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13 Years The End

The end 
It took along time to make sense of it, 
runaway problems sitting duck intensive,
the life it sucked, 
I never believed all areas of my life could turn on me 
while no one would do what right, 
alone all the time in a losing fight, 
picked the wrong tactics they changed my life 
went down like a warrior slowly dies 
so surprised as each life line provides no life 
just a line lead to a guy 
the cheek of friends who said I lie 
they wonder why their sliced 
so much happened so did I 
somehow knew to say goodbye, 
but now I get it and the reason's known 
I can forget and go on my own 
conclusions of the boss reveal 
she’s ugly she’s stupid and mentally ill 
or impaired, a text book narcissist I shouldn't care, 
Sarah there are things I could do to you, 
but your punishment is being you, 
I would hate to be you 
selfish egotistical and delude, 
can’t handle criticism when most adults can 
a head believing you’re so important 
someone slow to understand 
areas of your life always dormant, 
my existence is what you envy 
popular handsome and always trending, 
cus I was basically the man in that hotel, 
it’s not big headed it’s on reflection, 
I had a thing with all the girls in reception, but you
many in the restaurant and housekeeping too,
when men attacked me I knocked them senseless
took their girl and sweat the mattress, 
and friendship was something you never knew,
no one wanted to be around you, miserable mood, 
i've won sporting medals 
you jumped around at one gnvq, 
no honour in your mantle
and I’ve got 4... more than you, 
I don’t even know what they’re for, 
your punishment Is being you 
and nothing more

I would hate to be like you
you do all the things I don't do,
I charm girls men arms length from you
you slander I lend a hand
you're short fat and small
I'm athletic broad and tall
I've wit and you're a bore
you stab backs and attack backs
you're a sad act
avoid head to heads brain dead
evil perspective inner and "best"
some to disrespect and detest
have a good life you hopeless mess

Copyright © | Year Posted 2020

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Date: 1/23/2020 2:16:00 PM
Love the line "your punishment Is being you"... because the narcissist's worst punishment truly is just being their "normal" self... ;) Well said!!
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