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Famous Splendors Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Splendors poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous splendors poems. These examples illustrate what a famous splendors poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Wheatley, Phillis
...tin'd round,
And circling wonders fill the vast profound.
Th' ethereal now, and now th' empyreal skies
With growing splendors strike his wond'ring eyes:
The angels view him with delight unknown,
Press his soft hand, and seat him on his throne;
Then smilling thus: "To this divine abode,
"The seat of saints, of seraphs, and of God,
"Thrice welcome thou." The raptur'd babe replies,
"Thanks to my God, who snatch'd me to the skies,
"E'er vice triumphant had possess'd my he...Read more of this...

by Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
...ore thee, who so long ago 
Filled thy young heart with passion and the woe 
From which thy song and all its splendors came; 
And while with stern rebuke she speaks thy name, 
The ice about thy heart melts as the snow 
On mountain heights, and in swift overflow 
Comes gushing from thy lips in sobs of shame. 
Thou makest full confession; and a gleam, 

As of the dawn on some dark forest cast, 

Seems on thy lifted forehe...Read more of this...

by Campbell, Thomas
..., and so lone!
Whom I would rather in this desert meet,
Scorning, and scorn'd by fortune's power, than own
Her pomp and splendors lavish'd at my feet!
Turn not from me thy breath, move exquisite
Than odors cast on heaven's own shrine--to please--
Give me thy love, than luxury more sweet,
And more than all the wealth that loads the breeze,
When Coromandel's ships return from Indian seas."

Then would that home admit them--happier far
Than grandeur's most magnificent saloon...Read more of this...

by Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth shade and sunshine, 
Rule by love, O Hiawatha!"
From the sky the moon looked at them, 
Filled the lodge with mystic splendors, 
Whispered to them, "O my children, 
Day is restless, night is quiet, 
Man imperious, woman feeble; 
Half is mine, although I follow; 
Rule by patience, Laughing Water!"
Thus it was they journeyed homeward; 
Thus it was that Hiawatha 
To the lodge of old Nokomis 
Brought the moonlight, starlight, firelight, 
Brought the sunshine of his people, 
Mi...Read more of this...

by Seeger, Alan
...rder it 
The torrid coast-towns gleam. 

I have fared too far to turn back now; my breast 
Burns with the lust for splendors unrevealed, 
Stars of midsummer, clouds out of the west, 
Pallid horizons, winds that valley and field 
Laden with joy, be ye my refuge still! 
What though distress and poverty assail! 
Though other voices chide, yours never will. 
The grace of a blue sky can never fail. 
Powers that my childhood with a spell so sweet, 
My youth with vision...Read more of this...

by Kilmer, Joyce
...ntern burns serene and white,
An unexhausted cup of day.
O golden lights and lights like wine,
How dim your boasted splendors are.
Behold this little lamp of mine;
It is more starlike than a star!...Read more of this...

by Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
...o are about to die, 
Salute you; earth and air and sea and sky, 
And the Imperial Sun that scatters down 
His sovereign splendors upon grove and town. 

Ye do not answer us! ye do not hear! 
We are forgotten; and in your austere 
And calm indifference, ye little care 
Whether we come or go, or whence or where. 
What passing generations fill these halls, 
What passing voices echo from these walls, 
Ye heed not; we are only as the blast, 
A moment heard, and then foreve...Read more of this...

by Wheatley, Phillis
As when Aurora fills the ravish'd sight,
And decks the orient realms with rosy light
From their bright eyes the living splendors play,
Nor can beholders bear the flashing ray.

Wherever, Niobe, thou turn'st thine eyes,
New beauties kindle, and new joys arise!
But thou had'st far the happier mother prov'd,
If this fair offspring had been less belov'd:
What if their charms exceed Aurora's teint.
No words could tell them, and no pencil paint,
Thy love too vehement haste...Read more of this...

by Finch, Anne Kingsmill'd in those Waves, o'er which this Title rides. 

What art Thou, envy'd Greatness, at the best, 
In thy deluding Splendors drest? 
What are thy glorious Titles, and thy Forms? 
Which cannot give Security, or Rest 
To favour'd Men, or Kingdoms that contest 
With Popular Assaults, or Providential Storms! 
Whilst on th'Omnipotent our Fate depends, 
And They are only safe, whom He alone defends. 
Then let to Heaven our general Praise be sent, 
Which did our farther Los...Read more of this...

by Southey, Robert

Bright on the mountain's heathy slope
The day's last splendors shine
And rich with many a radiant hue
Gleam gayly on the Rhine.

And many a one from Waldhurst's walls
Along the river stroll'd,
As ruffling o'er the pleasant stream
The evening gales came cold.

So as they stray'd a swan they saw
Sail stately up and strong,
And by a silver chain she drew
A little boat along,

Whose streamer to the gentle ...Read more of this...

by Whitman, Walt
...ntity of These States is a single identity only; 
I announce the Union more and more compact, indissoluble; 
I announce splendors and majesties to make all the previous politics of the earth

I announce adhesiveness—I say it shall be limitless, unloosen’d; 
I say you shall yet find the friend you were looking for.

I announce a man or woman coming—perhaps you are the one, (So long!) 
I announce the great individual, fluid as Nature, chaste, affectiona...Read more of this...

by Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
To-day the vessel shall be launched! 
With fleecy clouds the sky is blanched, 
And o'er the bay, 
Slowly, in all his splendors dight, 
The great sun rises to behold the sight. 
The ocean old, 
Centuries old, 
Strong as youth, and as uncontrolled, 
Paces restless to and fro, 
Up and down the sands of gold. 
His beating heart is not at rest; 
And far and wide, 
With ceaseless flow, 
His beard of snow 
Heaves with the heaving of his breast. 
He waits impatient for...Read more of this...

by Service, Robert William
...or the doing, letting babblers tell the story,
 Seeing through the nice veneer the naked soul?
Have you seen God in His splendors, heard the text that nature renders?
 (You'll never hear it in the family pew.)
The simple things, the true things, the silent men who do things --
 Then listen to the Wild -- it's calling you.

They have cradled you in custom, they have primed you with their preaching,
 They have soaked you in convention through and through;
They have put ...Read more of this...

by Bryant, William Cullen
...etic steed, 
With beamy mane, whose hoof struck out from earth 
The fount of Hippocrene, and many more, 
Fair clustered splendors, with whose rays the Night 
Shall close her march in glory, ere she yield, 
To the young Day, the great earth steeped in dew. 
So spake the monitor, and I perceived 
How vain were my repinings, and my thought 
Went backward to the vanished years and all 
The good and great who came and passed with them, 
And knew that ever would the years to co...Read more of this...

by Warton, Thomas
...issus roll
His sage-inspiring flood, whose winding marge
The thick-wove laurel shades; though roseate Morn
Pour all her splendors on th' empurpled scene;
Yet fells the hoary hermit truer joys,
As from the cliff that o'er his cavern hangs
He views the piles of fallen Persepolis
In deep arrangement hide the darksome plain.
Unbounded waste! the mouldering obelisk
Here, like a blasted oak, ascends the clouds;
Here Parian domes their vaulted halls disclose
Horrid with thorn, w...Read more of this...

by Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
...dreary doom of labor, 
But be changed to birds, and glisten 
With the beauty of the starlight, 
Painted with the dusky splendors 
Of the skies and clouds of evening!'
"What Osseo heard as whispers, 
What as words he comprehended, 
Was but music to the others, 
Music as of birds afar off, 
Of the whippoorwill afar off, 
Of the lonely Wawonaissa 
Singing in the darksome forest.
"Then the lodge began to tremble, 
Straight began to shake and tremble,
And they felt it rising,...Read more of this...

by Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
...ered shade and sunshine,
Rule by love, O Hiawatha!"

From the sky the moon looked at them,
Filled the lodge with mystic splendors,
Whispered to them, "O my children,
Day is restless, night is quiet,
Man imperious, woman feeble;
Half is mine, although I follow;
Rule by patience, Laughing Water!"

Thus it was they journeyed homeward;
Thus it was that Hiawatha
To the lodge of old Nokomis
Brought the moonlight, starlight, firelight,
Brought the sunshine of his people,
Minnehaha, ...Read more of this...

by Seeger, Alan
...un and star,
Green Earth and dawn and amber evening robe,
That lamp whereof the opalescent globe
The season's emulative splendors are,

That veiled divinity whose beams transpire 
From every pore of universal space,
As the fair soul illumes the lovely face---
That was his guest, his passion, his desire.

His heart the love of Beauty held as hides 
One gem most pure a casket of pure gold. 
It was too rich a lesser thing to bold;
It was not large enough for aught beside...Read more of this...

by Wheatley, Phillis
...esistless pow'r,
Hope's tow'ring plumage falls to rise no more!
Of scenes terrestrial how the glories fly,
Forget their splendors, and submit to die!
Who ere escap'd thee, but the saint of old
Beyond the flood in sacred annals told,
And the great sage, whom fiery coursers drew
To heav'n's bright portals from Elisha's view;
Wond'ring he gaz'd at the refulgent car,

Then snatch'd the mantle floating on the air.
From Death these only could exemption boast,
And without dying ...Read more of this...

by Wheatley, Phillis
...ed faction dies:
Soon as appear'd the Goddess long desir'd,
Sick at the view, she languish'd and expir'd;
Thus from the splendors of the morning light
The owl in sadness seeks the caves of night.
No more, America, in mournful strain
Of wrongs, and grievance unredress'd complain,
No longer shalt thou dread the iron chain,
Which wanton Tyranny with lawless hand
Had made, and with it meant t' enslave the land.
Should you, my lord, while you peruse my song,
Wonder from wh...Read more of this...

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