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Famous Swallow Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Swallow poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous swallow poems. These examples illustrate what a famous swallow poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Aiken, Conrad
...ought drunk to court, took up his brush,
but washed his face among the lilies first,
then wrote the song of Lady Flying Swallow:
which Hsuang Sung, the emperor, forthwith played,
moving quick fingers on a flute of jade.
Who will forget that afternoon? Still, still,
the singer holds his phrase, the rising moon
remains unrisen. Even the fountain's falling blade
hangs in the air unbroken, and says: Wait!


Text into text, text out of text. Pretext
for scholars o...Read More

by Smart, Christopher
...he flesh. 

For ADORATION, in the dome 
Of Christ, the sparrows find a home; 
 And on His olives perch: 
The swallow also dwells with thee, 
O man of God's humility, 
 Within his Saviour CHURCH. 

Sweet is the dew that falls betimes, 
And drops upon the leafy limes; 
 Sweet, Hermon's fragrant air: 
Sweet is the lily's silver bell, 
And sweet the wakeful tapers smell 
 That watch for early pray'r. 

Sweet the young nurse with love intense, 
...Read More

by Whitman, Walt
...spiral flight of two little yellow butterflies, shuffling between each
 ascending high in the air; 
The darting swallow, the destroyer of insects—the fall traveler southward, but
 northward early in the spring; 
The country boy at the close of the day, driving the herd of cows, and shouting to them as
 loiter to browse by the road-side; 
The city wharf—Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Charleston, New Orleans, San
The departing ships, when...Read More

by Robinson, Edwin Arlington in eternity 
To deal with it, but they are not here now.
There’s no specific for my three diseases 
That I could swallow, even if I should find it, 
And I shall never find it here on earth.” 

“Mightn’t it be as well, my friend,” I said, 
“For you to contemplate the uncompleted
With not such an infernal certainty?” 

“And mightn’t it be as well for you, my friend,” 
Said Avon, “to be quiet while I go on? 
When I am done, then you may talk all night— 
Like a physici...Read More

by Wilde, Oscar
...trembling crew
Hoist the big sail, and told how he had seen
Close to the stern a dim and giant form,
And like a dipping swallow the stout ship dashed through the storm.

And no man dared to speak of Charmides
Deeming that he some evil thing had wrought,
And when they reached the strait Symplegades
They beached their galley on the shore, and sought
The toll-gate of the city hastily,
And in the market showed their brown and pictured pottery.


But some good Tr...Read More

by Pope, Alexander
But errs not Nature from this gracious end, 
From burning suns when livid deaths descend, 
When earthquakes swallow, or when tempests sweep 
Towns to one grave, whole nations to the deep? 
"No ('tis reply'd) the first Almighty Cause 
Acts not by partial, but by gen'ral laws; 
Th' exceptions few; some change since all began, 
And what created perfect?" -- Why then Man? 
If the great end be human Happiness, 
Then Nature deviates; and can Man do less? 
As much that e...Read More

by Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth the barns they climbed to the populous nests on the rafters,
Seeking with eager eyes that wondrous stone, which the swallow
Brings from the shore of the sea to restore the sight of its fledglings;
Lucky was he who found that stone in the nest of the swallow!
Thus passed a few swift years, and they no longer were children.
He was a valiant youth, and his face, like the face of the morning,
Gladdened the earth with its light, and ripened thought into action.
She was...Read More

by Marvell, Andrew
...nto cellars pries, 
And on all trade like cassowar she feeds: 
Chops off the piece wheres'e'er she close the jaw, 
Else swallows all down her indented maw. 
She stalks all day in streets concealed from sight 
And flies, like bats with leathern wings, by night; 
She wastes the country and on cities preys. 
Her, of a female harpy, in dog days, 
Black Birch, of all the earth-born race most hot 
And most rapacious, like himself, begot, 
And, of his brat enamoured, as't in...Read More

by Stevens, Wallace
...t planned for imagery or belief, 

Not one of the masculine myths we used to make, 
A transparency through which the swallow weaves, 
Without any form or any sense of form, 

What we know in what we see, what we feel in what 
We hear, what we are, beyond mystic disputation, 
In the tumult of integrations out of the sky, 

And what we think, a breathing like the wind, 
A moving part of a motion, a discovery 
Part of a discovery, a change part of a change, 

A sha...Read More

by Plath, Sylvia
...d like a scarf; love is a faun
 who insists his playmates run. 

Now you, my intellectual leprechaun,
would have me swallow the entire sun
 like an enormous oyster, down
the ocean in one gulp: you say a mark
of comet hara-kiri through the dark
 should inflame the sleeping town. 

So kiss: the drunks upon the curb and dames
in dubious doorways forget their monday names,
 caper with candles in their heads;
the leaves applaud, and santa claus flies in
scattering candy fr...Read More

by Hacker, Marilyn and ripe black figs: a proof, the next
course, a simple question, the complex
response, a burning sweetness she will swallow.
The opening mind is sexual and ready
to embrace, incarnate in its prime.
Rippling concentrically from summer's gold
disc, desire's iris expands, steady
with blood beat. Each time implies the next time.
The aging woman hopes she will grow old.

The aging woman hopes she will grow old.
A younger woman has a dazzling vision
of b...Read More

by Whitman, Walt
And look at quintillions ripen’d, and look at quintillions green. 

I fly the flight of the fluid and swallowing soul; 
My course runs below the soundings of plummets.

I help myself to material and immaterial; 
No guard can shut me off, nor law prevent me. 

I anchor my ship for a little while only; 
My messengers continually cruise away, or bring their returns to me. 

I go hunting polar furs and the seal—leaping chasms with a pike-poi...Read More

by Chesterton, G K
...not English armour left,
Nor any English thing,
When Alfred came to Athelney
To be an English king.

For earthquake swallowing earthquake
Uprent the Wessex tree;
The whirlpool of the pagan sway
Had swirled his sires as sticks away
When a flood smites the sea.

And the great kings of Wessex
Wearied and sank in gore,
And even their ghosts in that great stress
Grew greyer and greyer, less and less,
With the lords that died in Lyonesse
And the king that comes no more....Read More

by Wilde, Oscar
...starlit hills of flower-starred Arcady,
Once where the white and crescent sand of Salamis meets sea.

Sweet is the swallow twittering on the eaves
At daybreak, when the mower whets his scythe,
And stock-doves murmur, and the milkmaid leaves
Her little lonely bed, and carols blithe
To see the heavy-lowing cattle wait
Stretching their huge and dripping mouths across the farmyard gate.

And sweet the hops upon the Kentish leas,
And sweet the wind that lifts the new-mown...Read More

by Wilde, Oscar
...ery of dolorous moan,
And why the hapless nightingale forbears
To sing her song at noon, but weeps alone
When the fleet swallow sleeps, and rich men feast,
And why the laurel trembles when she sees the lightening east.

And I will sing how sad Proserpina
Unto a grave and gloomy Lord was wed,
And lure the silver-breasted Helena
Back from the lotus meadows of the dead,
So shalt thou see that awful loveliness
For which two mighty Hosts met fearfully in war's abyss!

And then...Read More

by Chaucer, Geoffrey the Tower the noble* forged new. *a gold coin 
But of her song, it was as loud and yern*, *lively 
As any swallow chittering on a bern*. *barn
Thereto* she coulde skip, and *make a game* *also *romp*
As any kid or calf following his dame.
Her mouth was sweet as braket, or as methe* *mead
Or hoard of apples, laid in hay or heath.
Wincing* she was as is a jolly colt, *skittish
Long as a mast, and upright as a bolt.
A brooch she bare upon her lo...Read More

by Thomson, James
And, dash'd upon his Fate: Then, o'er the Cliff, 
Where dwells the Sea-Mew, unconfin'd, they fly,
And, hurrying, swallow up the steril Shore.

THE Mountain growls; and all its sturdy Sons
Stoop to the Bottom of the Rocks they shade:
Lone, on its Midnight-Side, and all aghast, 
The dark, way-faring, Stranger, breathless, toils,
And climbs against the Blast --
Low, waves the rooted Forest, vex'd, and sheds
What of its leafy Honours yet remains.
Thus, struggling t...Read More

by Carroll, Lewis
...hat I could get away!"
Strove with the thought "But I must stay. 

"To dine!" she shrieked in dragon-wrath.
"To swallow wines all foam and froth!
To simper at a table-cloth! 

"Say, can thy noble spirit stoop
To join the gormandising troup
Who find a solace in the soup? 

"Canst thou desire or pie or puff?
Thy well-bred manners were enough,
Without such gross material stuff." 

"Yet well-bred men," he faintly said,
"Are not willing to be fed:
Nor are they well wit...Read More

by Eliot, T S (Thomas Stearns)
...ndon Bridge is falling down falling down falling down
Poi s'ascose nel foco che gli affina
Quando fiam ceu chelidon - O swallow swallow
Le Prince d'Aquitaine a la tour abolie 
These fragments I have shored against my ruins
Why then Ile fit you. Hieronymo's mad againe.
Datta. Dayadhvam. Damyata.
shantih shantih

Not only the title, but the plan and a good deal of the incidental symbolism
of the poem were suggested by Mis...Read More

by Akhmatova, Anna
...I will remove that day,
So that your helpless-foggy look will ask this:
Where did I see the Persian lilac bush,
The swallows and the wooden house?

Oh, how often will you recollect
The sudden angst of the uncalled desires
And in the pensive cities you did seek
That street which was not on the map entire!

Upon the sound of voice behind an open door,
Upon the sight of every accidental letter,
You will remember: "Here has she herself
Come to assist my disbelief un...Read More

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