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Famous Secrets Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Secrets poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous secrets poems. These examples illustrate what a famous secrets poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Brackenridge, Hugh Henry
Which not each wise philosopher of Greece, 
Could tell, nor sage of India, nor the sons 
Of Zoroaster, in deep secrets skill'd. 

Such light on Canaan shone but not confin'd 
With partial ray to Judah's favour'd land, 
Each vale and region to the utmost bound 
Of habitable earth, distant or nigh 
Soon finds a gleam of this celestial day: 
Fam'd Persia's mountains and rough Bactria's woods 
And Media's vales and Shinar's distant plain: 
The Lybian desert near Cyr...Read More

by Poe, Edgar Allan which own a single sun
The sands of Time grow dimmer as they run,
Yet thine is my resplendency, so given
To bear my secrets thro' the upper Heaven!
Leave tenantless thy crystal home, and fly,
With all thy train, athwart the moony sky-
Apart- like fire-flies in Sicilian night,
And wing to other worlds another light!
Divulge the secrets of thy embassy
To the proud orbs that twinkle- and so be
To ev'ry heart a barrier and a ban
Lest the stars totter in the guilt of man!"

Up...Read More

by Wilcox, Ella Wheeler
...strife give place to thoughts of love.

The mighty plains, devoid of whispering trees, 
Guard well the secrets of departed seas.
Where once great tides swept by with ebb and flow
The scorching sun looks down in tearless woe.
And fierce tornadoes in ungoverned pain
Mourn still the loss of that mysterious main.
Across this ocean bed the soldiers fly-
Home is the gleaming goal that lures each eager eye.

Like some elixir which the gods p...Read More

by Eliot, T S (Thomas Stearns)
...ueathing us merely a receipt for deceit?
The serenity only a deliberate hebetude,
The wisdom only the knowledge of dead secrets
Useless in the darkness into which they peered
Or from which they turned their eyes. There is, it seems to us,
At best, only a limited value
In the knowledge derived from experience.
The knowledge imposes a pattern, and falsifies,
For the pattern is new in every moment
And every moment is a new and shocking
Valuation of all we have been. ...Read More

by Dyke, Henry Van
...haste and fond delays,
In pleasant paths of June.

For us the fields are new,
For us the woods are rife
With fairy secrets, deep and true,
And heaven is but a tent of blue
Above the game of life.

The world is far away:
The fever and the fret,
And all that makes the heart grow gray,
Is out of sight and far away,
Dear Music, while I hear thee play
That olden, golden roundelay,
"Remember and forget!"



Forget, forget!
The tide of life is turning;
The wav...Read More

by Lewis, C S> 
Yet here, within this tiny, charmed interior, 
This parlour of the brain, their Maker shares 
With living men some secrets in a privacy 
Forever ours, not theirs....Read More

by Milton, John
...nd like a furnace-mouth 
Cast forth redounding smoke and ruddy flame. 
Before their eyes in sudden view appear 
The secrets of the hoary Deep--a dark 
Illimitable ocean, without bound, 
Without dimension; where length, breadth, and height, 
And time, and place, are lost; where eldest Night 
And Chaos, ancestors of Nature, hold 
Eternal anarchy, amidst the noise 
Of endless wars, and by confusion stand. 
For Hot, Cold, Moist, and Dry, four champions fierce, 
Strive her...Read More

by Milton, John
...g Spirits? how, without remorse, 
The ruin of so many glorious once 
And perfect while they stood? how last unfold 
The secrets of another world, perhaps 
Not lawful to reveal? yet for thy good 
This is dispensed; and what surmounts the reach 
Of human sense, I shall delineate so, 
By likening spiritual to corporal forms, 
As may express them best; though what if Earth 
Be but a shadow of Heaven, and things therein 
Each to other like, more than on earth is thought? 
As yet t...Read More

by Milton, John
...forced to ride 
The untractable abyss, plunged in the womb 
Of unoriginal Night and Chaos wild; 
That, jealous of their secrets, fiercely opposed 
My journey strange, with clamorous uproar 
Protesting Fate supreme; thence how I found 
The new created world, which fame in Heaven 
Long had foretold, a fabrick wonderful 
Of absolute perfection! therein Man 
Placed in a Paradise, by our exile 
Made happy: Him by fraud I have seduced 
From his Creator; and, the more to encrease 
Y...Read More

by Milton, John,
As I deserve, pay on my punishment;
And expiate, if possible, my crime, 
Shameful garrulity. To have reveal'd
Secrets of men, the secrets of a friend,
How hainous had the fact been, how deserving
Contempt, and scorn of all, to be excluded
All friendship, and avoided as a blab,
The mark of fool set on his front?
But I Gods counsel have not kept, his holy secret
Presumptuously have publish'd, impiously,
Weakly at least, and shamefully: A sin
That Gentiles in thir Para...Read More

by Ashbery, John
...eum now so as to
Be out by closing time. You can't live there.
The gray glaze of the past attacks all know-how:
Secrets of wash and finish that took a lifetime
To learn and are reduced to the status of
Black-and-white illustrations in a book where colorplates
Are rare. That is, all time
Reduces to no special time. No one
Alludes to the change; to do so might
Involve calling attention to oneself
Which would augment the dread of not getting out
Before having see...Read More

by Byron, George (Lord)
...from our seat by Danube's tide, 
With none but Haroun, who retains 
Such knowledge — and that Nubian feels 
A tyrant's secrets are but chains, 
From which the captive gladly steals, 
And this and more to me reveals: 
Such still to guilt just Allah sends — 
Slaves, tools, accomplices — no friends! 


"All this, Zuleika, harshly sounds; 
But harsher still my tale must be: 
Howe'er my tongue thy softness wounds, 
Yet I must prove all truth to thee. 
I saw thee st...Read More

by Blake, William
...ouring appetite, 
Glittering with festering venoms bright; 
Crying ‘Crucify this cause of distress, 
Who don’t keep the secrets of holiness! 
The mental powers by diseases we bind; 
But He heals the deaf, the dumb, and the blind. 
Whom God has afflicted for secret ends, 
He comforts and heals and calls them friends.’ 
But, when Jesus was crucified, 
Then was perfected His galling pride. 
In three nights He devour’d His prey, 
And still He devours the body of clay;...Read More

by Chaucer, Geoffrey
And clad him as a poore labourer.
And all alone, save only a squier,
That knew his privity* and all his cas**, *secrets **fortune
Which was disguised poorly as he was,
To Athens is he gone the nexte* way. *nearest 
And to the court he went upon a day,
And at the gate he proffer'd his service,
To drudge and draw, what so men would devise*. *order
And, shortly of this matter for to sayn,
He fell in office with a chamberlain,
The which that dwelling was with ...Read More

by Chaucer, Geoffrey
...ome agony. *madness
I thought aye well how that it shoulde be.
Men should know nought of Godde's privity*. *secrets
Yea, blessed be alway a lewed* man, *unlearned
That *nought but only his believe can*. *knows no more
So far'd another clerk with astronomy: than his "credo."*
He walked in the fieldes for to *pry
Upon* the starres, what there should befall, *keep watch on*
Till he was in a marle pit y-fall.
He saw not that. But yet, by Saint Thom...Read More

by Bukowski, Charles
...I would
listen and then i would talk. Our conversation simply went along without strain. We seemed
to discover secrets together. When we discovered a good one Cass would laugh that laugh-
only the way she could. It was like joy out of fire. Through the talking we kissed and
moved closer together. We became quite heated and decided to go to bed. It was then that
Cass took off her high -necked dress and I saw it- the ugly jagged scar across her thro...Read More

by Shelley, Percy Bysshe
...ess; he compelled
The Proteus shape of Nature's as it slept
"To wake & to unbar the caves that held
The treasure of the secrets of its reign--
See the great bards of old who inly quelled
"The passions which they sung, as by their strain
May well be known: their living melody
Tempers its own contagion to the vein
"Of those who are infected with it--I
Have suffered what I wrote, or viler pain!--
"And so my words were seeds of misery--
Even as the deeds of others."--"Not as ...Read More

by Schiller, Friedrich von
...nd all honor
Vanish, and even the oath is but a lie on the lips.
Into the heart's most trusty bond, and into love's secrets,
Presses the sycophant base, tearing the friend from the friend.
Treason on innocence leers, with looks that seek to devour,
And the fell slanderer's tooth kills with its poisonous bite.
In the dishonored bosom, thought is now venal, and love, too,
Scatters abroad to the winds, feelings once god-like and free.
All thy holy symbols, O trut...Read More

by Shelley, Percy Bysshe
...perial will;--
And other scrolls whose writings did unbind
The inmost lore of love--let the profane
Tremble to ask what secrets they contain.

And wondrous works of substances unknown,
To which the enchantment of her Father's power
Had changed those ragged blocks of savage stone,
Were heaped in the recesses of her bower;
Carved lamps and chalices, and phials which shone
In their own golden beams--each like a flower
Out of whose depth a firefly shakes his light
Under a cyp...Read More

by Plath, Sylvia
...back and flatten. Their visible hieroglyphs
Flatten to parchment screens to keep the wind off.
They paint such secrets in Arabic, Chinese!

I am dumb and brown. I am a seed about to break.
The brownness is my dead self, and it is sullen:
It does not wish to be more, or different.
Dusk hoods me in blue now, like a Mary.
O color of distance and forgetfulness!--
When will it be, the second when Time breaks
And eternity engulfs it, and I drown utterly?

I...Read More

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