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Famous Stoutly Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Stoutly poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous stoutly poems. These examples illustrate what a famous stoutly poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Paterson, Andrew Barton
...are lost,
 One Michael Magee had a shanty. 

Now this Mike was the dad of a ten year old lad,
 Plump, healthy, and stoutly conditioned;
He was strong as the best, but poor Mike had no rest
 For the youngster had never been christened. 

And his wife used to cry, "If the darlin' should die
 Saint Peter would not recognise him."
But by luck he survived till a preacher arrived,
 Who agreed straightaway to baptise him. 

Now the artful young rogue, while they hel...Read More

by Paterson, Andrew Barton
Then for every sweep of your pinions beating 
Ye shall bear a wish to the sunburnt band, 
To the stalwart men who are stoutly fighting 
With the heat and drought and the dust-storm smiting, 
Yet whose life somehow has a strong inviting, 
When once to the work they have put their hand. 

Facing it yet! O my friend stout-hearted, 
What does it matter for rain or shine, 
For the hopes deferred and the grain departed? 
Nothing could conquer that heart of thine. 
And thy...Read More

by Paterson, Andrew Barton
...t are lost, 
One Michael Magee had a shanty. 
Now this Mike was the dad of a ten year old lad, 
Plump, healthy, and stoutly conditioned; 
He was strong as the best, but poor Mike had no rest 
For the youngster had never been christened. 

And his wife used to cry, `If the darlin' should die 
Saint Peter would not recognise him.' 
But by luck he survived till a preacher arrived, 
Who agreed straightaway to baptise him. 

Now the artful young rogue, while they h...Read More

by Browning, Robert
'Spareth a squirrel that it nothing fears 
But steals the nut from underneath my thumb, 
And when I threat, bites stoutly in defence: 
'Spareth an urchin that contrariwise, 
Curls up into a ball, pretending death 
For fright at my approach: the two ways please. 
But what would move my choler more than this, 
That either creature counted on its life 
To-morrow and next day and all days to come, 
Saying, forsooth, in the inmost of its heart, 
"Because he did so yester...Read More

by Paterson, Andrew Barton
Just an N which stood for northward, and the rest was all unsaid. 

I shall leave my home, and forthward wander stoutly to the northward 
Till I come by chance across it, and I'll straightway settle down; 
For there can't be any hurry, nor the slightest cause for worry 
Where the telegraph don't reach you nor the railways run to town. 

And one's letters and exchanges come by chance across the ranges, 
Where a wiry young Australian leads a packhorse once a week, 
...Read More

by Service, Robert William
...e a grin,
For he was shorter by a head
Than I and pitiably thin.
I could have made a pair of him,
So with my load I stoutly legged;
But his tenacity was grim:
"Please let me help you, sir," he begged.

I could not shake the fellow off,
So let him shoulder my valise;
He tottered with a racking cough
That did not give him any peace.
He lagged so limply in my wake
I made him put the burden down,
Saying: "A taxi I will take,"
And grimly gave him half-a-crown.

Poo...Read More

by Eliot, T S (Thomas Stearns)
Der drof in the dale, doted for drede,
Hiyghed to the hyyghe, bot heterly thay were
Restayed with the stablye, that stoutly ascryed.
Thay let the herttez haf the gate, with the hyyghe hedes,
The breme bukkez also with hor brode paumez;
For the fre lorde hade defende in fermysoun tyme
That ther schulde no mon meue to the male dere.
The hindez were halden in with hay! and war!
The does dryuen with gret dyn to the depe sladez;
Ther myyght mon se, as thay slypt...Read More

by Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
...od like drops of dew upon him.
And he cried, "O Hiawatha! 
Bravely have you wrestled with me, 
Thrice have wrestled stoutly with me, 
And the Master of Life, who sees us, 
He will give to you the triumph!"
Then he smiled, and said: "To-morrow 
Is the last day of your conflict,
Is the last day of your fasting. 
You will conquer and o'ercome me; 
Make a bed for me to lie in, 
Where the rain may fall upon me, 
Where the sun may come and warm me; 
Strip these garments, gr...Read More

by Milton, John
...ted eglantine;
While the cock, with lively din,
Scatters the rear of darkness thin,
And to the stack, or the barn-door,
Stoutly struts his dames before:
Oft listening how the hounds and horn
Cheerly rouse the slumbering morn,
From the side of some hoar hill,
Through the high wood echoing shrill:
Sometime walking, not unseen,
By hedgerow elms, on hillocks green,
Right against the eastern gate
Where the great Sun begins his state,
Robed in flames and amber light,
The clouds in ...Read More

by Trumbull, John, as oft as dice.
As that famed weaver, wife t' Ulysses,
By night her day's-work pick'd in pieces,
And though she stoutly did bestir her,
Its finishing was ne'er the nearer:
So did this town with ardent zeal
Weave cobwebs for the public weal,
Which when completed, or before,
A second vote in pieces tore.
They met, made speeches full long-winded,
Resolv'd, protested and rescinded;
Addresses sign'd; then chose committees
To stop all drinking of Bohea teas;
With winds ...Read More

by Trumbull, John
...ul fury down
To fire on every seaport town;
Display their glory and their wits,
Fright helpless children into fits;
And stoutly, from the unequal fray,
Make many a woman run away.

"And can ye doubt, whene'er we please,
Our chiefs shall boast such deeds as these?
Have we not chiefs transcending far
The old famed thunderbolts of war;
Beyond the brave knight-errant fighters,
Stiled swords of death, by novel-writers;
Nor in romancing ages e'er rose
So terrible a tier of her...Read More

by Clampitt, Amy
...a parking lot,
and the bag-laden
hermit woman, disencumbered 
of a greater incubus,

the crush of unexamined
attitudes, stoutly
follows her routine,
mining the mountainsides
of our daily refuse

for artifacts: subversive
with each arcane
trash-basket dig
the pleasures of the ruined....Read More

by Spenser, Edmund
...ther to my selfe new breath awhile.
Then as a steed refreshed after toyle,
out of my prison I will breake anew:
and stoutly will that second worke assoyle,
with strong endeuour and attention dew.
Till then giue leaue to me in pleasant mew,
to sport my muse and sing my loues sweet praise:
the contemplation of whose heauenly hew,
my spirit to an higher pitch will rayse.
But let her prayses yet be low and meane,
fit for the handmayd of the Faery Queene....Read More

by Service, Robert William
...yet live to fight;
The vital urge is in my driving,
Yet I must drive with all my might:
Each day a battle, and the fray
Stoutly renewed the coming day.

A am myself - yet when I strive
I build a self that's truer, higher;
I keep my bit of God alive
And forgive me in heroic fire:
What if my goal I never gain -
Better to toil than to attain.

It is not what I do or make,
It is the travail of my trying;
The aim, the effort and the ache
Is in the end my glorifying:
Throug...Read More

by Paterson, Andrew Barton the world would have thought it? And aren't they just going a pace? 
Little Recruit in the lead there will make it a stoutly-run race. 

Lord! but they're racing in earnest -- and down goes Recruit on his head, 
Rolling clean over his boy -- it's a miracle if he ain't dead. 
Battleaxe, Battleaxe, yet! By the Lord, he's got most of 'em beat -- 
Ho! did you see how he struck, and the swell never moved in his seat? 

Second time round, and, by Jingo! he's holding his ...Read More

by Lawson, Henry
...Harry Dale, the drover,
Comes riding home again.
And well his stock-horse bears him,
And light of heart is he,
And stoutly his old pack-horse
Is trotting by his knee. 

Up Queensland way with cattle
He travelled regions vast;
And many months have vanished
Since home-folk saw him last.
He hums a song of someone
He hopes to marry soon;
And hobble-chains and camp-ware
Keep jingling to the tune. 

Beyond the hazy dado
Against the lower skies
And yon blue line of ...Read More

by Lowell, Amy
The varnish was an orange-brown
Lustered like glass that's long laid down
Under a crumbling villa stone.
Purfled stoutly, with mitres which point
Straight up the corners. Each curve 
and joint
Clear, and bold, and thin.
Such was Herr Theodore's violin.
Seven o'clock, the Concert-Meister gone
With his best violin, the rain being stopped,
Frau Lotta in the kitchen sat alone
Watching the embers which the fire dropped.
The china shone upon the dresser, topp...Read More

by Scott, Sir Walter
...Who shunned to stem the flooded Teith,—
     For twice that day, from shore to shore,
     The gallant stag swam stoutly o'er.
     Few were the stragglers, following far,
     That reached the lake of Vennachar;
     And when the Brigg of Turk was won,
     The headmost horseman rode alone.

     Alone, but with unbated zeal,
     That horseman plied the scourge and steel;
     For jaded now, and spent with toil,
     Embossed with foam, and dark w...Read More

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