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Famous Seen The Light Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Seen The Light poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous seen the light poems. These examples illustrate what a famous seen the light poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Hecht, Anthony
...laddens. To the tenements of Death.

Not to be born is, past all yearning, best.
And second best is, having seen the light.
To return at once to deep oblivion.
When youth has gone, and the baseless dreams of youth,
What misery does not then jostle man's elbow,
Join him as a companion, share his bread?
Betrayal, envy, calumny and bloodshed
Move in on him, and finally Old Age--
Infirm, despised Old Age--joins in his ruin,
The crowning taunt of his indignitie...Read more of this...

by Tolkien, J R R
...In Dwimordene, in Lorien
Seldom have walked the feet of men,
Few mortal eyes have seen the light
That lies there ever, long and bright.
Galadriel! Galadriel!
Clear is the water of your well;
White is the stars in your white hand;
Unmarred, unstained is leaf and land
In Dwimordene, in Lorien
More fair than thoughts of Mortal Men....Read more of this...

by Shelley, Percy Bysshe
...ed by steps, and o'er the gate
Was sculptured, 'To Fidelity;'
And in the shrine an image sate
All veiled; but there was seen the light
Of smiles which faintly could express
A mingled pain and tenderness
Through that ethereal drapery. 
The left hand held the head, the right--
Beyond the veil, beneath the skin,
You might see the nerves quivering within--
Was forcing the point of a barbèd dart
Into its side-convulsing heart.
An unskilled hand, yet one informed
With geniu...Read more of this...

by Berry, Wendell
...ound and sprout
to him the soil is a divine drug. He enters into death
yearly, and comes back rejoicing. He has seen the light lie down
in the dung heap, and rise again in the corn.
His thought passes along the row ends like a mole.
What miraculous seed has he swallowed
That the unending sentence of his love flows out of his mouth
Like a vine clinging in the sunlight, and like water
Descending in the dark?...Read more of this...

by Kipling, Rudyard
..., and very wise in tears;
Say that we, being desolate, entreat her
 That she forget us not in after years;
 For we have seen the light, and it were grievous
 To dim that dawning if our lady leave us.

By life that ebbed with none to stanch the failing
 By Love's sad harvest garnered in the spring,
When Love in ignorance wept unavailing
 O'er young buds dead before their blossoming;
 By all the grey owl watched, the pale moon viewed,
 In past grim years, declare our gratit...Read more of this...

by Lawson, Henry
...umoured grin. 

And I had a love -- 'twas a love to prize -- 
But I never went back again . . . 
I have seen the light of her kind brown eyes 
In many a face since then. 

. . . . . 

The sailors say 'twill be rough to-night, 
As they fasten the hatches down, 
The south is black, and the bar is white, 
And the drifting smoke is brown. 
The gold has gone from the western haze, 
The sea-birds circle and swarm -- 
But we shall have ple...Read more of this...

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