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Black Widow Spider

Poet's Notes

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I'm smaller and harmless if I'm male
and I have no venom. I'm dangerous 
and much bigger if I'm female. It's hard 
to tell my sex, so I avoid me all together
Better safe than sorry!

I look innocuous. I'm no bigger than 
the size of a Brazil nut, but don't be fooled; 
I'm extremely dangerous. My reputation 
precedes me. I've been striking fear into 
the hearts of men for millennia. 

I'm one of the most toxic of all spiders 
My venom is much more potent than that
of a rattlesnake's. I'm a weaver of sticky
tangled scaffold webs that I use 
to ensnare insects.

My eight legs have hairs and bristles
that is sensitive to vibrations. That's how
I detect prey. I use my pumping abdomen 
to spin silk to make webs, bind prey,
and protect their eggs from other critters.

I'm a solitary, patient predator. I spend 
most of my life sitting on my web 
and waiting for moths, beetles, bugs
flies; I even enjoy a crunchy scorpion
from time to time.

Once trapped, I dart forward and pin them 
down. I inject my venom with my sharp fang;
then I suck them dry down to their exoskeleton!
My bite on humans can cause skin blisters
leading to gangrene!

I'm a Black Widow Spider; avoid me at all cost!

Date written: 02/16/2020

Copyright © | Year Posted 2020

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Date: 2/16/2020 10:50:00 PM
Black Widow a spider I do stay away.. Out side a restaurant a few years back on the outside brick wall was a very large one about 2 inches round. I went in and told one of the waiters and they went out and got it. Brave young man a scared me.
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Ibeh Avatar
Edward Ibeh
Date: 2/17/2020 4:59:00 AM
Wow, that's scary, Eve! Luckily it didn't sting you or anyone. I wouldn't go back to that restaurant!