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Where lies a better place?
Where lies the dream place?
Indeed' the dream place-
as we, for once, have not being there;
and as well' a dreamless place,
as we hope' not to find us' in want there.

Where lies a better man?
Where lies the new man?
A man void of evil inclinations-
knowing neither good nor evil;
entirely unknown to ambition
but in all things lowly and simple.

Such man must' of his goodness' be unconscious
and of his inbred kindness' posed oblivious;
as they are' in him then' designed so
and his will' by reflex' he finds so:
no longer trying to be good,
but he now is again wholly good.

Is such a man found here?
No! never can he be found here.
Except in the place to come anew-
that dream place utterly dreamless;
where there are neither many nor few;
nothing to contend with nor compare-
for everything and everyone shall be beautiful-
knowing neither sorrow nor a tear.

How shall this come to pass?
How now can this truly be?
How yet long does this madness last?
When truly free shall we be?-
from the curse of existential misery:
nothing-else fulfilling but being free.

Free! not because i'm dead-
but from rancor and envy:
free! indeed like a bird-
from unnecessary strife and cruelty-
which now is man's abode-
in his ill heart due for anew
and the pollution must erode
before he is truly free.

Shall this' truly' one day, be?-
O God' just and true:
please, make this' swiftly be-
for thy words yet proves just and true
and shall' through this wilderness' lead
our confused souls through' to a new.
Upon thine Word' i trust-
for a new...

Copyright © | Year Posted 2013

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Date: 3/8/2016 12:19:00 AM
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Date: 1/10/2016 2:50:00 PM
Exception, awesome write... Love SKAT
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