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A Forest Child

Poet's Notes

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This is my friend's daughter they adopted from Thailand at age 11.
In one year she was speaking fluent English.
She received-american-veterans JROTC-cadet--outstanding-cadet-award/ last year.
Only one cadet per detachment receives the award annually.
She is also a girl guide and on the Volley Ball Team.
I taught her papercrafts and she makes all her own beautiful greeting cards.
She is a true example of a girl rising.
She misses her sister in Thailand who was kept by the family and often thinks of them all
and is torn between the two worlds but understands she has more opportunity here.

She has eyes that have seen all the sky
a smile that is both knowing and shy
Her brow is humble and also proud
Expressions as soft as a shifting cloud.

She is tall and frail like a river reed
Up until now the forest has been her creed
And words that once flowed like a river stream
Now she must search for what they mean

Where once the forest taught her each simple rule
Now she is thrust  to study in a Western school
So her body conveys her intentions devout
She stays rooted despite her desire for flight

She absorbs new knowledge like sunlight itself
Her tears are like rain on this hard gained wealth
This shy forest spirit all blossomed and grown
We know, in quiet moments, where her thoughts flown.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2013

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Date: 7/5/2018 10:14:00 PM
A beautiful tribute. Well done, Suzanne.
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Date: 7/2/2018 8:49:00 PM
Such a lovely tribute, Suzanne, to such an outstanding and brave young girl! I enjoyed reading about her and her two worlds. Congratulations on your fine placement. Hugs, Sandra
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Date: 7/2/2018 7:50:00 PM
Lovely descriptions ! She must be an amazing young lady, Suzanne! Thank you for sharing her story ! :)
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Date: 7/2/2018 6:08:00 PM
Congratulations on your win with this lovely tribute to a sweet young lady and also to the people who love her. :)
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Delaney Avatar
Suzanne Delaney
Date: 7/2/2018 6:28:00 PM
Thanks Susan: I was so happy it placed in Brian’s Premier contest.
Date: 7/2/2018 3:14:00 PM
Beautiful tribute to a special girl, Suzanne. Straddling two cultures is difficult, and you depicted that well.
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Delaney Avatar
Suzanne Delaney
Date: 7/2/2018 5:56:00 PM
I appreciate you stopping by Agnes. She is now in college and doing well.
Date: 3/13/2016 10:17:00 PM
As an aside ... my ankle was only bothering me a couple days. Completely fine now. The main reason I brought it up was your mentioning of "buckling knees" ... LOL!
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Delaney Avatar
Suzanne Delaney
Date: 3/13/2016 11:11:00 PM
Ha ha about the buckling knees. I have them and the liver spotted legs due to Rheumatoid Arthritis. Never did I imagine I would get that after being so athletic all my life. I blame it on a bone graft I had a few years back.
Date: 3/13/2016 10:16:00 PM
Sounds like a girl who's roots will never leaver her, but who must now learn to thrive in the modern world. What a pearl of inspiration for your pen ... I feel almost like I know her, though I've never met her in person. Second stanza is my favorite. Stellar writing. I have a friend who visited Thailand once ... she said she was amazed by how happy the children were over there, despite having next to nothing.
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Delaney Avatar
Suzanne Delaney
Date: 3/13/2016 11:10:00 PM
So glad you could picture her so well. My husband has been to Thailand and Vietnam and he said people there are so happy despite not having a lot. It is true ...possessions don't equal happiness.
Date: 8/6/2013 2:37:00 PM
wow, I love how you centered your poem around a real person and a remarkable young lady!! Congrats to you for your win.
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Date: 8/6/2013 8:22:00 AM
Enjoyed again....congratulations
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Date: 8/5/2013 12:02:00 PM
WOW! SuZ, thanks for sharing this wonderful look into her life...It must be difficult to be in between two words. She is blessed! Congrats on this winning piece, my dear. Hugs
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Date: 8/5/2013 10:07:00 AM
Excellent write suz ...beautiful transformation,, and a.true example.of girl :) rising...blessings to her,,,always...congrats on your win:)
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Date: 8/5/2013 9:52:00 AM
Suz, Congratulations!!! ~SKAT~
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Date: 8/5/2013 9:06:00 AM
Suz, ... Congratulations in Richard's "Girl Rising." contest.... always *LINDA
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Date: 8/5/2013 8:32:00 AM
Its very nice to read this Suz.You are a great intellect.reading your poems really gives peace.great poem.congrats for the win.(:cJenish
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Date: 8/5/2013 8:00:00 AM
Thanks so much for entering my contest, excellent piece.
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Date: 5/2/2013 4:53:00 PM
Dear Xegrakio POETESS, S-N, S u Z, This POEM is the most Beautiful POEM I have read from YOUR repertoire. I Salute YOUR Friends for their LOVING Hearts. Congratulations. Favoritized. I LOVE YOU ALWAYS and FOREVER YOUR S-P, and Loyal Liege... HG
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Date: 5/2/2013 2:55:00 PM
wow, capturing her essence as well as the physical . This is stunning. One of my favorites as I go through the list. Congratulations.
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Date: 5/2/2013 7:27:00 AM
Well expressed.
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Date: 5/2/2013 12:34:00 AM
This is a lovely picture Suzanne , love it xx
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Date: 5/1/2013 6:22:00 PM
Suzanne, a nice winning poem in the "WORD PORTRAIT" contest :-) *LINDA
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Date: 4/30/2013 11:08:00 PM
nice picture, I think she should remember her homeland ways, have an awesome day Suzy ;}
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Date: 4/30/2013 12:39:00 PM
This is so eloquently painted. Wonderful read
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Date: 4/30/2013 10:40:00 AM
Suzanne, you have painted a beautiful little pixie of the forest, she seems a wonderful delight, enjoyed reading it. Congratulations.
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Date: 4/28/2013 2:41:00 PM
Very descriptive work honoring the child..Enjoyed reading your contest entry..Reads like a winner to me..Thanks for stopping by...Your comments were greatly appreciated..Sara
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