015 8:59:00 AM
I fight my depression by writing my friend, seems I always have done so. At age 15 I started seriously writing poetry after my father's death. Adding this poem to my fav list because its just that good! A7
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Cervenka Avatar
Jaycee Cervenka
Date: 11/28/2015 7:03:00 PM
Thanks Robert. Writing seems to help, doesn't it? My grey days are pretty unpredictable and never last very long. I always know I'll be popping out of it when I can write. This was written a bit before Halloween.
Date: 10/6/2015 5:25:00 PM
Very deep dark and sad Janet:-( hugs Jan xx
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Date: 10/7/2015 4:08:00 AM
Unless you have suffered you can't imagine the pain! I was so bad got sent to A & E - they gave me oral morphine ... it didn't touch the pain - its easing now thankfully! :-) hugs Jan xx
Cervenka Avatar
Jaycee Cervenka
Date: 10/6/2015 11:32:00 PM
Hugs! I've been there! Once you learn the stretches, it will help! Ive had it of and on since I was pregnant with my oldest. I can tell you for sure that it can be worse than labor pains. I tried to convince the doctor if he removed my leg, having the baby would be easy! He laughed and ordered the epidural. Stupid man didn't realize I was serious! Once they get you going yet yoga stretches!
Date: 10/6/2015 5:47:00 PM
Oh Janet I am sorry you are struggling - I am struggling too with sciatica - I have never had it before and the pain is intense - can't wait to get back on my feet properly and start physio on Thursday lets hope brighter days are around the corner for us both:-) hugs jan xx
Cervenka Avatar
Jaycee Cervenka
Date: 10/6/2015 5:32:00 PM
Life has not been kind, or much fun lately, but the weather will change soon. Life never stands still, so I'm hoping things are better around the next corner. ~Jan