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Bat Phone is Ringing

Yes, spring has sprung and the bat phone is ringing.
Dragon is at it again! He grabbed his cape! No kidding!
Wouldn’t you know! Here we go, with his eyes to the sky.
Look out bad guys! He’s soaring up in the air, so say bye-bye.

In this case there was a fire, some place, Dragon was needed NOW!
A little girl lost in a fire so hot, and no one can find her, somehow!
So Dragon came in, flew right in, but she wasn’t anywhere on top.
The basement next, there she sat balled up, real close, & so scared. 

She was protecting her kittens and a momma cat! And she was in tears!
Dragon to the rescue! He saved all the little ones, huddled in great fear.
He pushed them outside through the basement window, isn’t he a dear?
Tho he naturally, wouldn’t fit through that window, that was so near!

He climbed slowly up the steps, where the house was totally engulfed.
But, never fear, he’s a Dragon, my dear, flames simply don’t bother him.
He got to the back door, as a volunteer fireman, totally hosed him down.
Literally, ALL the way down, to the basement again! HEY! Silly Clown!

The fireman, the Sheriff of Crazyland, was trying to hold the hose, tight! 
Out of control, he blew Dragon, back down in the hole! Until, the others… 
Could grab it away! The Sheriff of Crazyland, still wanting to be helpful…
He took the little girl and cats to her Mom! So HE was called the hero!

He got a photo taken, for a newspaper spread, as Yep! Here we go again!
By the time Dragon got out, few were about, as the fear had gone away.
And Dragon’s chance to be a hero, well that too, had flown far, that day.
Now, WE ALL KNOW, the great thing he, absolutely, himself, had done. 

Later, he’d leave the mascot title behind, to become a Full Fledge Fireman.
But he wouldn’t be there to receive it, until later that next day, you see… 
For now, he’s too busy, chasing the Sheriff of CrazyLand, all over the place. 
And guess what! He made the front page under the Hero Sheriff, that said…

“That Crazy Dragon! Guess What? He’s at It AGAIN… Chasing the Hero!”
But Don’t Worry, I made him a New Cape! And I called the newspapermen.
So he got a correction, on what happened, along with news of his promotion!
Next day, Umm, on the very LAST page. Oh, Well! Sigh! Can’t win them all.
But you and I… We will always know… The End

Copyright © | Year Posted 2015

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Date: 4/8/2015 12:59:00 AM
How fortunate, to have been saved by Dragon...I hadn't thought about it before, but a dragon would make a great firefighter and he could help with the training of other firefighters. Love the dragon poems.
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Date: 3/27/2015 4:09:00 PM
I wish your creative dragon poems got wider exposure Carol - can see why you want to put them in your own contests - the other sponsor who does gives them self an HM - another brilliant dragon epic:-) Hugs jan xx
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