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Famous Snowdrifts Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Snowdrifts poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous snowdrifts poems. These examples illustrate what a famous snowdrifts poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Neruda, Pablo
...night flowed 
Through it like dark water and at times, 
It was going to fall or possibly 
Plunge into the bare deserted snowdrifts.

Sometimes it grew so much in sleep
Like a tiger's great-grandfather,
And would leap in the darkness over
Rooftops, clouds and volcanoes.

Sleep, sleep cat of the night with 
Episcopal ceremony and your stone-carved moustache.
Take care of all our dreams
Control the obscurity
Of our slumbering prowess
With your relentless HEART
And th...Read More

by Swinburne, Algernon Charles
With cloudwide wings;
Sea-drift makes dimmer
The beacon's glimmer;
Nor sail nor swimmer
Can try the tides;
And snowdrifts thicken
Where, when leaves quicken,
Under the heather the sundew hides.

Green land and red land,
Moorside and headland,
Are white as dead land,
Are all as one;
Nor honied heather,
Nor bells to gather,
Fair with fair weather
And faithful sun:
Fierce frost has eaten
All flowers that sweeten
The fells rain-beaten;
And winds their foes
Have made ...Read More

by Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
...ed it 
Wildly in the air around him; 
Till the wind became a whirlwind, 
Till the sand was blown and sifted 
Like great snowdrifts o'er the landscape, 
Heaping all the shores with Sand Dunes, 
Sand Hills of the Nagow Wudjoo!
Thus the merry Pau-Puk-Keewis 
Danced his Beggar's Dance to please them, 
And, returning, sat down laughing 
There among the guests assembled, 
Sat and fanned himself serenely 
With his fan of turkey-feathers.
Then they said to Chibiabos, 
To the frie...Read More

by Montgomery, Lucy Maud
Like a wonderland of dream, 
And the sharp winds all the day 
Pipe and whistle shrilly gay. 

Safe beneath the snowdrifts lie 
Rainbow buds of by-and-by; 
In the long, sweet days of spring 
Music of bluebells shall ring, 
And its faintly golden cup 
Many a primrose will hold up. 

Though the winds are keen and chill 
Roses' hearts are beating still, 
And the garden tranquilly 
Dreams of happy hours to be­
In the summer days of blue 
All its dreamings will come tr...Read More

by Carman, Bliss
...ildren of the Word, 
And welcomes each when day is done. 

Some say the house is lonely set 
In Northern night, and snowdrifts keep 
The silent door; the hearth is cold, 
And all my fellows gone to sleep.... 

Had I my will! I hear the sea 
Thunder a welcome on the shore; 
I know where lies the hostelry 
And who should open me the door....Read More

by Dyke, Henry Van
Bright with a pure surprise!
The day begins with joy, and all past ill,
Buried in white oblivion, lies
Beneath the snowdrifts under crystal skies.
New hope, new love, new life, new cheer, 
Flow in the sunrise beam,--
The gladness of Apollo when he sees, 
Upon the bosom of the wintry year,
The honey-harvest of his wild white bees,
Forgetfulness and a dream!



LISTEN, my beloved, while the silver morning, 
like a tranquil vision,
Fills the world around ...Read More

by Housman, A E
...nd climb 
The hedgerows heaped with may. 

Oh tarnish late on Wenlock Edge, 
Gold that I never see; 
Lie long, high snowdrifts in the hedge 
That will not shower on me....Read More

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