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Famous Subjection Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Subjection poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous subjection poems. These examples illustrate what a famous subjection poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Burns, Robert
But since I’m here, I’ll no neglect,
 In loyal, true affection,
To pay your Queen, wi’ due respect,
 May fealty an’ subjection
 This great birth-day.

Hail, Majesty most Excellent!
 While nobles strive to please ye,
Will ye accept a compliment,
 A simple poet gies ye?
Thae bonie bairntime, Heav’n has lent,
 Still higher may they heeze ye
In bliss, till fate some day is sent
 For ever to release ye
 Frae care that day.

For you, young Potentate o’Wales,
 I tell y...Read more of this...

by Shakespeare, William
...pride of truth.

'Well could he ride, and often men would say
'That horse his mettle from his rider takes:
Proud of subjection, noble by the sway,
What rounds, what bounds, what course, what stop
he makes!'
And controversy hence a question takes,
Whether the horse by him became his deed,
Or he his manage by the well-doing steed.

'But quickly on this side the verdict went:
His real habitude gave life and grace
To appertainings and to ornament,
Accomplish'd in himself,...Read more of this...

by Robinson, Mary Darby new infringement saw, 
While pride was consequence­and pow'r was law; 
A people's suff'rings hop'd redress in vain, 
Subjection curb'd the tongue that dar'd complain. 
Imputed guilt each virtuous victim led 
Where all the fiends their direst mischiefs spread; 
Where, thro' long ages past, with watchful care, 
THY TYRANTS, GALLIA, nurs'd the witch DESPAIR. 
Where in her black BASTILE the harpy fed 
On the warm crimson drops, her fangs had shed; 
Where recreant malic...Read more of this...

by Donne, John
Life and food to me, being more pure than I,
Simple, and further from corruption?
Why brook'st thou, ignorant horse, subjection?
Why dost thou, bull, and bore so seelily,
Dissemble weakness, and by one man's stroke die,
Whose whole kind you might swallow and feed upon?
Weaker I am, woe is me, and worse than you,
You have not sinned, nor need be timorous.
But wonder at a greater wonder, for to us
Created nature doth these things subdue,
But their Creator, whom sin nor n...Read more of this...

by Watts, Isaac
...destroy our souls.

The love of gold be banished hence,
That vile idolatry,
And every member, every sense,
in sweet subjection lie.]

The tongue, that most unruly power,
Requires a strong restraint;
We must be watchful every hour,
And pray, but never faint.

Lord, can a feeble, helpless worm
Fulfil a task so hard?
Thy grace must all my work perform,
And give the free reward....Read more of this...

by Milton, John
...unless Heaven's Lord supreme 
We overpower? Suppose he should relent 
And publish grace to all, on promise made 
Of new subjection; with what eyes could we 
Stand in his presence humble, and receive 
Strict laws imposed, to celebrate his throne 
With warbled hyms, and to his Godhead sing 
Forced hallelujahs, while he lordly sits 
Our envied sovereign, and his altar breathes 
Ambrosial odours and ambrosial flowers, 
Our servile offerings? This must be our task 
In Heaven, this...Read more of this...

by Milton, John
...and pay him thanks, 
How due! yet all his good proved ill in me, 
And wrought but malice; lifted up so high 
I sdeined subjection, and thought one step higher 
Would set me highest, and in a moment quit 
The debt immense of endless gratitude, 
So burdensome still paying, still to owe, 
Forgetful what from him I still received, 
And understood not that a grateful mind 
By owing owes not, but still pays, at once 
Indebted and discharged; what burden then 
O, had his powerful d...Read more of this...

by Milton, John
...d and beast behold 
'After their kinds; I bring them to receive 
'From thee their names, and pay thee fealty 
'With low subjection; understand the same 
'Of fish within their watery residence, 
'Not hither summoned, since they cannot change 
'Their element, to draw the thinner air.' 
As thus he spake, each bird and beast behold 
Approaching two and two; these cowering low 
With blandishment; each bird stooped on his wing. 
I named them, as they passed, and understood ...Read more of this...

by Milton, John
And full of peace, now tost and turbulent: 
For Understanding ruled not, and the Will 
Heard not her lore; both in subjection now 
To sensual Appetite, who from beneath 
Usurping over sovran Reason claimed 
Superiour sway: From thus distempered breast, 
Adam, estranged in look and altered style, 
Speech intermitted thus to Eve renewed. 
Would thou hadst hearkened to my words, and staid 
With me, as I besought thee, when that strange 
Desire of wandering, this unhappy...Read more of this...

by Milton, John
...e perfection far excelled 
Hers in all real dignity? Adorned 
She was indeed, and lovely, to attract 
Thy love, not thy subjection; and her gifts 
Were such, as under government well seemed; 
Unseemly to bear rule; which was thy part 
And person, hadst thou known thyself aright. 
So having said, he thus to Eve in few. 
Say, Woman, what is this which thou hast done? 
To whom sad Eve, with shame nigh overwhelmed, 
Confessing soon, yet not before her Judge 
Bold or loqua...Read more of this...

by Milton, John
...of nature from the earth; 
Hunting (and men not beasts shall be his game) 
With war, and hostile snare, such as refuse 
Subjection to his empire tyrannous: 
A mighty hunter thence he shall be styled 
Before the Lord; as in despite of Heaven, 
Or from Heaven, claiming second sovranty; 
And from rebellion shall derive his name, 
Though of rebellion others he accuse. 
He with a crew, whom like ambition joins 
With him or under him to tyrannize, 
Marching from Eden towards th...Read more of this...

by Sassoon, Siegfried,’— 
These boys with old, scared faces, learning to walk. 
They’ll soon forget their haunted nights; their cowed 
Subjection to the ghosts of friends who died,— 
Their dreams that drip with murder; and they’ll be proud 
Of glorious war that shatter’d all their pride... 
Men who went out to battle, grim and glad; 
Children, with eyes that hate you, broken and mad....Read more of this...

by Stephens, James
...ll His 'stonied will 
Halted in circles, dizzied in the swing 
Of mazy nothingness. -- His mind could bring 
Not to subjection, grip or hold the theme 
Whose wide horizon melted like a dream 
To thinnest edges. Infinite behind 
The piling centuries were trodden blind 
In gulfs chaotic -- so He could not see 
When He was not who always had To Be. 

Not even godly fortitude can stare 
Into Eternity, nor easy bear 
The insolent vacuity of Time: 
It is too much, the m...Read more of this...

by Chaucer, Geoffrey
...though she wept,
That shall be sent to a strange nation
From friendes, that so tenderly her kept,
And to be bound under subjection
of one, she knew not his condition?
Husbands be all good, and have been *of yore*, *of old*
That knowe wives; I dare say no more.

"Father," she said, "thy wretched child Constance,
Thy younge daughter, foster'd up so soft,
And you, my mother, my sov'reign pleasance
Over all thing, out-taken* Christ *on loft*, *except *on high*
Constance your ...Read more of this...

by Blake, William
...ll firm perswasions, is come to pass, for all
nations believe the jews code and worship the jews god, and what 
greater subjection can be.
I heard this with some wonder, & must confess my own
conviction. After dinner I ask'd Isaiah to favour the world with
his lost works, he said none of equal value was lost. Ezekiel
said the same of his.
I also asked Isaiah what made him go naked and barefoot three
years? he answerd, the same that made our friend Diogenes the...Read more of this...

by Dickinson, Emily
...Warm in her Hand these accents lie
While faithful and afar
The Grace so awkward for her sake
Its fond subjection wear --...Read more of this...

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