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At Once Into Blind Empty Space, At Once Into Her Arms

At Once Into Blind Empty Space, At Once Into Her Arms

How can it be
Something so unwittingly described
Can break me
Remake me
Turn me to the sorriest of fates
And still fill my heart
With this happiness of late

How can she wound me so
Yet heal all the injuries I have ever known
With her existence
But alas, not her presence
Which sifts its way so tenuous
So tender through my thoughts
The merest pin prick and point of a feathers touch

Settles such a succinct telegraph of love
Nestled sleeping it was
Always in my heart
She wakes me but shakes me to wishing dreams
To disregard the alarms of early birds
And curl forever in the warmth of sleep
Where I lay always next to her

How do I survive without her

When everything I am
When everything I am is wrapped and entwined to her
Though I live and breathe
The indrawn falls upon my empty
And every expression, which defines me
Troubled and at peace inside me
Soars on every possibility of her

How can I fly so high
But still be dashed and dragged to these rocks
How do I fall so shattered
And yet still be constantly reborn
Struggling through a morass of unrequited kisses
Yet gliding free on the ripples she sends
With those same unfelt and untested lips

Parted so, yet her spirit prevails
I feel the wish of her lashes softly closing her eyes
The sliding soft comfort of her embrace
As she takes and holds my empty hand
And all the caution in the world
All the alarm of early morning birds
Cannot halt my rushing head long
At once into blind empty space, at once into her arms

How did I have a heart
Without you
What life was there
Where soul
My love
Who was I
Without you

And though I live and breathe
I expel each breath on the empty
But every expression which defines me
Is bursting with firework delivery 
Colours in the night so laughing
With the unknown embrace of how you love me
And how I so desperately love you in return

( My friends
  The soft and compliant daggers of love
  I know you know so well
  Sharp cuttings of tears
  And the ever expectant solace of their smiles )

Copyright © | Year Posted 2009

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Date: 3/6/2009 9:41:00 PM
This reads like it should have been written by someone else a long time ago...What I mean to say is it is so damn good that it should be a classic!! You are ridiculously talented my friend. I'm learning as I go, being fairly new to writing...but what I aspire to is what you are: a great writer! Thank you for compliments and encouragement...always appreciated! Much love, Steve
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Date: 3/6/2009 10:39:00 AM
Forgot to steal this for my faves
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Date: 3/5/2009 11:00:00 AM
Please let us know when your first book is available, for I will purchase it the moment it is released. I can no longer find the right adjectives to compliment your poetry. It is above and beyond and should be in a book for the world to enjoy and to treasure. The depth of expression of your emotion is brilliant. Love, Shar
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Date: 3/5/2009 11:00:00 AM
A very sad and passionately written piece here...With the most amazing words flowing out of your heart..Love is pain and heartache, it is also tender and soft.."How can she wound me so Yet heal all the injuries I have ever known With her existence". This was powerful indeed..Your work is incredible--Stunning imagery~Beautifully done!!God Bless and continue to share these Masterpieces..*Tyesha
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Date: 3/5/2009 9:08:00 AM
This is a superb write filled with pain and love.. well done.
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Date: 3/5/2009 8:14:00 AM
Each of your poems..seem to get more and more outstanding, Colin. Another wonderful piece here! ~Carrie
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Date: 3/5/2009 8:02:00 AM
The most beautiful of words flow from your heart dear Colin. Your passion flows from your pen. Wonderfully done.
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