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1. If i could i would trade my heart to someone strong and brave enough to love someone like you

2. ?i ended up my relationship with someone who was grateful to have
me and loved me for who i was but as people say i followed my naive heart and loved someone spiteful enough to not care about me

3. ?i took out a big magnet and pulled all the pain on the atmosphere that wasn't meant for me to cause me sleepless nights and make me feel like an old sneaker under your bed like i never meant anything to you 

4. ?do you wanna know how i started bleeding? 
I ripped off your name right off my lips and beated myself up over things i couldn't fix 

5. staple me to a oak tree i will bleed all the painful reasons why i fell in love with you 

6. I tried to move on with my life but my heart keeps searching for you without my permission 

7. I sacrificed my body for you 

8. ?i regret unleashing my feelings out to someone who enjoys seeing me in pain but claims to love me

9. ?i dipped myself in pain 

10. I protected you and kept you safe like you? were my strong evidence to prove that i never cheated on you 
i was only loyal 

11. I hope the blood i bleed makes you unable to close your eyes at night 
I hope you die with a broken heart but without really dying 

12. Yeah i mean my words

13. Am hurt 

14. But i still love you 
15. I miss you

16. but i don't need you 

17. I get to so emotional when i 
try to explain to you how i started bleeding  but... 

18. To me you were my everything i left someone for you that should tell you that you're special to me 
When we started dating i told you that my heart is fragile and crumbly
But you were too concerned about having me as your new boyfriend so you can brag about me to your ex
Am dead but am still breathing because of you
Do you know how that feels?

Everytime i searched in my heart all i could find was you and
Everytime i looked into your eyes all i saw my today ,my future, my queen and my everything 
But yet to you i was only your hype man 
On days when you were alone i was there to comfort you and keep you safe but at the end you took a grinder and sliced my body into skinny pieces including my heart 
And left me bleeding in the lions den

So you wanna know how i started bleeding 
It's fine I'll tell you 
I started bleeding the day my heart felt butterflies for you 
The day i fell in love with you 
I fell on the surface of fake love
Than that's when i started bleeded 

Copyright © | Year Posted 2018

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Date: 6/27/2018 10:15:00 AM
I love this.. I love the angst. I love your set up that all leads to your perfect romantic closing rant. A rant full of tender. A rant that remembers the possibilities of what it could be.
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