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A Place Unknown

I maybe young
a little foolish and naive
but I have come to understand myself
even if no one else does
I may not have all the answers
or even all the right questions
if I know nothing else
I know this
my love for you comes from somewhere unknown
someplace I believe most people never find
or even know exists
it's an abstract wilderness
being overrun by emotions 
our moral compass
it houses our deepest fears and insecurities
but also our courage, character,honesty, beauty
it is the dwelling wherein our purest love lies
this is where we find our greatest potential and power
the strength and ambition to progress survive
I credit this unknown place
for my faith and credence
in the revelations of life
its complexities
as well as its simplicities
I praise this unknown place
for bestowing upon me the dexterity needed
to possess a fire and an exuberant vitality
to be able to love you beyond words
once I fail to recognize this profound discovery
and stop revelling in its truth
I shall cease to exist

Copyright © | Year Posted 2013

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Date: 8/30/2013 12:31:00 PM
This came at me with much depth and vigor. Quite a unique package for a poem on love, but these are the ones I look for. Can you say I love you in a more profound way??? Simple enter Valerie THHP with this piece, Very Good!! MC
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Date: 6/14/2013 12:05:00 PM
Awesome read, very deep. I think I know that place, I am sure I know it well because the love I have for my significant other is strong and rare and overcomes all obstacles before it. for rich or for poor, better or worse, in sickness and in health. that really is love and dedication. I'd do it all again for him.
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Date: 6/7/2013 10:41:00 PM
I love your poetry. Another great read. Thank you for sharing.
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Date: 5/18/2013 9:28:00 PM
You sound centered to me Valerie. Thoughts become things ,moving from the ether of thought to reality. The more love and direction you give your thoughts the stronger they become. keep them positive and follow your bliss. Best wishes to you always.
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Date: 5/15/2013 10:12:00 AM
Very powerful with its inner reflection. Great job!
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Date: 5/9/2013 9:46:00 AM
Hi, wow that is an awesome poem i wish i had a mind like yours! i am only nine by the way!
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Date: 5/9/2013 11:34:00 AM
AAAWWWHHH Thank you! That is so sweet :) I have 20 years on you, and if you're already reading pieces like this, I'm positive you'll grow up with an amazing mind! Just keep reading and learning and growing and expressing'll be inspirational!
Date: 5/8/2013 6:10:00 PM
soup mail
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Date: 5/5/2013 3:27:00 PM
Valerie, the simple fact is that we are all naive. Only you know yourself better than anyone ever will. I am glad you are over the confusion that blinds us at times. You should follow your heart and stop trying to please others. You said it for yourself at the bottom of your poem. Your poem is awesome and provoked many thoughts in my mind. Your an awesome writer. Let it all out. PS- do you have a face book. a forever fan ~xox~ PD
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Date: 5/4/2013 3:17:00 PM
- A unique poem, very well written - Have a enjoyable weekend Valerie! - oxox // Anne-Lise :)
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Date: 5/3/2013 10:22:00 PM
Nice poem Valerie...a revealtion of your deep embedded emotions is expressed in this poem.
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Date: 5/2/2013 8:42:00 AM
Pure wisdom in this write...excellent!!
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Date: 5/2/2013 8:04:00 AM
th's what enters the mind n dewels in the oceans of it..!!!! stay blessd.
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Date: 5/1/2013 9:21:00 AM
You seem to possess wisdom beyond your years. I love the spirit with which you write. Your pen uses such talented ink. The depth of your feelings is felt by this reader. I write with ink not as bold. You have gained a fan..... Jake
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Date: 5/1/2013 9:21:00 AM
My favourite line: I praise this unknown place for bestowing upon me the dexterity needed to possess a fire and an exuberant vitality.
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