Short Poetry by Popular Famous Poets

1 William Wordsworth
2 Oscar Wilde
3 William Shakespeare
4 Emily Dickinson
5 Maya Angelou
6 Rabindranath Tagore
7 Robert Frost
8 Langston Hughes
9 Walt Whitman
10 Shel Silverstein
11 William Blake
12 Sylvia Plath
13 Pablo Neruda
14 Alfred Lord Tennyson
15 Rudyard Kipling
16 Edward Estlin (E E) Cummings
17 William Butler Yeats
18 Tupac Shakur
19 Sandra Cisneros
20 Alice Walker
21 Charles Bukowski
22 Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
23 Muhammad Ali
24 Sarojini Naidu
25 Christina Rossetti
26 Billy Collins
27 Carol Ann Duffy
28 Edgar Allan Poe
29 John Donne
30 John Keats
31 Nikki Giovanni
32 Ralph Waldo Emerson
33 Raymond Carver
34 Thomas Hardy
35 Ogden Nash
36 Lewis Carroll
37 Mark Twain
38 Spike Milligan
39 Anne Sexton
40 Carl Sandburg
41 Elizabeth Barrett Browning
42 Alexander Pushkin
43 Henry David Thoreau
44 Percy Bysshe Shelley
45 Victor Hugo
46 George (Lord) Byron
47 Roger McGough
48 Gary Soto
49 Sara Teasdale
50 Thunchaththu Ramanujan Ezhuthachan

Famous Short Space Poems

Famous Short Space Poems. Short Space Poetry by Famous Poets. A collection of the all-time best Space short poems

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by Robert Frost

But Outer Space

 But outer Space,
At least this far,
For all the fuss
Of the populace
Stays more popular
Than populous

by Richard Brautigan

Boo Forever

 Spinning like a ghost
on the bottom of a
I'm haunted by all
the space that I
will live without

by Omar Khayyam

To-day is but a breathing space, quaff wine!

To-day is but a breathing space, quaff wine!
Thou wilt not see again this life of thine;
So, as the world becomes the spoil of time,
Offer thyself to be the spoil of wine!

by Walt Whitman

Gliding Over All

 GLIDING o’er all, through all, 
Through Nature, Time, and Space, 
As a ship on the waters advancing, 
The voyage of the soul—not life alone, 
Death, many deaths I’ll sing.

by Robert Herrick


 Anthea laugh'd, and, fearing lest excess
Might stretch the cords of civil comeliness
She with a dainty blush rebuked her face,
And call'd each line back to his rule and space.

by Emily Dickinson

There is a solitude of space

 There is a solitude of space
A solitude of sea
A solitude of death, but these
Society shall be
Compared with that profounder site
That polar privacy
A soul admitted to itself --
Finite infinity.

by Walt Whitman

For Him I Sing

 FOR him I sing, 
(As some perennial tree, out of its roots, the present on the past:) 
With time and space I him dilate—and fuse the immortal laws, 
To make himself, by them, the law unto himself.

by Dejan Stojanovic

Inner Space

Entering a cell, penetrating deep 
As a flying saucer 
To find a new galaxy 
Would be an honorable task 
For a new scientist interested 
More in the inner state of the soul 
Than in outer space.

by Ogden Nash

The Praying Mantis

 From whence arrived the praying mantis?
From outer space, or lost Atlantis?
glimpse the grin, green metal mug
at masks the pseudo-saintly bug,
Orthopterous, also carnivorous,
And faintly whisper, Lord deliver us.

by Emily Dickinson

The Life we have is very great

 The Life we have is very great.
The Life that we shall see Surpasses it, we know, because It is Infinity.
But when all Space has been beheld And all Dominion shown The smallest Human Heart's extent Reduces it to none.

by Omar Khayyam

For the love which I bring thee, I am ready to undergo

For the love which I bring thee, I am ready to undergo
all sorts of blame, and if I violate my vow, I submit
to the penalty. Oh! had I to endure until the last day
the torment that thou causest me, that space of time
would still seem too short.

by Marianne Moore

He Made This Screen

 not of silver nor of coral, 
but of weatherbeaten laurel.
Here, he introduced a sea uniform like tapestry; here, a fig-tree; there, a face; there, a dragon circling space -- designating here, a bower; there, a pointed passion-flower.

by Friedrich von Schiller

To Astronomers

 Prate not to me so much of suns and of nebulous bodies;
Think ye Nature but great, in that she gives thee to count?
Though your object may be the sublimest that space holds within it,
Yet, my good friends, the sublime dwells not in the regions of space.

by Omar Khayyam

I see neither the means of joining myself to Thee,

I see neither the means of joining myself to Thee,
nor the possibility of living for the space of a breath
separated from Thee. I have not the courage to drive
out the torments I endure. Oh! how difficult my plight,
how strange my grief, how exquisite my pain!

by Omar Khayyam

There remains to me still a breath of life, thanks to

There remains to me still a breath of life, thanks to
the care of the cupbearer. But discord reigns still among
men. I know that there only remains to me about a men
of wine from last evening, but I am ignorant of the
space of time that is still left me to live.

by Charles Bukowski


we were young
at this
drinking smoking typing it was a most splendid miraculous time still is only now instead of moving toward time it moves toward us makes each word drill into the paper clear fast hard feeding a closing space.

by Li Po

Thoughts in a Tranquil Night

 Athwart the bed
I watch the moonbeams cast a trail
So bright, so cold, so frail,
That for a space it gleams
Like hoar-frost on the margin of my dreams.
I raise my head, -- The splendid moon I see: Then droop my head, And sink to dreams of thee -- My Fatherland, of thee!

by Omar Khayyam

The distance which separates incredulity from faith is

The distance which separates incredulity from faith is
but a breath,—that which separates doubt from certainty
is equally but a breath. Let us, then, pass this precious
space of a breath gaily, for our life also is only separated
[from death] by the space of a breath.

by Thomas Hardy

She At His Funeral

 THEY bear him to his resting-place--
In slow procession sweeping by;
I follow at a stranger's space;
His kindred they, his sweetheart I.
Unchanged my gown of garish dye, Though sable-sad is their attire; But they stand round with griefless eye, Whilst my regret consumes like fire!

by Carol Ann Duffy


 This is the word tightrope.
Now imagine a man, inching across it in the space between our thoughts.
He holds our breath.
There is no word net.
You want him to fall, don't you? I guessed as much; he teeters but succeeds.
The word applause is written all over him.

by Edgar Lee Masters

Frank Drummer

 Out of a cell into this darkened space --
The end at twenty-five!
My tongue could not speak what stirred within me,
And the village thought me a fool.
Yet at the start there was a clear vision, A high and urgent purpose in my soul Which drove me on trying to memorize The Encyclopedia Britannica!

by Dejan Stojanovic

An Island in the Mind

Dream, flying out from the head
Becomes a bird flying over the sea; 

The Sun, sprouting from the sea
Makes the sea alive and blue; 

The flying dream that hovers in space
Becomes an island in the sea; 

The island—the dream emanating from the head, 
The bird, the air, the sea, and the light.

by Rainer Maria Rilke

Early Spring

 Harshness vanished.
A sudden softness has replaced the meadows' wintry grey.
Little rivulets of water changed their singing accents.
Tendernesses, hesitantly, reach toward the earth from space, and country lanes are showing these unexpected subtle risings that find expression in the empty trees.

by Dejan Stojanovic

Seagull from Afar

Lie on the ground and listen to the grass, 
Hear the silent signals from outer space, 
Dream by making and make by dreaming, 
Feel what the trees bathed in sunlight feel, 
Gaze far to see the sea-gull emerging from the sea, 
Imagine that today is the birth of the world and greet it, 
Greet the old bird.

by Omar Khayyam

Best is it to abstain from all that is not joyful; and

Best is it to abstain from all that is not joyful; and
best it is to receive the cup from the hands of odalisques
shut up in the palaces of the princes; but best of all is
drunkenness, indifference to the Kalendars, forgetfulness
of self. A mouthful of wine, finally, is worth more
than all that exists in the space between Mah and