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Adieu - Part 1

Poet's Notes

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Do you remember? We lay in the moonlight, exhausted and content, Moments from perfection, skin glistening with moisture, Salty and sweet from love - love so amazing That it stunned us every time ... Always better than before, and always perfect. Even from the very first, always different and new, Yet always the same - perfect and lost and ONE. Feeling so entwined that we forgot Where you ended and I began. So incredibly mingled and joined and blended And mixed and combined, that for an incredible moment, A moment that always seemed to stretch to infinitude, For that eternal moment we were no longer "we" ... Our spirits were so completely interlaced, That we almost felt ... alone. Lonely. As us. But then always, somehow, enough of the world Would slow down and let our breath And minds catch up to our souls, And we knew it was that amazing "we" That had brought us here a thousand times before, Focused to a point of energy so perfect And loving and all-encompassing - A kinetic rush that felt like being caught in The thunderous curl of an ocean wave, A wave that crashed us to shore and slowly Rolled us over and over in the fading wash, That ever more gently pulled us back From the shore of ecstasy and joy, With it's energy flowing out to the calm, And the gentle swells reminding us That "we" were you and I once more, Wasted and wet and wonderfully blissful. Do you remember? Do you? That sexy song from Quincy's Jook Joint Played on endless repeat, so perfectly matching The mood and the moonlight and the glow Of your perfect, porcelain skin. That amazing soft blue, moonlit skin That I could not keep from touching, Brushing the tips of my fingers so gently That you almost didn't know they were there ... So softly that they were like a dance of the breeze, And the energy between the tips of my fingers And the electric surface of your skin, Would give you little shivers of pleasure. Those spots that only I knew, but knew so well ... The soft indent behind your knee, The palm of your hand, the underside Of your gently outstretched arm, The small of your back where the dimples are, The space from inside your ankle to your arch, (Oh, how I delighted in your feet, Those adorable little feet), The delicate slope at the nape of your neck, Those amazing lines on your lower-to-mid torso, That drew routes from your sides to your sublime, The gentle, curved pocket Inside your upper thigh, and the luscious, Creamy places they all led to. Just the tips of my fingers like warm rain, And your skin reacting like the drops splattering - Little quivers of dermal arousal That would make your breath catch in your throat, Then release in a sigh that slayed me, Sword-through-heart, and quietly sent me Out of my conscious mind, urging me to repeat The exploration of your skin, and seek out Those silky, sultry spots once more, But this time with the warm brush of my mouth. Ubiquitous and thorough, everywhere ... Slowly, softly, with the tip of my tongue To sweeten the journey, but hungrily, too, Like my lips had never tasted sugar, Yet now they knew honey, nectarous and syrupy-sweet. I'd alter between that tender touch of electricity, (Like your skin was truly a porcelain shell, So thin that the slightest pressure Might crumble it's surface), And the gentle but keen press Of unsated hunger, adoring every inch - Tasting the salty sweet of you. Like butterflies alight, your shudders Would quicken, and your sighs would increase In their intensity, my mind and body losing their grip On the discipline that I employed to tease you The way you desired ... with my hands, touch, Mouth, breath, tongue, kiss. Then the quest to lose ourselves In each other would start all over again, and again, It would be pure, and again, it would take us To "that place", the place of endless time And bliss and passion, swimming up each other Like rivers, and washing back to the sea of reality. Do you remember? Tell me you do ... It was one of those perfect moments, And you lay in the moonlight, looking at me Like I was everything ... like your hunger And longings and dreams and joy and contentment And triumphs and pleasures and hopes Were all complete, fulfilled, sated ... by ME. Like I was the ONE, the only .. Like I was the rest of your life, And your eternity to come. The tiny spot of moonlight glinting in your eye, Focused on me, searching my form And back to lock eyes ... and that smile ... Oh, that little smile that told me everything I ever needed to know, That was more moonlight and starlight And sunshine, than the heavenly objects themselves ... That smile that wrapped my heart in it's iron grasp The very first time I saw you, And still has not left me to this day. Though it's visage has been gone from me For years, I still feel it's warmth on my skin, I still shine it into my dark soul When it seems the black there will never be gone. Just the MEMORY of that smile saves my Worthless soul from the nightmares that Losing you has wrought the ebb of my dreams. Do you remember? I know you do ... You were lying there, adoring ME, (wow), As I was adoring you, And we both smiled at each other, That knowing smile that proved we had just Visited again that place so many never will, And were now basking in the serenity That only such a night, and such an experience, And such music, and such love, Could create for two people. And as I smiled with immense joy ... As I smiled with love and fullness ... As I smiled with complete contentment ... As I smiled at my soul mate ... Tears began to stream down my face ... And a certainty I had never before known in my life, Struck me with the weight Of it's horrid truth - reached deep into my being, Warm from love, and ripped my heart into shreds. I know not where it came from or why, But it was the deepest truth I had ever Experienced, and it was too much for me to bear. (continued)

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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Date: 5/23/2020 11:53:00 PM
awesome tribute (part 1)
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Barden Avatar
Gregory R Barden
Date: 5/24/2020 4:28:00 AM
Thank you very much, my friend! <3
Date: 4/25/2019 2:02:00 PM
Phenomenal imagery, your words took me to those same places but in my own life. And yes, I remember!
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Barden Avatar
Gregory R Barden
Date: 4/25/2019 3:45:00 PM
Oh that's so sweet of you to say, Louise, and I can't tell you how much it means to me that you took the (substantial) time to read this series and comment - I put SO much into these, and got very little feedback. I was new to PS then so not well-read, so maybe I should re-post them at some point, (though most folks do NOT take the time to read longer pieces). Thank you so very much! :-) <3