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Beginnings Endings

Beginnings – Endings Out of the darkest reaches of time and space came molten minerals, gasses, rocks, comets – life traversing aeons, in suspended animation across millions of light years, billions of desolate miles creating unseen universe after universe, creating unseen solar system after solar system. Past galaxies, black holes, quasars, supernovas, planets with their moon / moons orbiting. Time and space expanding, along side, ride asteroids, meteors, comets and star dust. Star dust, travelling in time and space follows a subconscious wave, a coarse that has taken them – particles of life – into this little blue planet and all that inhabit. A fight for life, in the heat of battles with the gods, was won, the gods kicked our ass into the prefect place as star dust, eggs, came crashing down their shells, shattered, melted away, as they entered this little blue planets, once gray, atmosphere. Upon entering, having contact with Mother Natures furry, found their way into Mother Natures, pot of stew, within which they grew, divided and conquered, after millions and millions of years of evolution, disasters, mutations, genetic manipulations that brought out of the darkness a metamorphous and their core essence, the yolk separated. Separated into millions of microorganism, atoms, millions of diverse cells, that in corporation, became all, all that we thought we have known about life on this planet. Until one fine day the gods finally got it right and from the primordial – chicken gumbo – soup we animate cells climbed, and the inanimate cells lay in stone and other lifeless – in our view - lives as we evolved arms, legs, hands, feet – animal magnetism. On days – every thirty six hundred years – gods were at their closest point to the slaves they created. They would come and tweak our genes until no longer *****Neanderthal, ruled, no longer Cro-Magnon ruled, the gods finally got it right and *****sapiens rule !!! After all, we were created in the likeness of the gods and did not the gods rule, and now god rules. The gods sent their sons to investigate the progress of what they had thrown onto this once barren rock – our little blue planet – observe and obtain, to create change in this upright creature that crawled out of the seas, - and they mated with the daughters of created man – who, after many alterations, natural mutations and genetic manipulations – evolved from a single cell into an exotic creature in the oceans, to this gorgeous mammal, upright upon land who became the forefathers of man – from Austaustralopithecus, Africanus, Homo-Rudolfensis, *****Erectus, Neanderthal and finally us – *****Sapiens - Sapiens, the children of the gods, gods who decided our fate ( slaves for all eternity ) with their spaced out wisdom, and in their likeness, war against each other, conquer, kill off nations, drown legions in the red sea, nuke cities - Sodom and Gomorrah – wiped out the Earth with a tsunami or at least, did little to prevent it, except to give man the ark, that floating laboratory with its vials of genetic material, D N A. I think I am getting carried away, being a little redundant at times, but the show must go on so that we can see man’s journey. That spaced out wisdom – genetically create man in our likeness, our image, we will give the evolution of man, a jump start, we will insert, into his D N A, the essence from our gene pool, at our science centre ( the garden of EDEN ) then Adam, and EVE, the prototypes for us modern man / woman – the likeness of us gods. Enter the sons of the gods, who found such beauty in the daughter of man, the creations of the of their heavenly fathers, and began to lay – sleep – with them giving birth to legends, – some horror stories -, creatures, myths, stories of good and evil that have become the legacy of man. We – mankind – are no better than the gods, the sons of the gods who brought us out of our animal magnetism and into consciousness. We are like them - the gods, the sons of the gods - as the bible and all the following religions – Adidam, Ásatrú, Atenism, Ayyavazhi, Aztec religion, Bahá'í Faith, Bön, Buddhism, Cheondoism, Christianity, Confucianism, Discordianism, Druidism, Druze, Ancient Egyptian religion Etruscan religion, Ancient Greece, Hermeticism.Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, Judaism etc., etc. – as well as the Sanskrit, tell us we are. We fight among ourselves for control, for power, for prestige, for all that we believe is our god given right as we lay siege to the lands, the mineral rights etc., etc., laying waste to Mother Earth and man, all that keeps this planet alive, in our greed, our desire to dominate, in our haste to achieve what ?, what in the end will not help us survive. What will we learn ?, what will we derive ? In the final analysis, will this planet last another million years ? Or soon be lost, leaving itself and us in a tsunami of tears that is about to drown history, mankind and all, as, into space, Mother Earth, her children will fall. Then, will we see, truly hear the gods call, will they save us ?, take us into another hall. B. J. “A” 2 ( Bill . ) June 13th 2004

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