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Famous Sears Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Sears poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous sears poems. These examples illustrate what a famous sears poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Browning, Robert" 

Pure faith indeed--you know not what you ask! 
Naked belief in God the Omnipotent, 
Omniscient, Omnipresent, sears too much 
The sense of conscious creatures to be borne. 
It were the seeing him, no flesh shall dare 
Some think, Creation's meant to show him forth: 
I say it's meant to hide him all it can, 
And that's what all the blessed evil's for. 
Its use in Time is to environ us, 
Our breath, our drop of dew, with shield enough 
Against that sight till ...Read More

by Mackeller, Dorothea
...They're burning off at the Rampadells,
The tawny flames uprise,
With greedy licking around the trees;
The fierce breath sears our eyes. 

From cores already grown furnace-hot -
The logs are well alight!
We fling more wood where the flameless heart
Is throbbing red and white. 

The fire bites deep in that beating heart,
The creamy smoke-wreaths ooze
From cracks and knot-holes along the trunk
To melt in greys and blues. 

The young horned moon has gone from the sky,...Read More

by Swinburne, Algernon Charles
That old world's brand;
Dead all their sins and days;
Yet in this red clime's rays
Some fiery memory stays
That sears their land.

THE year lies fallen and faded
On cliffs by clouds invaded,
With tongues of storms upbraided,
With wrath of waves bedinned;
And inland, wild with warning,
As in deaf ears or scorning,
The clarion even and morning
Rings of the south-west wind.

The wild bents wane and wither
In blasts whose breath bows hit...Read More

by Dickinson, Emily
...Nature -- sometimes sears a Sapling --
Sometimes -- scalps a Tree --
Her Green People recollect it
When they do not die --

Fainter Leaves -- to Further Seasons --
Dumbly testify --
We -- who have the Souls --
Die oftener -- Not so vitally --...Read More

by Justice, Donald
...Papier-mache body; blue-and-black cotton jersey cover. Metal stand.
Instructions included.
-- Sears, Roebuck Catalogue

O my coy darling, still
You wear for me the scent
Of those long afternoons we spent,
The two of us together,
Safe in the attic from the jealous eyes
Of household spies
And the remote buffooneries of the weather;
So high,
Our sole remaining neighbor was the sky,
Which, often enough, at dusk,
Leaning its cloudy shoulders on the sill,
...Read More

by Brautigan, Richard
...I studied the winter-long mud puddles of the

Pacific Northwest. I had a fellowship.

 My books were a pair of Sears Roebuck boots, ones with

green rubber pages. Most of my classrooms were close to

the shore. That's where the important things were happen-

ing and that's where the good things were happening.

 Sometimes as experiments I laid boards out into the mud

puddles, so I could look into the deeper water but it was not

nearly as good as the wat...Read More

by Brontë, Emily
...nfluence good or ill:
A comrade, for by day and night
Thou art my intimate delight, - 

My darling pain that wounds and sears
And wrings a blessing out from tears
By deadening me to earthly cares;
And yet, a king, though Prudence well
Have taught thy subject to rebel. 

And am I wrong to worship, where
Faith cannot doubt, nor hope despair,
Since my own soul can grant my prayer?
Speak, God of visions, plead for me,
And tell why I have chosen thee !...Read More

by Swinburne, Algernon Charles


Years upon years, as a watch by night that passes,
Pass, and the light of their eyes is fire that sears
Slowly the hopes of the fruit that life amasses
Years upon years.

Pale as the glimmer of stars on moorland meres
Lighten the shadows reverberate from the glasses
Held in their hands as they pass among their peers.

Lights that are shadows, as ghosts on graveyard grasses,
Moving on paths that the moon of memory cheers,
Shew but as mists over cl...Read More

by St Vincent Millay, Edna
...If I grow bitterly,
Like a gnarled and stunted tree,
Bearing harshly of my youth
Puckered fruit that sears the mouth;
If I make of my drawn boughs
An Inshospitable House,
Out of which I nevery pry
Towards the water and the sky,
Under which I stand and hide
And hear the day go by outside;
It is that a wind to strong
Bent my back when I was young,
It is that I fear the rain
Lest it blister me again....Read More

by Brontë, Emily
...influence good or ill;
A comrade, for by day and night
Thou art my intimate delight,— 

My darling pain that wounds and sears,
And wrings a blessing out of tears
Be deadening me to earthly cares;
And yet, a king, though Prudence well
Have taught thy subject to rebel.

And I am wrong to worship where
Faith cannot doubt, nor Hope despair,
Since my own soul can grant my prayer?
Speak, God of Visions, plead for me,
And tell why I have chosen thee!...Read More

by Williams, C K
...y subside.
In its crucible, the stuff looks bland, like licorice, spill it, though, on 
your boots or coveralls,
it sears, and everything is permeated with it, the furnace gunked with 
burst and half-burst bubbles,
the men themselves so completely slashed and mucked they seem almost 
from another realm, like trolls.
When they take their break, they leave their brooms standing at attention 
in the asphalt pails,
work gloves clinging like Br'er Rabbit to the bitten shaf...Read More

by Morris, William
...ady could I weep these tears
If this were true? A great queen such as I
Having sinn'd this way, straight her conscience sears; 

"And afterwards she liveth hatefully,
Slaying and poisoning, certes never weeps,--
Gauwaine, be friends now, speak me lovingly. 

"Do I not see how God's dear pity creeps
All through your frame, and trembles in your mouth?
Remember in what grave your mother sleeps, 

"Buried in some place far down in the south,
Men are forgetting as I speak to y...Read More

by Lindsay, Vachel
...turned from desire, 
Who said to the young men 
"Wine is a fire."
Who said to the merchants:—
"Gold is a flame
That sears and tortures
If you play at the game."
I once knew a teacher
Who turned from desire
Who said to the soldiers,
"Hate is a fire."
Who said to the statesmen:—
"Power is a flame
That flays and blisters
If you play at the game."
I once knew a teacher
Who turned from desire,
Who said to the lordly,
"Pride is a fire."
Who thus warned the revel...Read More

by Lindsay, Vachel
...derness of passion's touch, and in its room
Will come tame habit, deadly calm, sorrow and gloom.
Oh, how the battle sears the best who enter life!
Each soidier comes out blind or lame from the black strife.
Mad or diseased or damned of soul the best may come—
It matters not how merrily now rolls the drum,
The fife shrills high, the horn sings loud, till no steps lag—
And all adore that silken flame, Desire's great flag.


We will build strong our tiny fort, s...Read More

by Cook, Eliza
...rmness till it yield a tear. 
Some bosoms give an easy sigh, 
Some drops of grief will freely start,
But that which sears the quiet eye 
Hath its deep fountain in the heart....Read More

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