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Just the other day I had a chance to run my DNA
and was pleasantly surprised at what I found.
Other friends and family say they’ve also run their DNA
and ended up surprised if not spellbound.

For once my DNA was scanned…at this point I began
to understand we are all a little more related than we think.
How quickly I did see how many different people make up me
and how it seems with everyone I have a link.

A little DNA shows there is a flood….a mix of people in our blood
made up from lands both near and far…
who across these many years…somehow it appears
have had a hand in creating who we are.

If we trace our bloodline back…we may find that we are black
all from a little DNA
We might come to know…in our blood is Latino
and I imagine some people in our past were straight and others gay. 

Which makes me wonder if members of the KKK should ever run their DNA
Would they dismiss this fact or be enthralled….
could they possibly conceive…despite what they believe
We are not one race but a mixture of them all!

Would they be upset…would they be angry…feel mad
to think how we are all one symmetry? 
Or would prejudice slowly melt away… due to a little DNA
and would we begin to see the end of hate and bigotry.

People of the world refuse to unite…we continue our wars and fights
despite what our spiritual thinkers say…
Wouldn’t it be great…if what ultimately makes the world cooperate…
is just a simple little bit of DNA?

Copyright © | Year Posted 2019

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Date: 10/21/2019 7:36:00 AM
I like this a lot.
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