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Why oh why is my life so cursed?
I have big feet, there's nothing worse.
Never in shops do they have my fit
I feel like a right misfit.
The assistants all just roll their eyes,
"Sorry we don't stock that size."
Online I search a specialist store,
Their shoes are a real eyesore.
How I long for small, dainty feet,
Not my own great plates of meat.
Clowns get jealous if my shoes are red,
So I always wear dark shoes instead.
I can never share my shoes with friends,
Unless of course my friends are men!
One size slippers do not fit all,
Unless of course your feet are small.
And women's feet are not one width
I'm telling you it's all a myth.
I will never be a Cinderella,
Yet big feet are boastful on a fella.
On tiptoe I'm a whole foot taller
But how I wish my feet were smaller.
I'm really not an abnormal freak
And apparently I'll live longer with my Big Feet!

Trying so hard to get some shoes for a very special occasion. As I tried on some that were too small today the little girl I look after said, "Oh you are like the ugly sisters!" Out of the mouths of babes!

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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Date: 2/26/2017 3:15:00 AM
enjoyed your entertaining poem very much. I have very small feet for my height and my feet have always hurt because of it, so if your feet don't hurt, consider it a blessing. You left this message on my Snowflakes poem, I am assuming for Victor? Such beautiful, profound words, expressing your love and sorrow at the passing over of your beloved wife. Your poem made me cry with you, tears of joy that her pain has ceased and mournful tears as you grieve. I offer you my love and prayers at this sad time. God Bless x
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Date: 2/24/2017 8:45:00 AM
Love this well written fun write Elizabeth, perhaps we all have body issues or think we have, wish I had big feet, Roy:-)
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Kinch  Avatar
Elizabeth Kinch
Date: 2/24/2017 12:32:00 PM
Haha Roy, thanks for commenting.
Date: 2/23/2017 8:24:00 PM
This is such a fun poem, Elizabeth. My best friend in high school had really big feet and I'll never forget when she loaned her shoes to a boy who played a girl in a play. Anyway, she had a big heart to go with those big feet as I'm sure you do too. Love the poem.
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Kinch  Avatar
Elizabeth Kinch
Date: 2/24/2017 12:37:00 AM
Thank you for commenting. I like to think I have a big heart to go with my big feet!
Date: 2/23/2017 2:22:00 AM
Oh, boy, children and their comments! Nothing better than a sound amount of self-mockery :) I love that. It also helps to get rid of some of the frustration. Love this poem!
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Kinch  Avatar
Elizabeth Kinch
Date: 2/23/2017 11:02:00 AM
Thank you for commenting. Got to laugh!
Date: 2/22/2017 7:46:00 PM
There is a lot to be said for being unique, Elizabeth:) Very funny poem.
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Kinch  Avatar
Elizabeth Kinch
Date: 2/23/2017 12:55:00 AM
Not sure I am unique, there's lots of us big footed girls out there! Thanks for commenting
Date: 2/22/2017 5:25:00 PM
I don't know which I laughed at more, the young clerks comment or your line about the laughing clowns. :) This was funny Elizabeth.
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Kinch  Avatar
Elizabeth Kinch
Date: 2/23/2017 12:52:00 AM
Glad you liked it. Thanks for commenting as always.