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Her child, your honor, deserves mercy
The defendant is a sweet boy,
he’s only sixteen

The mother is a rich widow,
a community pillar many lean on
Charity is her closest companion
She has generous arms
that are always alms open
She has magnanimous hands,
whose palms are never closed 

Many of her affluent friends
will testify
that the child is a good boy,
bred from good stock
Perhaps a little peer misguided ... 
no doubt,
irrevocably harmed by a missing father

The child really don’t know right from wrong,
his nanny discipline never was hands-on
He truly had a compassionate mother,
a caring soul who only gave him soft bosom love ... 
her hard rod reproof
were stern words which always wore velvet gloves

He’s been abnormal in the head 
for a long grieving time
So say all the doctors
who’ve examined his fragile mind

They all conclude the poor boy
is stricken with Affluenza
A gated community affliction
suffered by the rich

Affuenza is a pernicious malady,
which befall on a rare few ...
it makes their moral compass 
spin wildly askew
So your honor, 
kindly take a broad-minded view

Did the boy kill that girl?
... yes he did!
But his low mental faculties were impaired
Should he have known
what he did was indeed wrong?
... I don’t believe so!
His social interaction skills are severely blunted,
his emotional development
has been acutely stunted
The poor child latently possess
a sociopath personality never overtly aired

In his warped thought process,
it was alright for him to take this girl’s life
Albeit, in a drunken vehicular rage
he ran over her body more than twice — 
Facts are the facts ... tho’ medically obscure,
this Affluenza defense should suffice

The rich live by different rules
than most of us, your honor
Take this neutral observation into consideration,
when the jury verdict comes due:
That this innocent boy
didn’t take his guns out the car,
then go into the school 
and kill that girl’s friends as well
One of whom is your child too 

Affluenza is a virulent, privilege pestilence — 
an evil, high-society disease
A bane to those with no character resistance,
it rob one’s sense of morality  

This is why we beg mercy
from this esteemed court’s honorable judge
The defendant is such a sick boy,
gravely-ill at the tender age of sixteen
Affluenza is a scourge of the wealthy class,
this is something too commonly seen

Copyright © | Year Posted 2018

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Date: 6/27/2018 1:58:00 PM
Freddie.. your write has the feel and flow of authenticity!
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Date: 6/27/2018 10:41:00 AM
Affluenza ... brilliant write Freddie! Wow!! So much raw truth. ~Judy
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