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Famous Enchanting Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Enchanting poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous enchanting poems. These examples illustrate what a famous enchanting poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by McGonagall, William Topaz
...lie By night and by day,
In the beautiful Bay
Of the silvery Tay.
Beautiful, beautiful silvery Tay,
Thy scenery is enchanting on a fine summer day,
Near by Balnerino it is beautiful to behold,
When the trees are in full bloom and the cornfields seems like gold -
And nature's face seems gay,
And the lambkins they do play,
And the humming bee is on the wing,
It is enough to make one sing,
While they carelessly do stray,
Along the beautiful banks of the silvery Tay,
Beautif...Read More

by Spenser, Edmund
The ravish'd hearts of gazeful men might rear
To admiration of that heavenly light,
From whence proceeds such soul-enchanting might.

Thereto do thou, great goddess, queen of beauty,
Mother of love, and of all world's delight,
Without whose sovereign grace and kindly duty
Nothing on earth seems fair to fleshly sight,
Do thou vouchsafe with thy love-kindling light
T' illuminate my dim and dulled eyne,
And beautify this sacred hymn of thine:

That both to thee, to whom...Read More

by Brackenridge, Hugh Henry
...ruid bards sang to the hero's praise, 
While round their woods and barren heaths was heard 
The shrill calm echo of th' enchanting shell. 
Than all those halls and lordly palaces 
Where in the days of chivalry, each knight, 
And baron brave in military pride 
Shone in the brass and burning steel of war; 
For in this hall more worthy of a strain 
No envious sound forbidding peace is heard, 
Fierce song of battle kindling martial rage 
And desp'rate purpose in heroic minds:...Read More

by Hugo, Victor
..., when the admiring stranger's steps explore 
 The subject-lands that 'neath Vesuvius be, 
 Whether he wind along the enchanting shore 
 To Portici from fair Parthenope, 
 Or, lingering long in dreamy reverie, 
 O'er loveliest Ischia's od'rous isle he stray, 
 Wooed by whose breath the soft and am'rous sea 
 Seems like some languishing sultana's lay, 
 A voice for very sweets that scarce can win its way. 
 Him, whether Paestum's solemn fane detain, 
 Shrouding hi...Read More

by Auden, Wystan Hugh (W H) the tea-cup opensA lane to the land of the dead. 'Where the beggars raffle the banknotesAnd the Giant is enchanting to Jack,And the Lily-white Boy is a Roarer,And Jill goes down on her back. 'O look, look in the mirror,O look in your distress:Life remains a blessingAlthough you cannot bless. 'O stand, stand at the windowAs the tears scald and start;You shall love your crooked neighbourWith your crooked heart.' It ...Read More

by Spenser, Edmund
Soone as his oaten pipe began to shrill:
Both christall wells and shadie groues forsooke,
To heare the charmes of his enchanting skill.
And brought him presents, flowers if it were prime,
Or mellow fruit if it were haruest time.

But he for none of them did care a whit,
Yet wood Gods for them oft[en] sighed sore:
Ne for their gifts vnworthie of his wit,
Yet not vnworthie of the countries store.
For one alone he cared, for one he sight,
His lifes desire, and his ...Read More

by Milton, John
...e resounding grace to all Heaven's harmonies!

 COMUS. Can any mortal mixture of earthUs mould
Breathe such divine enchanting ravishment?
Sure something holy lodges in that breast,
And with these raptures moves the vocal air
To testify his hidden residence.
How sweetly did they float upon the wings
Of silence, through the empty-vaulted night,
At every fall smoothing the raven down
Of darkness till it smiled! I have oft heard
My mother Circe with the Sirens three,
Ami...Read More

by Keats, John
...ld never teach a rural song to me:
That the bright glance from beauty's eyelids slanting
Would never make a lay of mine enchanting,
Or warm my breast with ardour to unfold
Some tale of love and arms in time of old.

But there are times, when those that love the bay,
Fly from all sorrowing far, far away;
A sudden glow comes on them, nought they see
In water, earth, or air, but poesy.
It has been said, dear George, and true I hold it,
(For knightly Spenser to Libertas t...Read More

by Pushkin, Alexander
...never cheering,
Where I was loving, having not to love!
The dazzling heavens' azure curtain,
Beloved hills, the brook's enchanting dance,
You, mourn -- the inspiration's chance,
You, peaceful shades of wilderness, uncertain,
And all -- farewell, farewell at once....Read More

by Milton, John
...> . . for what could that have done?
What could the Muse herself that Orpheus bore,
The Muse herself, for her enchanting son,
Whom universal nature did lament,
When, by the rout that made the hideous roar,
His gory visage down the stream was sent,
Down the swift Hebrus to the Lesbian shore?
 Alas! what boots it with uncessant care
To tend the homely, slighted, shepherd's trade,
And strictly meditate the thankless Muse?
Were it not better done, as others use,...Read More

by Pushkin, Alexander
...ligently harked to the mysterious virgin;
Rewarding me, by chance, for any good decision,
And taking locks aside of the enchanting face,
She sometimes took from me the flute, such commonplace.
The reed became alive in consecrated breathing
And filled the heart with holiness unceasing....Read More

by Robinson, Mary Darby
...calmly touch thy golden lyre,
While gentle Reason mildly sings
Responsive to the trembling strings. 

SWEET Nymph, enchanting Poetry! 
I dedicate my mind to Thee. 
Oh! from thy bright Parnassian bow'rs
Descend, to bless my sombre hours;
Bend to the earth thy eagle wing,
And on its glowing plumage bring
Blithe FANCY, from whose burning eye
The young ideas sparkling fly; 
O, come, and let us fondly stray,
Where rosy Health shall lead the way,
And soft FAVONIUS lightly ...Read More

by Service, Robert William
...shine, just one thing is wanting,
 Just the happy laughter of a little child."
So we brought our dearest, Doris all-enchanting;
 Tenderly he kissed her; radiant he smiled.
"In the golden peace-time you will tell the story
 How for you and yours, sweet, bitter deaths were ours. . . .
God bless little children!" So he passed to glory,
 So we left him sleeping, still amid the flow'rs....Read More

by Milton, John
...r meeting, and at sight 
Of that stupendious bridge his joy encreased. 
Long he admiring stood, till Sin, his fair 
Enchanting daughter, thus the silence broke. 
O Parent, these are thy magnifick deeds, 
Thy trophies! which thou viewest as not thine own; 
Thou art their author, and prime architect: 
For I no sooner in my heart divined, 
My heart, which by a secret harmony 
Still moves with thine, joined in connexion sweet, 
That thou on earth hadst prospered, which th...Read More

by Milton, John
...sing fair
As the noon sky, more like to goddesses
Than mortal creatures, graceful and discreet,
Expert in amorous arts, enchanting tongues
Persuasive, virgin majesty with mild
And sweet allayed, yet terrible to approach, 
Skilled to retire, and in retiring draw
Hearts after them tangled in amorous nets.
Such object hath the power to soften and tame
Severest temper, smooth the rugged'st brow,
Enerve, and with voluptuous hope dissolve,
Draw out with credulous desire, and le...Read More

by Whitman, Walt
...lear waters of Lake Tahoe—I see forests of majestic pines,
Or, crossing the great desert, the alkaline plains, I behold enchanting mirages of waters
Marking through these, and after all, in duplicate slender lines, 
Bridging the three or four thousand miles of land travel, 
Tying the Eastern to the Western sea, 
The road between Europe and Asia.

(Ah Genoese, thy dream! thy dream! 
Centuries after thou art laid in thy grave, 
The shore thou foundest verifi...Read More

by Seeger, Alan
...drowse and dream
My head would sink, from many an olden tale
Drawing imagination's fervid theme,
Or haply peopling this enchanting spot
Only with fair creations of fantastic thought.

For oft I think, in years long since gone by,
That gentle hearts dwelt here and gentle hands
Stored all this bowery bliss to beautify
The paradise of some unsung romance;
Here, safe from all except the loved one's eye,
'Tis sweet to think white limbs were wont to glance,
Well pleased to want...Read More

by Pushkin, Alexander
I was in love with you, it seemed,
And heart was beating with a pleasure.
I sang my passion's song by your enchanting knees.
Why, dreams, you didn't prolong my happiness forever?
But gods deprived me not of whole their favor:
I only lost the kingdom of my dreams....Read More

by Paterson, Andrew Barton
...HECATE: Oh, well done, I commend your pains, 
And everyone shall share i' the gains, 
And now about the cauldron sing, 
Enchanting all that you put in. 
Round about the cauldron go, 
In the People's rights we'll throw, 
Cool it with an Employer's blood, 
Then the charm stands firm and good, 
And thus with chaos in possession, 
Ring in the coming Fed'ral Session....Read More

by Freneau, Philip
..., as swift as thought,
Where nature has more finely wrought,

Her Chrystal spheres, her heavens serene;
A more sublime, enchanting scene
Than thought depicts or poets feign....Read More

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