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Famous Color Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Color poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous color poems. These examples illustrate what a famous color poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Thomas, Dylan
...ould you like anything to read?"

Years and years ago, when I was a boy, when there were wolves in Wales, and birds the color of red-flannel
petticoats whisked past the harp-shaped hills, when we sang and wallowed all night and day in caves that smelt
like Sunday afternoons in damp front farmhouse parlors, and we chased, with the jawbones of deacons, the
English and the bears, before the motor car, before the wheel, before the duchess-faced horse, when we rode the
daft and ha...Read More

by Dickinson, Emily
...A light exists in spring
   Not present on the year
At any other period.
   When March is scarcely here

A color stands abroad
   On solitary hills
That science cannot overtake,
   But human nature feels.

It waits upon the lawn;
   It shows the furthest tree
Upon the furthest slope we know;
   It almost speaks to me.

Then, as horizons step,
   Or noons report away,
Without the formula of sound,
   It passes, and we stay:

A quality of los...Read More

by Smart, Christopher
The grass the polyanthus checks; 
And polish'd porphyry reflects, 
 By the descending rill. 

rich almonds color to the prime 
For ADORATION; tendrils climb, 
 And fruit-trees pledge their gems; 
And Ivis with her gorgeous vest,
Builds for her eggs her cunning nest, 
 And bell-flowers bow their stems. 

With vinous syrup cedars spout; 
From rocks pure honey gushing out, 
 For ADORATION springs; 
All scenes of painting crowd the map 
Of nature; to the me...Read More

by Poe, Edgar Allan
Of other beauty glittering thro' the light-
A wreath that twined each starry form around,
And all the opal'd air in color bound.

All hurriedly she knelt upon a bed
Of flowers: of lilies such as rear'd the head
On the fair Capo Deucato, and sprang
So eagerly around about to hang
Upon the flying footsteps of- deep pride-
Of her who lov'd a mortal- and so died.
The Sephalica, budding with young bees,
Upreared its purple stem around her knees:-
And gemmy flower, of T...Read More

by Cisneros, Sandra
...of a boy in dowtown Houston. You were the rain rolling off the
waxy leaves of a magnolia tree. A lock of straw-colored hair
wedged between the mottled pages of a Victor Hugo novel. A
crescent of soap. A spider the color of a fingernail. The black nets
beneath the sea of olive trees. A skein of blue wool. A tea saucer
wrapped in newspaper. An empty cracker tin. A bowl of blueber-
ries in heavy cream. White wine in a green-stemmed g...Read More

by Wilcox, Ella Wheeler
...d, by the scouts are led.
Like sumach bushes, etched on evening skies, 
Against the blue-clad troops, this patch of color lies.

High o'er the scene vast music billows bound, 
And all the air is liquid with the sound
Of those invisible compelling waves.
Perchance they reach the low and lonely graves
Where sleep brave Elliott and Hamilton, 
And whisper there the tale of victory won; 
Or do the souls of soldiers tried and true
Come at the bugle call, and m...Read More

by Dickinson, Emily
...what I cannot reach!
   The apple on the tree,
Provided it do hopeless hang,
   That "heaven" is, to me.

The color on the cruising cloud,
   The interdicted ground
Behind the hill, the house behind, --
   There Paradise is found!...Read More

by Sexton, Anne the mother. 


Say the woman is forty-four. 
Say she is five seven-and-a-half. 
Say her hair is stick color. 
Say her eyes are chameleon. 
Would you put her in a sack and bury her, 
suck her down into the dumb dirt? 
Some would. 
If not, time will. 
Ms. Dog, how much time you got left? 
Ms. Dog, when you gonna feel that cold nose? 
You better get straight with the Maker 
cuz it's coming, it's a coming! 
The cup of coffee is growing an...Read More

by Bukowski, Charles
...pers, museums,
marriage, movies,
spiders, garbagemen,
english accents,spain,
france,italy,walnuts and
the color 
algebra angred me,
opera sickened me,
charlie chaplin was a
and flowers were for

peace an happiness to me
were signs of
tenants of the weak

but as I went on with
my alley fights,
my suicidal years,
my passage through
any number of 
women-it gradually
began to occur to
that I wasn't di...Read More

by Plath, Sylvia
...Love, the world
Suddenly turns, turns color. The streetlight
Splits through the rat's tail
Pods of the laburnum at nine in the morning.
It is the Arctic,

This little black
Circle, with its tawn silk grasses - babies hair.
There is a green in the air,
Soft, delectable.
It cushions me lovingly.

I am flushed and warm.
I think I may be enormous,
I am so stupidly happy,
My W...Read More

by Stevens, Wallace
...e the wind, 
A moving part of a motion, a discovery 
Part of a discovery, a change part of a change, 

A sharing of color and being part of it. 
The afternoon is visibly a source, 
Too wide, too irised, to be more than calm, 

Too much like thinking to be less than thought, 
Obscurest parent, obscurest patriarch, 
A daily majesty of meditation, 

That comes and goes in silences of its own. 
We think, then as the sun shines or does not. 
We think as w...Read More

by Collins, Billy
...Remember the 1340's? We were doing a dance called the Catapult.
You always wore brown, the color craze of the decade,
and I was draped in one of those capes that were popular,
the ones with unicorns and pomegranates in needlework.
Everyone would pause for beer and onions in the afternoon,
and at night we would play a game called "Find the Cow."
Everything was hand-lettered then, not like today.

Where has the summer of 1572 gone? Broca...Read More

by Whitman, Walt, and then row back to the shore, 
There, in a huge kettle of boiling water, the lobsters shall be boil’d till their
 becomes scarlet.

Or, another time, mackerel-taking, 
Voracious, mad for the hook, near the surface, they seem to fill the water for miles: 
Or, another time, fishing for rock-fish, in Chesapeake Bay—I one of the brown-faced
Or, another time, trailing for blue-fish off Paumanok, I stand with braced body, 
My left foot is on the gunwale—my ...Read More

by Whitman, Walt
...f stainless silk; 
But I have seen thee, bunting, to tatters torn, upon thy splinter’d staff,
Or clutch’d to some young color-bearer’s breast, with desperate hands, 
Savagely struggled for, for life or death—fought over long, 
’Mid cannon’s thunder-crash, and many a curse, and groan and yell—and rifle-volleys
 cracking sharp, 
And moving masses, as wild demons surging—and lives as nothing risk’d, 
For thy mere remnant, grimed with dirt and smoke, and sopp’d in blood;
For sake...Read More

by Sexton, Anne
an invisible purchase--
that inhabits our house forever.

We were
blessed by the House-Die
by the altar of the color T.V.
and somehow managed to make a tiny marriage,
a tiny marriage
called belief,
as in the child's belief in the tooth fairy,
so close to absolute,
so daft within a year or two.
The daisies have come
for the last time.
And I who have,
each year of my life,
spoken to the tooth fairy,
believing in her,
even when I was her,
am helpless to ...Read More

by Jeffers, Robinson
With shining slime; even that ruiner of anthills
The red-shafted woodpecker flying,
A white star between blood-color wing-clouds,
Across the glades of the wood and the green lakes of shade.

These live their felt natures; they know their norm
And live it to the brim; they understand life.
While men moulding themselves to the anthill have choked
Their natures until the souls the in them;
They have sold themselves for toys and protection:
No, but consider awhil...Read More

by Stevens, Wallace
101 Fresh from discoveries of tidal skies, 
102 To whom oracular rockings gave no rest. 
103 Into a savage color he went on. 

104 How greatly had he grown in his demesne, 
105 This auditor of insects! He that saw 
106 The stride of vanishing autumn in a park 
107 By way of decorous melancholy; he 
108 That wrote his couplet yearly to the spring, 
109 As dissertation of profound delight, 
110 Stopping, on voyage, in a land of snakes, 
111 Found his v...Read More

by Scott, Sir Walter
...h other's eye,
     Then turned their ghastly look, each one,
     This to her sire, that to her son.
     The hasty color went and came
     In the bold cheek of Malcohm Graeme,
     But from his glance it well appeared
     'T was but for Ellen that he feared;
     While, sorrowful, but undismayed,
     The Douglas thus his counsel said:
     'Brave Roderick, though the tempest roar,
     It may but thunder and pass o'er;
     Nor will I here remain an hour,
   ...Read More

by Hikmet, Nazim
...d they look like huge jewels on black velvet
 or apricots on orange
did you feel proud to get closer to the stars
I saw color photos of the cosmos in Ogonek magazine now don't 
 be upset comrades but nonfigurative shall we say or abstract 
 well some of them looked just like such paintings which is to 
 say they were terribly figurative and concrete
my heart was in my mouth looking at them 
they are our endless desire to grasp things
seeing them I could even think of death an...Read More

by Plath, Sylvia
...hose little sick ones that elude my arms.
Other children do not touch me: they are terrible.
They have too many colors, too much life. They are not quiet,
Quiet, like the little emptinesses I carry.

I have had my chances. I have tried and tried.
I have stitched life into me like a rare organ,
And walked carefully, precariously, like something rare.
I have tried not to think too hard. I have tried to be natural.
I have tried to be blind in ...Read More

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