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Famous Slashes Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Slashes poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous slashes poems. These examples illustrate what a famous slashes poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Van Doren, Mark
...After long drought, commotion in the sky; 
After dead silence, thunder. Then it comes, 
The rain. It slashes leaves, and doubly drums 
On tin and shingle; beats and bends awry 
The flower heads; puddles dust, and with a sigh 
Like love sinks into grasses, where it hums 
As bees did once, among chrysanthemums 
And asters when the summer thought to die. 

The whole world dreamed of this, and has it now. 
Nor was the waking easy. The dull root 
Is ...Read More

by Crowley, Aleister
...thou wilt, as a great god can,
O Pan ! Io Pan !
Io pan ! Io Pan Pan ! Iam awake
In the grip of the snake.
The eagle slashes with beak and claw;
The gods withdraw:
The great beasts come, Io Pan ! I am borne
To death on the horn
Of the Unicorn.
I am Pan ! Io Pan ! Io Pan Pan ! Pan !
I am thy mate, I am thy man,
Goat of thy flock, I am gold , I am god,
Flesh to thy bone, flower to thy rod.
With hoofs of steel I race on the rocks
Through solstice stubborn to equinox.<...Read More

by Schiller, Friedrich von
...hat he boldly swung;
And the bear's fat haunch beside,
For the road is long;

And the knife, well sharpened,
That, with slashes three,
Scalp and skin from foeman's head
Tore off skilfully.

And to paint his body, place
Dyes within his hand;
Let him shine with ruddy grace
In the Spirit-land!...Read More

by Benet, Stephen Vincent
At the strange wind; 
He settles to a swinging trot; his hoofs tramp the dust. 
The road winds, straightens, 
Slashes a marsh, 
Shoulders out a bridge, 
Then -- 
Again the hills. 
Unchanged, innumerable, 
Bowing huge, round backs; 
Holding secret, immense converse: 
In gusty voices, 
Fruitful, fecund, toiling 
Like yoked black oxen. 

The clouds pass like great, slow thoughts 
And vanish 
In the intense blue. 

My horse lopes; the saddle creaks and sways...Read More

by Gregory, Rg
  with aching glory the afflicted victim
  of a witch's pique frederick
  frederick the king snips hews chops
  rips slashes cracks cleaves rends pierces
  pierces and shatters into pointless pieces
  this mighty barrier of barbs - comes through at last
  (belzivetta's malignant magic smashed)
  to freedom peace of mind and dreamless sleep...Read More

by Nemerov, Howard
...member now
How yesterday at dusk the nighthawks came
Back as they do about this time each year,
Grey squadrons with the slashes white on wings
Cruising for bugs beneath the bellied cloud.
Now soon the monarchs will be drifting south,
And then the geese will go, and then one day
The little garden birds will not be here.
See how many leaves already have
Withered and turned; a few have fallen, too.
Change is continuous on the seamless web,
Yet moments come like this ...Read More

by Sandburg, Carl
...Night from a railroad car window
Is a great, dark, soft thing
Broken across with slashes of light....Read More

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