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Famous Downright Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Downright poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous downright poems. These examples illustrate what a famous downright poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Burns, Robert
...are stechin,
Yet ev’n the ha’ folk fill their pechan
Wi’ sauce, ragouts, an’ sic like trashtrie,
That’s little short o’ downright wastrie.
Our whipper-in, wee, blasted wonner,
Poor, worthless elf, it eats a dinner,
Better than ony tenant-man
His Honour has in a’ the lan’:
An’ what poor cot-folk pit their painch in,
I own it’s past my comprehension.

LUATH Trowth, C&æsar, whiles they’re fash’t eneugh:
A cottar howkin in a sheugh,
Wi’ dirty stanes biggin a dyke,
Baring...Read More

by Laurence Dunbar, Paul
...n dem, so I don' quite t'ink he 'll keer
Ef our feet keeps time a little to de melodies we hyeah.
W'y, dey's somep'n' downright holy in de way our faces shine,
When Angelina Johnson comes a-swingin' down de line.
Angelina steps so gentle, Angelina bows so low,
An' she lif huh sku't so dainty dat huh shoetop skacely show:
An' dem teef o' huh'n a-shinin', ez she tek you by de han'—
Go 'way, people, d' ain't anothah sich a lady in de lan'!
When she 's movin' thoo de figg...Read More

by Service, Robert William
...shamed for me
 To see him pray.

Men-folk are *****: Bill acts up tough,
 Yet how it's odd,
When things are looking downright rough
 He tunes to God.
"The Parson and the Priest be darned!"
 I've heard him say:
Yet when his baby is concerned
 He's quick to pray.

Maybe it's gentle parent-hood
 That gives us grace,
And in its sacrificial mood
 Uplifts the race.
Of sentiment, all self above,
 That goodness sums
I think the saving best is Love
 For little ones.Read More

by Laurence Dunbar, Paul
...S sho to git you wa'm an' dryah,
W'en you set up pas' yo' bedtime,
Case you hates to leave de fiah.
Whut's de use o' downright sleepin'?
You can't feel it while it las',
An' you git up feelin' sorry
W'en de time fu' it is pas'.
Seem to me dat time too precious,
An' de houahs too short entiah,
Fu' to sleep, w'en you could spen' 'em
Des a-noddin' by de fiah.
...Read More

by Laurence Dunbar, Paul
...roun' us, an' I chop an' tote it in,
But de t'oughts dat I 's a t'inkin' while I 's wo'kin' is a sin.
I kin keep f'om downright swahin' all de time I 's on de go,
But my hea't is full o' cuss-wo'ds w'en I's trampin' thoo de snow.[Pg 169]
What you say, you Lishy Davis, dat you see a possum's tracks?
Look hyeah, boy, you stop yo' foolin', bring ol' Spot, an' bring de ax.
Is I col'? Go way, now, Mandy, what you t'ink I's ...Read More

by Sidney, Sir Philip

But thou wouldst needs fight both with love and sense, 
With sword of wit, giving wounds of dispraise, 
Till downright blows did foil thy cunning fence: 

For soon as they strake thee with Stella's rays, 
Reason thou kneel'dst, and offeredst straight to prove 
By reason good, good reason her to love....Read More

by Service, Robert William
...nd his final fulmination
Was a poem of profanity impossible to quote.

So blasting goats and petticoats and feeling downright sinful,
Despairfully he wandered in to Shinnigan's shebeen;
And straightway he proceeded to absorb a might skinful
Of the deadliest variety of Shinnigan's potheen.
And when he started homeward it was in the early morning,
But Shamus followed faithfully, a yard behind his back;
Then Casey slipped and stumbled, and without the slightest warning
l...Read More

by Masefield, John
...ou take gold to teach God's ways 
And teach man how to sing God's praise. 
And now I'll tell you what you teach 
In downright honest English speech. 

"You teach the ground-down starving man 
That Squire's greed's Jehovah's plan. 
You get his learning circumvented 
Lest it should make him discontented 
(Better a brutal, starving nation 
Than men with thoughts above their station), 
You let him neither read nor think, 
You goad his wretched soul to drink 
And then ...Read More

by Hopkins, Gerard Manley
...u too, and thou this way.' 


It is even seen, time's something server,
In mankind's medley a duty-swerver,
 At downright 'No or yes?'
Doffs all, drives full for righteousness. 


Sydney Fletcher, Bristol-bred,
(Low lie his mates now on watery bed)
 Takes to the seas and snows
As sheer down the ship goes. 


Now her afterdraught gullies him too down;
Now he wrings for breath with the deathgush brown;
 Till a lifebelt and God's will
Lend him a lift from...Read More

by Tennyson, Alfred Lord
...s not war: 
And, 'sdeath! myself, what care I, war or no? 
but then this question of your troth remains: 
And there's a downright honest meaning in her; 
She flies too high, she flies too high! and yet 
She asked but space and fairplay for her scheme; 
She prest and prest it on me--I myself, 
What know I of these things? but, life and soul! 
I thought her half-right talking of her wrongs; 
I say she flies too high, 'sdeath! what of that? 
I take her for the flower of womankin...Read More

by Herbert, George
...but lives
35 In fear of thieves;
36 Thousands there were as frantic as himself,
37 And hugg'd each one his pelf;
38 The downright epicure plac'd heav'n in sense,
39 And scorn'd pretence,
40 While others, slipp'd into a wide excess,
41 Said little less;
42 The weaker sort slight, trivial wares enslave,
43 Who think them brave;
44 And poor despised Truth sate counting by
45 Their victory.

46 Yet some, who all this while did weep and sing,
47 And sing, and weep, soar'd up i...Read More

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