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Cookie Cutters, Hot Cocoa, and an Angel

It’s been a while since the Christmas of my youth.
Some things it seems have gone away -
Cookie cutters, hot cocoa, and an angel
are three not with me today.

Yes, Mama would get her cookie cutters out
How I loved to help make the dough.
We’d bake, then frost them, but these days,
everyone’s too much on the go!

People just go buy sweets at the grocery store.
Even hot cocoa’s instant too.
What happened to its simmering on the stove?
Microwaving is all we do!

What happened to giving out homemade cookies
as we caroled from door to door,
then having cocoa with melted marshmallows 
floating on top like I adore?

And last of all, what happened to the angel
who orchestrated all of this?
My mother, once so young and filled with vigor.
Oh, how I miss my Christmas bliss!

Dec. 5, 2017 for Kim Rodrigues' Christmas Rhyme Contest 

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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Date: 12/19/2017 4:38:00 AM
what a beautiful nostalgic poem Andrea, congrats on your win:-) hugs Jan xx
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Date: 12/18/2017 7:53:00 PM
Congratulations, Andrea.
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Date: 12/18/2017 5:59:00 PM
Congrats on your win Andrea..
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Date: 12/18/2017 4:49:00 PM
Homemade is so much better! Congrats on your 4th place win, Andrea! <3 Kim
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Date: 12/13/2017 7:50:00 PM
The holidays always bring mixed emotions as we realize that a lot has changed in our lives. Evocative! Peace & Love Matthew Anish
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Date: 12/13/2017 12:03:00 PM
Oh, I was rocking the cleverness, then got hit with the closing emotion, did you hear my 'ahhh?' I share the flour cookie cutter memories with my Mom, then with Kyle, and much else in this nostalgic feeling poem. A delight. Love ... CayCay
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Date: 12/11/2017 12:35:00 AM
I remember making sugar cookies peanut butter, my favorite and oatmeal with raisins too. I loved this nostalgic piece Andrea! : )
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Date: 12/10/2017 6:20:00 PM
Oh, sis, brought back those precious Christmas memories. I still make those butter cookies that you either press out with a cookie press or cookie cutter. Frosting them is so fun. I also can't have them in the house being on a diet so they go to the families that live nearby. I still once in awhile make the cocoa from scratch, mostly because it tastes so much better than the microwaved or instant stuff. However the diet rears it's ugly head and marshmallows and cocoa from scratch are out.
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Date: 12/10/2017 12:00:00 PM
OH, I love the memories :)
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Date: 12/8/2017 8:33:00 AM
Wonderful walk back down memory lane always rejuvenate the old bones ... ty for the restorative jolt of spirit this splendid poem gave me, Andrea! Loving memories do last a lifetime, does it not? This angelic prose is an ink kiss tribute to a beloved past. Aurora bright poetry. Love and joy forever.
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Date: 12/7/2017 6:26:00 AM
this is a beautiful heart warming poem Andrea... how times have changed due to commercialisation...
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Date: 12/6/2017 11:59:00 PM
After I finish this breathtaking poem, I now understand why you should be a top rated poet..... Much admiration to your poetry ... Isor
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Date: 12/6/2017 7:37:00 PM
Those old fashioned Christmases were great...everything is instant these days...... beautiful memories Andrea
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Date: 12/6/2017 7:01:00 PM
Yes Times have changed and so the things...Hope we wont forget the basic joy and celebration in days to come...Nice poem Andrea
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Date: 12/6/2017 4:20:00 PM
At least you have beautiful memories...a lot other don't...Lovely poem... All the best Andrea
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Date: 12/6/2017 2:38:00 PM
Oh, Andrea, I love this, it brings back so many memories. My grandmother was the baker and we would always help. We never did any caroling as a child but when I was a freshman in college we went around the outside of the dorm caroling the upperclassmen (though I believe the lyrics to "Deck the Halls" might have been altered a bit). I enjoyed your poem, good luck. John
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Date: 12/6/2017 1:04:00 PM
A beautifully nostalgic poem Andrea. Very nicely done. I love the idea of carolling in the snow ... door to door ... and handing out cookies :) And NOW I want a cup of hot cocoa!!!
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Date: 12/6/2017 11:50:00 AM
What a wonderful pen Andrea! <3
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Date: 12/6/2017 10:41:00 AM
AWESOME poem. Love it. A FAVE.
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Date: 12/6/2017 10:39:00 AM
Nicely done, Andrea, fantastic memories. Hugs Eve
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Date: 12/6/2017 10:18:00 AM
I do miss that as well...the kids will be in for a treat this weekend : ))
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Date: 12/6/2017 9:34:00 AM
A loving reflection on happy memories--well written discourse of holiday cheer--best for a win, Andrea!
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