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A New Dawn

It  was  very cold outside .
 Mist and fog engulfed everything on the earth
 to be viewed by mortal eyes . 
I was roaming aimlessly – 
unclad with any manmade clothes . 
Frowning lashes of tortures of the winter night
 could not make me a slave, 
 to succumb to her austere oppression . 
My insolent indifference to her pungent calamity 
aroused her ire and she got infuriated 
to my punish my audacity. 
All her massive weapons fell flat on my nonchalant attitude .
 I moved on naked ignoring 
gnarling howling of the nocturnal nature boiling in rage ! 
A fusillade of sleets 
with the speed of missiles , 
was trying to perforate my head with hundred holes .
 At long last my human body 
surrendered to the omnipotence of the hostile nature . 
I took refuge temporarily , 
under the envelop of unconsciousness .
 A new smiling morning dawned
 spreading a sheet of oblivion on the earth 
making her forgetful of the furies of the last night  .
 I opened my eyes – 
gently unfolded by the soft touch of sunshine .
 My unbalanced , morbid brain got back complete sanity .  
 Rejection in love turned me mentally retarded. 
Dancing sleet rearranged my disrupted cells
 to its regular array – 
and my insanity got recovered . 
I even forgot what happened in my past life . 
Loss of memory helped me to start a new life . 
The blue sky waved me a welcome journey 
to my new phase of life .
 A hilarious swarm of butterflies
 whirled over my head to greet me . 
The flowers in the nearby bushes
 peeped out to congratulate me on my recovery . 
I stitched with thorns the  spacious leaves ,
 collecting from the nature’ s wardrobe, 
 to sew my garment to hide shame 
and set out for the nearest town to turn over a new leaf .  

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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Date: 1/11/2018 8:03:00 PM
Use of Rhetorical devices makes your poem cool. Poem makes us laugh, cry, prickle, silent.So did this one. It was a sheer joy to review your poem. Regards. Review Pari Style Poem to encourage me.
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