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Benighted Enlightenment

Potawatomi language, says Robin Wall Kimmerer, does not verbally divide us into masculine and feminine. However, unlike most English verbs, Potawatomi verbs distinguish between animate and inanimate objects. For example, we use sit down when speaking to an unruly son and set down when speaking of what we did with a stone or a book which the unruly son would never read. I wonder if there are other ways we could evolve this distinction and if it would change how our relationships feel over sufficient time spreading across a multiculturing continent of organic languages and interdependent species. I notice my own ways of using becoming, where others might use being. "Oh, that's just your son being your son" sounds to me like "That's our son still becoming" whomever he most hopes to become, or not, for some mysteriously unmotivated reasons. I think it was David Bohm who saw verbs as dynamically emerging and submerging, diastatically full-bloomed all the way through to as static as a rock appears upon it's still emerging surface slowly arriving time's dynamic change trajectories. The observation that "Climate change just is" neither good nor bad in and of itself becomes "Climate change emerges and submerges within humanizing consciousness." "The current climate pathology trend just is" becomes bad, assuming climate health might become therapeutically good, but what are we going to do? What are we already in process of becoming? It, pathology, just hopelessly is. What right does Chicken Little have to not deny that our sky is fading? That's what sky is. It fades, every day. At least for now. Until it's gone. But, like Scarlet, we'll think about that tomorrow. Or maybe we can let the grandkids worry about what's left. Which is a good reason to not have kids... So, climate pathology submerges down deeper, for awhile, as climate change equals Business As Usual; it simply is dissonance about outstanding hopeless pathologies, inducing compassion yawns of exhaustion. But another comparison between Potawatomi and English is a reverse proportion between verbs and nouns. First Nation languages grow weighted toward dynamic becoming and un-becoming verbs as English lists heavily toward more static nouns. This also reminds me of something David Bohm observed about verbal functions of nouns as becoming systems and unraveling systems, or at least potentially unraveling, as what becomes must un-become, systemically speaking. For every dynamic a season. And, verbing nouns cast this peculiar word "climate" in a more flowing toward and away from diastatic health Paradise perspective, like consciousness inside climates influence outside flowing toward healthier days and nights easier to not do wrong as right decades and cultures industries and artifacts scientific and artistic landscapes, ebbing toward more dissonant decaying decadent pathologies rooted in our denial of what's coming, yes. But, more significantly, continuing support for climate pathology within a noun-oriented static reductive LeftBrain frame of mind, also denies hard empirical evidence of loss accelerating rates already incurred, already dynamically melting away, multicultural disinvestment becoming a more monoculturally anthropocentric played-out, thrown away rabid overpopulating "I'll think about your disappearing kids' futures tomorrow" negative dynamic sad depressing. What this superfluity of pessimistic denial fails to claim, and build upon, grows our ebb and flow dynamic of consciousness and climates of imagined and historically remembered health delineating pathological climate trends in this our time as we all struggle to breathe more cooperatively together. If we have not become conscious of health then we cannot define pathological boundaries thereto, just as we could not have a dynamic verb for benighting if we had never reached for enlightening. Theories of relative evolutions lead developing learners of language and culture to conclude "OK, you say benighting climate pathology, I say enlightened healthy ecopolitical climate, at least for me and mine." Yet there are no LeftBrain contrasts of relativity if not older RightBrain dipolar comparisons of interrelationship between internally dynamic and dissonant nutritional climates. Bilaterally interdependent consciousness of DNA transcribing Earth's regenerativity ebbs verbal pathology and flows healthy nurturing phases of co-arising becoming dynamic consciousness inviting co-conscious healthy climates in-Yin as out-Yang mutually symbiotic. Paraphrasing Bucky Fuller, DualBlind concave cosmology as SpecialCase Time-squared, enlightening business as usual, co-operative 4D prime-relational convex, Left's Theory of Relativity with Right's older metaphysical eco-inductions of/for CoOperative Prime Relationship. The sky is becoming faded as Earth becomes inundated with too many aristocratic chickens telling each other what not to cooperatively do and what to do to control resulting LeftBrain dominant Anger Climate-Management issues.

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