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Famous Sexes Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Sexes poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous sexes poems. These examples illustrate what a famous sexes poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Burns, Robert
 The dear, the beauteous donor;
Tho’ sweetly female ev’ry part,
Yet such a head, and more the heart
 Does both the sexes honour:
She show’d her taste refin’d and just,
 When she selected thee;
Yet deviating, own I must,
 For sae approving me:
 But kind still I’ll mind still
 The giver in the gift;
 I’ll bless her, an’ wiss her
 A Friend aboon the lift....Read More

by Burns, Robert
...Rights of Man;
Amid this mighty fuss just let me mention,
The Rights of Woman merit some attention.

First, in the Sexes’ intermix’d connection,
One sacred Right of Woman is, protection.—
The tender flower that lifts its head, elate,
Helpless, must fall before the blasts of Fate,
Sunk on the earth, defac’d its lovely form,
Unless your shelter ward th’ impending storm.

Our second Right—but needless here is caution,
To keep that right inviolate’s the fashion;
Eac...Read More

by Shakespeare, William
...erent skill,
Catching all passions in his craft of will:

'That he did in the general bosom reign
Of young, of old; and sexes both enchanted,
To dwell with him in thoughts, or to remain
In personal duty, following where he haunted:
Consents bewitch'd, ere he desire, have granted;
And dialogued for him what he would say,
Ask'd their own wills, and made their wills obey.

'Many there were that did his picture get,
To serve their eyes, and in it put their mind;
Like fools th...Read More

by Ginsberg, Allen
I will continue like Henry Ford my strophes are as 
 individual as his automobiles more so they're 
 all different sexes. 
America I will sell you strophes $2500 apiece $500 
 down on your old strophe 
America free Tom Mooney 
America save the Spanish Loyalists 
America Sacco & Vanzetti must not die 
America I am the Scottsboro boys. 
America when I was seven momma took me to Com-
 munist Cell meetings they sold us garbanzos a 
 handful per ticket a ticket costs ...Read More

by Whitman, Walt
...fy foreign despots, 
Not to build for that which builds for mankind,
Not to balance ranks, complexions, creeds, and the sexes, 
Not to justify science, nor the march of equality, 
Nor to feed the arrogant blood of the brawn beloved of time. 

I swear I am for those that have never been master’d! 
For men and women whose tempers have never been master’d,
For those whom laws, theories, conventions, can never master. 

I swear I am for those who walk abreast with the who...Read More

by Gregory, Rg
...hat shook you to your roots
on busy jaunts there was no room for breathing
damn dignity - rapt flesh was in cahoots
all sexes fused from head-scarves to their boots
and somewhere in the melee children pressed
shoulders to crotches noses to the rest

and in light-headed periods trams debunked
the classier lissome ways of shifting freight
emptied of pomp their anarchy instinct
they'd rattle down their tracks at such a rate
they'd writhe their upper structures like an eight
bein...Read More

by Murray, Judith Sargent
...That minds are not alike, full well I know,
This truth each day's experience will show.
To heights surprising some great spirits soar,
With inborn strength mysterious depths explore;
Their eager gaze surveys the path of light,
Confessed it stood to Newton's piercing sight,
     Deep science, like a bashful maid retires,
And but the ardent breast ...Read More

by Whitman, Walt
...eace, behavior,
 essays, romances, and everything else, 
They balance ranks, colors, races, creeds, and the sexes,
They do not seek beauty—they are sought, 
Forever touching them, or close upon them, follows beauty, longing, fain, love-sick. 

They prepare for death—yet are they not the finish, but rather the outset, 
They bring none to his or her terminus, or to be content and full; 
Whom they take, they take into space, to behold the birth of stars, to learn...Read More

by Hugo, Victor the spicy food, 
 And drink profusely, for the cheer is good; 
 And at that table—where the wise are few— 
 Both sexes and all ages meet the view; 
 The sturdy warrior with a thoughtful face— 
 The am'rous youth, the maid replete with grace, 
 The prattling infant, and the hoary hair 
 Of second childhood's proselytes—are there;— 
 And the most gaudy in that spacious hall, 
 Are e'er the young, or oldest of them all 
 Helmet and banner, ornament and crest, 
 Th...Read More

by Milton, John
...her suns perhaps, 
With their attendant moons, thou wilt descry, 
Communicating male and female light; 
Which two great sexes animate the world, 
Stored in each orb perhaps with some that live. 
For such vast room in Nature unpossessed 
By living soul, desart and desolate, 
Only to shine, yet scarce to contribute 
Each orb a glimpse of light, conveyed so far 
Down to this habitable, which returns 
Light back to them, is obvious to dispute. 
But whether thus these thin...Read More

by Whitman, Walt, foolish, despised,
Fog in the air, beetles rolling balls of dung. 

Through me forbidden voices; 
Voice of sexes and lusts—voices veil’d, and I remove the veil; 
Voices indecent, by me clarified and transfigur’d. 

I do not press my fingers across my mouth;
I keep as delicate around the bowels as around the head and heart; 
Copulation is no more rank to me than death is. 

I believe in the flesh and the appetites; 
Seeing, hearing, feeling, are mi...Read More

by Whitman, Walt
...places the same as the men; 
Where the city of the faithfulest friends stands;
Where the city of the cleanliness of the sexes stands; 
Where the city of the healthiest fathers stands; 
Where the city of the best-bodied mothers stands, 
There the great city stands. 

How beggarly appear arguments before a defiant deed!
How the floridness of the materials of cities shrivels before a man’s or woman’s look! 

All waits, or goes by default, till a strong being appears; 
A st...Read More

by Chaucer, Geoffrey
..."I ask which law (applies)"; a cant law-
Latin phrase.

52 Harlot: a low, ribald fellow; the word was used of both
sexes; it comes from the Anglo-Saxon verb to hire.

53. Significavit: an ecclesiastical writ.

54. Within his jurisdiction he had at his own pleasure the young
people (of both sexes) in the diocese.

55. Pardoner: a seller of pardons or indulgences.

56. Newe get: new gait, or fashion; "gait" is still used in this
sense in som...Read More

by Pope, Alexander
...fair and chaste
Rejects Mankind, is by some Sylph embrac'd:
For Spirits, freed from mortal Laws, with ease
Assume what Sexes and what Shapes they please. 
What guards the Purity of melting Maids,
In Courtly Balls, and Midnight Masquerades,
Safe from the treach'rous Friend, and daring Spark,
The Glance by Day, the Whisper in the Dark;
When kind Occasion prompts their warm Desires,
When Musick softens, and when Dancing fires?
'Tis but their Sylph, the wise Celestials know,...Read More

by Pope, Alexander and chaste
Rejects mankind, is by some sylph embrac'd:
For spirits, freed from mortal laws, with ease
Assume what sexes and what shapes they please.
What guards the purity of melting maids,
In courtly balls, and midnight masquerades,
Safe from the treach'rous friend, the daring spark,
The glance by day, the whisper in the dark,
When kind occasion prompts their warm desires,
When music softens, and when dancing fires?
'Tis but their sylph, the wise celestials ...Read More

by Tebb, Barry
...Poetry Day!” but I don’t and you don’t either-

You know its flim-flam on the ether, grants for Jack-the-lads

Of both sexes, poets who’ve never been seen in a little magazine

Then gone on to win the Oopla Prize and made baroque architecture

The subject of an O.U. lecture.

Seventy five pounds for a seminar on sensitivity in verse;

A hundred and fifty for an infinitely worse whole weekend of

‘Steps towards a personal fiction in post-modern diction’;

And th...Read More

by Laurence Dunbar, Paul
...took a canter,
An' scurried to the zero mark ez quick ez Tam O'Shanter.
'Cause there was crowds o' people there, both sexes an' all stations;
It looked like all the town had come an' brought all their relations.
The first I saw was Nettie Gray, I thought that girl was dearer
'N' gold; an' when I got a chance, you bet I aidged up near her.
An' Farmer Dobbs's girl was there, the one 'at Jim was sweet on,
An' Cyrus Jones an' Mandy Smith an' Faith an' Patience Deaton.
The...Read More

by Eliot, T S (Thomas Stearns)
...lor, and the latter is not wholly distinct
from Ferdinand Prince of Naples, so all the women are one woman,
and the two sexes meet in Tiresias. What Tiresias sees, in fact,
is the substance of the poem. The whole passage from Ovid is
of great anthropological interest:
 '. . . Cum Iunone iocos et maior vestra
profecto est
 Quam, quae contingit maribus,' dixisse,
 Illa negat; placuit quae sit sententia docti
 Quaerere Tiresiae: venus huic era...Read More

by Blake, William
...n of Mortal Birth,
Must be consumed with the Earth
To rise from Generation free:
Then what have I to do with thee?

The Sexes sprung from Shame & Pride
Blowd in the morn; in evening died
But Mercy changed Death into Sleep;
The Sexes rose to work & weep.

Thou Mother of my Mortal part.
With cruelty didst mould my Heart.
And with false self-deceiving tears.
Didst blind my Nostrils Eyes & Ears

Didst close my Tongue in senseless clay
And me to Mortal Life betray:...Read More

by Killigrew, Anne
...swallow'd up, with what it joyn'd and drown'd, 
And that Abiss yet no Accession found. 

 Orinda, (Albions and her Sexes Grace) 
Ow'd not her Glory to a Beauteous Face, 
It was her Radiant Soul that shon With-in, 
Which struk a Lustre through her Outward Skin; 
That did her Lips and Cheeks with Roses dy, 
Advanc't her Height, and Sparkled in her Eye. 
Nor did her Sex at all obstruct her Fame, 
But higher 'mong the Stars it fixt her Name; 
What she did write, not only...Read More

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