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Beaten not Forgotten

For BATTER or worse!
Tired of facing this bat-less ball
My life tied up and beaten to a pole, 
like the color black, the pain is endlessly
Facing life with no possibility
Facing life's judgment
The envy of all matters
A slave to my grave, with no redemption
Gathering the lies and insults
More powerful than a whip on my back
A trap with no way to disown and burn the tree
Falling far from - turnover tracks
Forgetting who I am, 
feeling the flaws of my abnormality
Finding comfort in a noose
Suffocated by what seems to be dry air 
Tired of living a life under self-brutality
Dying slow, darkness down a new path
Now I see, there's no escape

The more I see, the more I feel 
Hell's got my  running plate
My Beautiful beat but never forgotten soul
That's how my story unfolds
~ S ~

Copyright © | Year Posted 2010

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Date: 7/24/2016 2:04:00 AM
Nicely done. I guess this is why you are the queen of poetrysoup! :P
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Date: 8/6/2015 7:57:00 AM
Skat, a deeply raw write, a feeling it 7 and thanks for visiting my sizzling poem
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Date: 7/9/2014 10:15:00 AM
Hmmmmmm....., deep, touching, ability of control, is rare in today reality, Richard
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Date: 5/5/2014 10:44:00 PM
You may tire of reading this but that was wonderful . O' yes a wonderful read. Renews one's appreciation of others and their spirit!!
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Date: 3/19/2014 12:59:00 AM
What a poem! I enjoyed every line. I can relate.
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Date: 3/16/2014 10:18:00 AM
SKAT Such a heart wrenching and sorrowful write. I could feel the pain of your soul oozing into every line. Thank you for the great comment on my What Am I poem. Hugs
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Date: 11/6/2013 11:07:00 PM
I love this poem SKAT, it is deeply emotional and expressive. I know exactly how you felt when you were writing this one. Amazing work!...Thank you for the kind congrats on my poem. I appreciate it, my friend! Love always, Kelly :)
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Date: 6/18/2011 8:29:00 AM
Wow... great poem you have here... touche!
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Date: 5/26/2011 4:34:00 PM
this is great nice job with it!! great to have you back :) cory
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Date: 12/20/2010 5:24:00 PM
reality can be a b*tch. . but thats the reason why we block ourselves from most of it. forgetting who you are can hurt a lot. great write, Irma. hope all is well. & i wish you a merry christmas with everyone important to you. by the way, i still won't be on a lot, because im moving to some place where i wont be able to access internet.only at school i will be able to get to you,so until i get a lab top, my time is limited for now. take care. ~Always&Forever Lynette
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Date: 12/2/2010 11:28:00 AM
awesome' audree
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Date: 11/28/2010 3:50:00 PM
i think you can trancend any mindframe, or persona either imposed upon you or being subconciously explored by you, hope you keep positive Skat, Joe.
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Date: 11/28/2010 9:33:00 AM
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Date: 11/28/2010 1:39:00 AM
a contemporary beat that bristles with punchy lines evoking your " rebel" mood, SKAT... a maverick poet you are.. may i ask if i can do away with the 17 -syllable lines for your SNOW contest as what i did was a modern haiku??.. please clarify.. title is " colors of after dusk snow... thanks for your support!! hope to hear from you! ::) warmest, nette
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Date: 11/26/2010 8:02:00 PM
OH, Irma. I got confused and was thinking your contest was a different one. You are so right, I DID use limericks in your contest after all What a relief!!
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Date: 11/26/2010 6:39:00 PM
Sorry! If this is reality' Love Audree
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Date: 11/26/2010 6:11:00 PM
Wow, Skat, what a power-house poem of emotional pent up makes me want to root for you loud enough for you to hear!! :)...............before I forget...many thanks for my placement in your Costume contest...I am honored!! :)
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Date: 11/26/2010 6:02:00 PM
THANKS EVERYONE :-) so far, I should have entered this poem. As my worst poem ever. I posted this poem, only because I have nothing to share right now. Maybe tomorrow. Thanks for your concern June. yes it might be reality, the beaten part comes from myself. LOVE~ SKAT
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Date: 11/26/2010 4:57:00 PM
Wow! what a loaded write this is Skat! I really like how much strength you show in this write despite being "beaten"--I don't think you are-- hugs nikko :)
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Date: 11/26/2010 3:19:00 PM
Well this write is most fantastic Irma my BFF and sweet dear.. enjoy your awesome poetry and hope this is far from reality of your own life luv... amazing lines of expression quite impressive to all readers luv... appreciate my 6th place in your cool contest.. a joy to write for u my friend.. hope u had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.. blessings to u luv.. your BFF...always...
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Date: 11/26/2010 2:48:00 PM
Dear SKAT.Sometimes life's like hell on earth.It's full of challenges.But we do have a human endowment that we can use ,the will to live.I have used it and continue to use it,as so have others through time.And the will to live means that, to live, not just to exist.I'm in a vulnerable place myself right now.But I'm not alone. Other's are suffering too and inspire me with their courage not to be beaten.These are strong words,they cut to the heart and hurt for you and all in pain. Love June
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Date: 11/26/2010 1:51:00 PM
Slave to my own grave, scary, beaten is a terrible place to be, appreciated it. PS. thanks for letting me know results were posted, I didn't even know where they were and spent quite some time searching :)
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Date: 11/26/2010 1:20:00 PM
Deep and meaningful expressions. Our life is such SKAT. XCheer up and live the life that we have to live once only,
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Date: 11/26/2010 10:48:00 AM
Good one..I am glad that I chose this one to read today..Sara
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Date: 11/26/2010 9:27:00 AM
Hello Skat, Good Morning, deep and interesting perspective. I think we have all been there at one point or another. Good write As Always, Shar
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