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Famous Bluster Poems by Famous Poets

These are examples of famous Bluster poems written by some of the greatest and most-well-known modern and classical poets. PoetrySoup is a great educational poetry resource of famous bluster poems. These examples illustrate what a famous bluster poem looks like and its form, scheme, or style (where appropriate).

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by Burns, Robert
 He has cooper’d an’ ca’d a wrang pin in’t,
Jamie Goose! 11 He has cooper’d an’ ca’d a wrang pin in’t.

Davie Bluster! Davie Bluster, for a saint ye do muster,
 The core is no nice o’ recruits;
Yet to worth let’s be just, royal blood ye might boast,
 If the Ass were the king o’ the brutes,
Davie Bluster! 12 If the Ass were the king o’ the brutes.

Cessnock-side! Cessnock-side, wi’ your turkey-cock pride
 Of manhood but sma’ is your share:
Ye’ve the figure, ’tis...Read More

by Chatterton, Thomas
...spoil the dull air; 
How can I imagine thy foppery soft, 
When discord's the voice of my fair? 

If Turner remitted my bluster and rhymes, 
If Hardind was girlish and cold, 
If never an ogle was got from Miss Grimes, 
If Flavia was blasted and old; 

I chose without liking, and left without pain, 
Nor welcomed the frown with a sigh; 
I scorned, like a monkey, to dangle my chain, 
And paint them new charms with a lie. 

Once Cotton was handsome; I flam'd and I burn'd, 
I ...Read More

by Wilmot, John
Beget such frenzies in your mind
You may go mad for the north wind,
And fixing all your hopes upon't
To have him bluster in your ****,
Turn up your longing **** t' th' air
And perish in a wild despair!
But cowards shall forget to rant,
Schoolboys to frig, old whores to paint;
The Jesuits' fraternity
Shall leave the use of buggery;
Crab-louse, inspired with grace divine,
From earthly cod to heaven shall climb;
Physicians shall believe in Jesus,
And disobedience cease to...Read More

by Austin, Alfred
...ood coin’d in factious haunt,
These loving gifts reprove. 
They never were but thwarted sound 
Of ebbing waves that bluster round 
A rock that will not move. 

And now the idle roar rolls off, 
Hush’d is the gibe and sham’d the scoff, 
Repress’d the envious gird; 
Since death, the looking-glass of life, 
Clear’d of the misty breath of strife, 
Reflects his face unblurr’d.

From callow youth to mellow age, 
Men turn the leaf and scan the page, 
And note, with smart...Read More

by Prelutsky, Jack

I am Ebenezer Bleezer,
taste a flavor fro...Read More

by Hugo, Victor
...n wild and rough, 
 The north wind blows, the tower exultant cries 
 "Behold me!" When hail-hurling gales arise 
 Of blustering Equinox, to fan the strife, 
 It stands erect, with martial ardor rife, 
 A joyous soldier! When like yelping hound 
 Pursued by wolves, November comes to bound 
 In joy from rock to rock, like answering cheer 
 To howling January now so near— 
 "Come on!" the Donjon cries to blasts o'erhead— 
 It has seen Attila, and knows not dread. 
 Oh...Read More

by Tennyson, Alfred Lord
...nest Nature's rule!
Cursed be the gold that gilds the straiten'd forehead of the fool! 

Well--'t is well that I should bluster!--Hadst thou less unworthy proved--
Would to God--for I had loved thee more than ever wife was loved. 

Am I mad, that I should cherish that which bears but bitter fruit?
I will pluck it from my bosom, tho' my heart be at the root. 

Never, tho' my mortal summers to such length of years should come
As the many-winter'd crow that leads the cla...Read More

by Service, Robert William
...h, you coward, keep cool!

I'm going to lick this blizzard; I'm going to live the night.
 It can't down me with its bluster--I'm not the kind to be beat.
On hands and knees will I buck it; with every breath will I fight;
 It's life, it's life that I fight for--never it seemed so sweet.
I know that my face is frozen; my hands are numblike and dead;
 But oh, my feet keep a-moving, heavy and hard and slow;
They're trying to kill me, kill me, the night that's black ov...Read More

by Trumbull, John
...orsakes his plough to turn dictator,
Starts an haranguing chief of Whigs,
And drags you by the ears, like pigs.
All bluster, arm'd with factious licence,
New-born at once to politicians.
Each leather-apron'd dunce, grown wise,
Presents his forward face t' advise,
And tatter'd legislators meet,
From every workshop through the street.
His goose the tailor finds new use in,
To patch and turn the Constitution;
The blacksmith comes with sledge and grate
To iron-bind th...Read More

by McHugh, Heather
...ger than we know, its hints uncatchable
in shifts of mind ... So there

it is again, the mind, with its
old bluster, its self-centered
question: what

is dimming, what is bright?
The spirit sinks and swells, which cannot tell
itself from any little luster....Read More

by Nash, Ogden
Blessings upon of each the head ----
The one in school and the one in bed.

March is the month of cringe and bluster.
Each of our children has a sister.
They cling together like Hansel and Gretel,
With their noses glued to the benzoin kettle.

April is made of impetuous waters
And doctors looking down throats of daughters.
If we had a son too, and a thoroughbred,
We'd have a horse,
And a boy,
And two girls
In bed....Read More

by Milton, John
...ich of them rising with the sun, or falling, 
Should prove tempestuous: To the winds they set 
Their corners, when with bluster to confound 
Sea, air, and shore; the thunder when to roll 
With terrour through the dark aereal hall. 
Some say, he bid his Angels turn ascanse 
The poles of earth, twice ten degrees and more, 
From the sun's axle; they with labour pushed 
Oblique the centrick globe: Some say, the sun 
Was bid turn reins from the equinoctial road 
Like distant b...Read More

by Carroll, Lewis
...d, a hundred ways,
About the syllogistic maze,
Unconscious where I was. 

Quoth he "That's regular clap-trap:
Don't bluster any more.
Now DO be cool and take a nap!
Such a ridiculous old chap
Was never seen before! 

"You're like a man I used to meet,
Who got one day so furious
In arguing, the simple heat
Scorched both his slippers off his feet!"

"Well, it IS curious, I agree,
And sounds perhaps like fibs:
But still it's true as true ca...Read More

by Arnold, Matthew>
Yes! I believe that there lived
Others like thee in the past,
Not like the men of the crowd
Who all round me to-day
Bluster or cringe, and make life
Hideous, and arid, and vile;
But souls temper'd with fire,
Fervent, heroic, and good,
Helpers and friends of mankind.
Servants of God!--or sons
Shall I not call you? Because
Not as servants ye knew
Your Father's innermost mind,
His, who unwillingly sees
One of his little ones lost--
Yours is the praise, if mankind
Hath no...Read More

by Service, Robert William
Remember you're of Scottish birth - keep piping till you drop.
Aye, though a bunch of Willie boys should bluster and implore,
For the glory of the Highlands, lad, you've got to hold the floor."
The dancers were at supper, and the tables groaned with cheer,
When President MacConnachie exclaimed: "What do I hear?
Methinks it's like a chanter, and its coming from the hall."
"It's Jock MacPherson tuning up," cried Treasurer MacCall.
So up they jumped wi...Read More

by Graves, Robert
That is not courage, that’s not fear— 
Lucasta he’s a Fusilier, 
And his pride sends him here. 

Let statesmen bluster, bark and bray, 
And so decide who started
This bloody war, and who’s to pay, 
But he must be stout-hearted, 
Must sit and stake with quiet breath, 
Playing at cards with Death. 
Don’t plume yourself he fights for you;
It is no courage, love, or hate, 
But let us do the things we do; 
It’s pride that makes the heart be great; 
It is not anger, no...Read More

by von Goethe, Johann Wolfgang

They vanish at last with a song.

* * * * * *

And if we're to sing all that further occurr'd,

Pray cease ye to bluster and prate;
For what he so gladly in small saw and heard

He enjoy'd and he practis'd in great.
For trumpets, and singing, and shouts without end
On the bridal-train, chariots and horsemen attend,
They come and appear, and they bow and they bend,

In merry and countless array.

Thus was it, thus is it to-day.

1802....Read More

by Edgar, Marriott
...s reign 
Were a well-deserved gift from the lads.

For William were cunning and cruel, 
Addicted to every vice
He'd bluster and perjure and ravage and murder, 
Apart from all that... he weren t nice.

He'd two brothers called Robert and Henry, 
One older, one younger than he,
And by terms of the Will of old Conqueror Bill 
The estate had been split into three.

Thus William became King of England; 
And Normandy... that went to Bob;
Young Ha...Read More

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